11 You remember the Bet right?

Chris's heart began pounding in his chest seeing Arianne walk across the rows of shelves, navigating through the shop to reach the female clothing section.

"Ah, I just remembered, how may I address you?" Arianne suddenly remembered and turned to Chris, looking at him curiously.

'It's just a smile! Can you relax?!' Chris smiled nervously at Arianne and replied, "My name is Christopher, please call me Chris."

"Chris, hello, my name is Arianne, please call me Aria." Aria copied Chris's introduction and giggled.

"Haha. But you seem pretty young, about the same age as me."

"I am 20 years old. Don't look so shocked, it was just a fluke that I became the manager."

"As if, there is no fluke." Chris scoffed and said, "But still, being a manager of such a reputed store, it's really impressive."

"Thank you," Aria smiled charmingly, dealing yet another deadly blow to Chris's innocent heart. "So, what type of clothing would you like to purchase?" Aria asked to the dazed Chris.

"Ah, uhm," Chris was forcefully broken from his daze, "One dress for about your stature and One dress for a girl 13 years old. Ah, also two pairs of casuals for both."

"Ara~ You are flirting with me?" Aria teased after hearing his request, she still remembers some of her customers asked for her help in dress and then gifted that to her.

"Huh? Flirting, me? Nah, I have a twin sister whose stature is pretty similar to yours." Chris was flustered when she suddenly called him out, but mustering some courage he continued in a seductive tone, "However if Miss Aria wants a dress from me, I am happy to buy one."

"N-No." Aria denied quickly, her footsteps picking up the pace to hide her rosy blushing cheeks as she berated herself for having stupid thoughts.

"Pfft." a soft chuckle escaped Chris's lips as he watched Aria run away, his desire for her was ever-growing and his confidence slowly rising, especially so when his flirting made her so flustered.

He also walked quickly next to her again but she didn't say a word, still, her rosy cheeks were the proof that she was just ashamed and embarrassed and not ghosting him.

"Any special preference?" Aria asked to Chris, avoiding eye contact.

"Nope, you are the boss." Chris smiled at her, his mind had generated another quick flirt for Aria but, he decided not to go overboard and just replied politely.

"Just a moment." Aria nodded to Chris and went further into the shelves leaving him alone with his thoughts.

'Get a GF, huh?' Chris remembered his Sub Task and a picture of Aria automatically generated in his mind making him chuckle. 'I would love to make her mine.'


"I selected these, your thoughts?" after some time Aria returned with 6 dresses in her hand each one was charming in their own rights.

"They are really good!" Chris praised with genuine gratitude while looking at the dresses but then remembered,

"You forgot to bring one for you." He added with a chuckle.

"S-Shut up." Aria blushed again being reminded of Chris's last comment.

"Haha, just kidding. They are really beautiful, I will take them all. Thank you." Chris gently took the hangars from her hand and smiled.

"I-it's no big deal." Aria's heart fluttered for the first time, always having men fawning over her and just trying to woo her, she slowly garnered some disinterest in men.

No matter how handsome, that wasn't able to move Aria. It was not like she was awkward around them or hated to talk to them, she just thought of every man as a friend and acted normal and funny like she was.

"Well, let's go for accessories and shoes now!" Chris clueless about Aria's inner thoughts, declared excitedly and began walking to the accessories section.

"Okay..." Aria replied, slowly following beside him, 'Calm down you heart! This is nothing more than just an initial interest in his identity, nothing else!'


"Well, I think I have got everything I need here." Chris nodded to himself and now began heading to the billing counter,

Aria was still walking with him and currently, things were looking okay between them as they both kept chatting and Chris threw some jokes at Aria, keeping a blush on her sweet face constantly.

'Heh.' Chris scoffed in his mind after seeing Rachel who was sitting on her counter and using her phone.

"Well hello there." Chris greeted sarcastically to her and pushed the cart that was full of many clothes, dresses, shoes, belts, and some accessories.

"Hah, you just added a lot more stuff to the cart. Looking forward to my punishment that much, eh?" Rachel looked over to the one that called her and saw the same poor beggar that was destroying the image of her beloved store.

"Well, just bill it and get on your knees already. I am busy." Chris shot back to Rachel with a smirk, but then he remembered Aria, she was standing a bit far away with a complex look on her face,

She didn't want this bet to happen no matter who won or lost, after all, Chris had a likable personality and he already became friends with her while Rachel was her own staff, no matter how harsh.

Chris read her emotions from her face but didn't bother to address them. He looked at Rachel who was busy scanning the clothes' barcodes.

Her smirk grew with the addition of every dollar to the bill as if she could already anticipate her victory.

"The total is, Hah! 4,700$. Have you even seen that much money in your life?" Rachel commented in ridicule after announcing the bill loudly.

Some of the other cashiers and staff also got curious about the ongoing scene and gathered over, making Aria's frown deepen, not liking the situation one bit.

"Bank transfer please." Chris ignored her ridicule and just asked politely, but as they say, silence speaks louder than words.

Rachel's laughs paused, unable to process his demand she scoffed, "Why don't you drop your act huh? Everyone here knows you can't afford this, so just drop it."

"Why don't you do the job you are sitting there for? Bank transfer." Chris imitated her scoff and asked flatly, his hazel eyes peering into Rachel's eyes without losing the confidence.

"Hmph, keep up your lie then." Rachel's self-confidence began to crack, and she began feeling some threat from this young man in front of her, But still unwilling to give up, she humphed and gave him the account number.

// 4,700$ Received to the bank account. //

A speaker beeped, shocking the whole room. But Chris didn't care, he kept eyeing Rachel with a faint smirk, saying no words. Not like they were needed anyways, actions speak louder than words.

"You remember the bet, right Ms.Rachel?" Chris asked coldly...

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