8 Deja Vu

Chris was lying on the couch and scrolling the internet, just checking some random things he need to buy tomorrow, and that's when the long-awaited hologram suddenly reappeared.

[ The WealthTap System has been upgraded to level-2.

Tap to Stamina consumption lowered significantly.

Number of Tasks increased.

Get to level-10 to unlock more features of the upgrade. ]

[Sub Tasks.

1. Get rid of your debt-10,000 EM Completed.

1. Start A Business- 1st Year-grade Business Education

2. The Quality of Life. Improve your Living

Standard - M-Phone 14+

3. Get a GF - 1 STR pill, 1 CHARM pill

4. Earn 30 EM in a single second. - 10X boost for 30 seconds

[Main Quests.

1. Earn 10,000$ without the aid of system - System Upgrade to Level 2. Completed.

1. Have a 'Genuine' Income of 100,000$ per month - ???

2. Get to Level-10 - System Marketplace Unlocked ]

Startled, Chris jolted from his half-asleep state and sat up on the couch. 'Features locked huh? Need to get to level 10. ' He thought with a frown.

'Get a GF?! Why the heck does a money system want a GF!?' Weirded out by his system's task, Chris questioned rhetorically.

'1st-year education is useful, and I wanted to open a business anyways.' Chris hummed and continued, '30 EM in a second, in other words...30 cps... hehe hehe Chris's face distorted in a creepy grin as he cackled maniacally.

For others, 30cps would be neigh impossible without a lot of practice. But, for Chris...it was a free boost!

'Gulp...100k per month...' Chris gulped seeing the new main quest. 'That mission won't be possible in this city. Gotta shift to D grade one faster.' Chris although a bit overwhelmed by the big quest, didn't plan to abandon it.

He knew that opening a big business or finding a job that big in his E-grade city would be a fool's errand. So, He put the topic in the back of his mind and focused on other missions.

[ Host: Christopher Swarts

Bank Details: XXXX XXXX XXXX 6587

Balance: 12440 - 10000 = 2,440 $

Earned Money- 6000 + 10000 = 16000


Level-4 (16000/4000 EM) 2.5 EM/Tap

<Upgrade?> ]

'16000 EM looking awesome!' Chris grinned and pressed Upgrade two times.

[ EM - 4000/16000 Level-6: 3.5 EM/Tap ]

'Time for super earning~' Chris turned on his auto-clicker and set it on 5 seconds again for now. He first wanted to compare the near decrease in stamina consumption, and then go for a bigger duration with his boost applied too!

...5 seconds later

[ EM - 6100/16000 Level-6: 3.5 EM/Tap ]

'Whoa! The consumption went to nearly half of what it used to be!!' Beyond Elated, Chris exclaimed in his mind. 'If earlier I used to last nearly 12 seconds, Now I think can go for at least 25 seconds!' Chris calculated in his mind.

(Author note: He is talking bout an auto-clicker brb, He ain't a quick shot...maybe...)

[ Sub Tasks

4. Earn 30 EM in a single second. - 10X boost for 30 seconds Completed.

Boost awarded: May be activated anytime.

4. Pursuing the dream. Enroll in a Business University. OPTION TYPE TASK

a) Get into D-Grade University - A villa in Obelisk city

b) Get into C-Grade University - A villa in SeaShore city

c) Locked. Impossible for current Host ]

'Hmm?! A villa in SeaShore city?!" Shocked, Chris widened his eyes looking at the holographic updated task. The cause of his shock was simple, SeaShore city was a C Grade city! A price of even a small apartment in a C-Grade city can reach hundreds of thousands if not millions, don't even mention a f*cking Villa!!

Obelisk City wasn't bad either, It was a big D-grade city. Prices of villas in it can also easily touch Millions. But, It was obvious which choice mission Chris was going to aim at.

'Since 1st place is up for grabs, There is no way I will settle for the second place.' This was the simple reason Chris gave himself to aim for the C-Grade Uni.

But, Chris didn't bother to worry about why the third option was locked, as he knew that all the information on B grade was very little and filtered, While info of an A grade city was completely restricted!!

'Anyways, To get into a C-Grade Uni, I need to establish a business. To establish a business I need Funds, So, Time to use the boost!'

// Auto-Clicker

Tap speed: 120 Clicks Per Second

Clicking Mode: Duration: 25 seconds, Auto Terminate. //

'According to my calculations, After applying the boost, I will get 4,200 EM per second. But, if during the boost I press Upgrade again, I can buff it up to 4,800 EM per second.' Chris ran some basic maths in his mind and thought.

'So, I can maximize my profits if I press the Upgrade after 3 seconds. Maybe even more if I manage to press it again later.'

After forming the plan outline in his mind, Chris applied the Boost.

[ You have activated 10X Boost of 30 seconds. All your Earnings will be 10 times more for the next 30 seconds. ]

[Time: 30...29...]

// START //

Right in front of Chris's eyes, Cash began to flow rapidly into his EM bar. His life was being sucked dry, But, there he lay with a foolish grin on his face.

Keeping a tab on his increasing balance, Chris instantly pressed the Upgrade button the moment it turned Red. His Earning speed increased yet again, but as the time ticked, his condition began to worsen.

By the time 16 seconds passed, Chris began to feel a sense of Deja Vu. His mind subconsciously began comparing his current state with the state he was in when he first turned the auto-clicker on...

*thud* *crack*

Chris's grip on his phone loosened and the phone fell on the floor with a thud, He wasn't sure but he heard the sound of his smartphone screen cracking yet again!

*gasp* *gasp*

Chris's breathing started to become ragged, His eyes tending to a close, His mind jumbling all up. Chris barely, very barely managed to hold onto his life until...everything stopped...

Chris's eyes closed instantly the moment he felt his torture stop and he passed out, his body dripping with sweat...

...Next Morning nearly 8:30 AM

"Ugh! Brother! You stink yet again!" Cassie shouted after coming out of her room into the hall dressed up in her cute school uniform.

"Tsk, wake that sloth up. And please f*cking spray some perfume in this hall!" Cathy clicked her tongue and wrinkled her nose in disgust.

"Yes ma'am! *push* Good Morning, Brother! *shake* MORNING!" Cassie went next to Chris and began to disturb him, again and again.

"LET ME SLEEP!" Chris finally unable to ignore their disturbance anymore, roared and pulled the blanket up to his face.

"No Sleeping! Go to Work!" Since Cassie was scared of Chris's roar, Cathy had to take the baton to annoy Chris now!

*zzz* Chris imitated a loud snore.

"I am talking to you!" Cath shouted.

"I don't want to talk! I want to sleep!"

"I am counting till three, you better wake up. Three...Two...One..."

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