The Way of The Dao

A mysterious young man falls into a small unknown world after surviving the terrifying void, barely recovering. However, the heavens punished him with a mysterious seal, sealing his powerful and terrifying strength and even restricting his body strength, turning him into a weak mortal, a cripple in the end. Feeling somewhat desperate and uneasy, he will begin to explore this small but interesting and unknown world, realizing that not everything is what it seems and that much knowledge he had ignored in the past was more important than it seemed. However, his heart that had been sealed and indifferent to almost everyone for his entire life, will gradually begin to open up when he meets people who will unexpectedly break the barrier in his heart easily but mysteriously, creating strong bonds that he never thought he would have had after the tragedy. Even memories from his childhood that had been forgotten or sealed away seemingly began to slowly emerge after a long time, realizing that his apparent origin was not simple either. With his power sealed, but with his knowledge and experience of thousands of years will gradually push him to the peak once again, even discovering unparalleled secrets and knowledge to step into the heavens and succeed in becoming an existence above the universe! ... It is my first novel that I started a long time ago and that I write with some slowness but always trying to give the best of me. I love very much these themes of cultivation and fights, romance and soft slices of life, so I decided to create my own novel that maybe could be enjoyable and charming for some or boring and disappointing for many, but it doesn't matter. In the beginning you will find a lot of clichés and tropes similar to almost every novel, even in the first 200-300 chapters, because I didn't know how to give an original and unique start. But I'm always aware of your comments, criticisms and complaints, which help me to broaden my horizons and perspectives and give a better writing and story to the novel. My writing and consistency at the beginning can be ugly with many mistakes, but as the story progresses I have learned from my mistakes and corrected a lot, even changing the way of narration a little as the story progresses and I write gradually. PS: Don't get carried away by the names of the chapter titles, some will seem to say the MC's cultivation or that he will start planning or have objectives against others, which is completely wrong. Sometimes I can't think of a suitable title and just write the simplest one, hehe. * Riixhiie * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * The cover image does not belong to me, so if the original owner has problems he can inform me and I will gladly remove it *

Riixhiie · Action
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930 Chs

If You're With Us, These Guys Won't Be Able To Cause You Any Trouble

"Then it's brother Jingtian!" 

Shang Moyu exclaimed with joy, taking Tang Jingtian's hand and greeting him with a handshake. 

Although it was not very common for cultivators to greet each other in this old fashioned way, it was not strange at all. 

"This is Qing'er, Niu'er and Lan'er, they are my wives!" Tang Jingtian respectively introduced each of his wives with a smile. 

"Greetings, sisters! You may call me brother Moyu!" Shang Moyu cupped his fists towards these women, greeting them with great respect. He was similarly surprised to confirm that Tang Jingtian had three wives! 



"A pleasure!"

Yu Qing, Za Niu and Leng Zilan greeted Shang Moyu with big smiles, likewise towards Chang Yi and the others as they presented their greetings in the same manner. 

"We had separated before entering since several experts had started fighting each other, making the place a chaos." Shang Moyu sighed at the sight of Mio Yidan and finally he smiled in relief, "But I'm relieved that Dandan had found brother Jingtian." 

"I know. That fight was a bit dangerous." Tang Jingtian nodded, remembering the fight where many experts at the top of the foundation establishment and even several of the golden core fought each other, killing many low-level cultivators with the clashes between them. 

Although Tang Jingtian, Yu Qing, Za Niu and Leng Zilan passed by the place and several even tried to attack them, a single burst of Tang Jingtian's aura was enough to incapacitate almost everyone in the place. 

The nascent soul power was not a game, and they easily walked straight into the ruins without any trouble, unlike the other low level cultivators who had to look for other entrances or ways to enter this place. 

It could be said that Tang Jingtian and his wives were the strongest in this place. 

"Are you guys going to continue exploring?" 

Seeing several people passing by and heading inside, Tang Jingtian asked. He could see that Shang Moyu and the others had some light and superficial wounds on them, the result of fighting recently. 

In this place even the top cultivators of the foundation establishment could die; even some golden core experts could suffer serious injuries if they were careless. 

"Looking at the situation, I think we will leave here once we find the missing ones." Shang Moyu also saw the others heading towards the interior of the ruins of this place, apparently searching for more lost treasures. 

Powerful auras belonging to the golden core stage could be faintly sensed. 

"We have already obtained enough resources to support us for a considerable amount of time. Besides, the deeper we go the more experts there will be and with our cultivations we could be in a lot of trouble." 

Shang Moyu shook a head. In this period of searching and chaos, he and everyone else found enough cultivation resources, enough to cultivate for a few months peacefully. So they would only look for the other two people who were still to be gathered. 

"Why don't you guys come with us temporarily?" 

Looking at Shang Moyu's expression, Tang Jingtian couldn't help but think of Mu Shen, similarly expressing the same kindness and gratitude like him. The clothes of Shang Moyu and the others were simple and even somewhat poor, so it was easy to realize their current state. 

In addition, Mio Yidan's personality had pleased them a lot and they came to appreciate her a little. 

"Are you sure? There could be a lot of trouble later..." Shang Moyu blinked in confusion and immediately added, "Don't take this the wrong way, Brother Jingtian, it's just that we wouldn't be able to provide much help, so it would be better if we didn't get in their way." 

The auras they sensed from Tang Jingtian and the women clearly showed that they were very strong, without any doubt that they had reached the golden core realm! 

"I remember that after we entered, some men who claimed to belong to the sky sword or heavenly sword sect stood at the entrance and declared that no one would enter and leave without their authorization... their auras also showed that they were golden core cultivators." Tang Jingtian said, "Most likely, if you guys go back you will be caught by them and they will take away your things." 

"Sky sword sect?" Shang Moyu was shocked and couldn't help but clench his fist. 

Shang Moyu did not doubt Tang Jingtian's words, as it would not be the first time the sky sword sect would do this. With the destruction of their sect and the imbalance of power in the region, no doubt the members of the sky sword sect and the others would go crazy and having powerful experts would do whatever they wanted. 

"Brother Moyu!" 

A young man appeared from the other side and quickly ran towards them.

"Brother Lihong! Are you alright?" 

Recognizing this person, Shang Moyu was surprised and quickly let out a sigh of relief. 

"Senior Brother Lao!" Chang Yi and the others smiled happily at the sight of Lao Lihong. 

"Brother, this is bad!" Lao Lihong arrived and with a grim expression exclaimed, trying to catch his breath." 

"What's wrong, brother?" 

"Is there a problem?" 

Lao Lihong took a big breath and said seriously, "The inner elders of the sky sword sect, along with the mystic martial sect and the sun shining sect, appeared and took control of almost all the entrances, checking and taking away the treasures that were found from everyone who wants to leave this place... they even mercilessly killed those who refused and tried to escape!" 

Hearing this, everyone else drew in a cold breath and terror completely covered them. 

The Sky Sword Sect, Mystic Martial Sect and the Sun Shining Sect were the three main sects that attacked and destroyed their sect, destroying their orthodoxy and leaving them homeless. 

The inner elders of these sects were clearly half step into the golden core realm, with several of them being true experts of this realm, such as sect leaders! 

If they tried to leave at this time from this place, then they would run into these experts and have their stuff taken away from them! 

"A-are you sure, brother Lihong?" Shang Moyu took a deep breath and looked seriously at Lao Lihong. 

Tang Jingtian's words were confirmed by Lao Lihong, which meant that it would be danger for them. 

"I saw with my own eyes how some wandering cultivators were mercilessly killed by those elders when they tried to escape." Lao Lihong let out a helpless sigh. Although he was one of the other strong ones among them all, with a cultivation at the foundation establishment middle stage just like Shang Moyu, facing a golden core expert he was no different from the ants. 

Shang Moyu and the others could not help but clench their fists, feeling weak and helpless. The dangers and troubles they had faced to get to where they were was about to be in vain. 

"Come with us, if you're with us, these guys won't be able to cause you any trouble and you can leave once we're out of here." 

Tang Jingtian took a step and said with a smile, attracting everyone's gazes. 

"Brother, he is..." 

"Ah! It's brother Tang Jingtian! He and his wives were protecting Dandan until we met a few moments ago!"

Seeing Tang Jingtian, Lao Lihong asked in confusion and Shang Moyu quickly explained his identity. 

"Wives?" Lao Lihang was stunned to see the beauties of Yu Qing, Za Niu and Leng Zilan, before shaking his head quickly and cupping his fists, "Greetings to brother Tang and the Tang ladies!" 

Hearing that they protected Mio Yidan certainly proved that these people were not evil. But sensing their auras, Lao Lihong understood that Tang Jingtian and these women were very powerful. 

Yu Qing, Za Niu and Leng Zilan waved their hands causally with smiles, returning the greeting. 

"It's okay just Jingtian." Tang Jingtian likewise waved his arm, seeing that Lao Lihong was tense. 

"We still want to keep looking for some more cultivation resources, since we're running a bit tight..." Tang Jingtian smiled somewhat helplessly and added, "But you can come with us, so you'll be safer and more secure." 

"Are you sure?" Lao Lihong asked somewhat dumbfounded. 

"Yes. Dandan is a lot of fun and we have a good time with her." Tang Jingtian nodded with a smile pointing at Mio Yidan, "Although I'm not one of the strongest in the world, you can be sure that there is hardly anyone in this place that could be a threat to us, not even those golden core experts." 

Shang Moyu, Lao Lihong and the others were surprised to hear Tang Jingtian's words. 

Even those golden core experts can't threaten him? 

Then... what kind of power did Tang Jingtian attain? 

"Let's hurry then, before the others take everything from the place." 

Tang Jingtian walked followed by Yu Qing, Za Niu and Leng Zilan, leading the way inside. 

Shang Moyu, Lao Lihong and the others looked at each other in confusion, slightly hesitating whether to follow Tang Jingtian, feeling it was strange for someone to help them at this time. 

"Big brother Jingtian is very good, and the big sisters are also very good! They helped me and protected me when several men wanted to kill me and take my things!" 

Mio Yidan's cheerful voice broke the hesitation in the others, speaking highly of Tang Jingtian and his wives. 

 "Let's go then! We have to find Brother Xuo anyway!" 

Making up his mind, Shang Moyu nodded and began to follow Tang Jingtian and the women. 

The others followed in Shang Moyu's footsteps, following Tang Jingtian closely, 

The ruins where they were at the moment looked as if it were a giant but ancient temple of the heavens, with much debris and destruction everywhere, with rooms and spaces far too large, much larger than the buildings of what was once their sect. 

On the path they took they passed many abandoned rooms and places, realizing that they seemed to be inside a strange labyrinth that deepened downward. Probably by this time they were already below normal ground, inside the surrounding hills. 

The ruins were buried over time, so it was not strange that they were under the ground, covered by the mountains and hills. 

Tang Jingtian easily took care of everyone who tried to attack them or do anything to them, smoothing the way and calming the anxieties of Shang Moyu's group. Thanks to Tang Jingtian, they even managed to find many cultivation resources up to a few high-level treasures for them. 

* Boom! *

Suddenly, a fierce explosion that scattered cultivation essence everywhere, destroying several columns and walls in one area, spread out intensely, reaching Tang Jingtian and the others. 

Tang Jingtian's aura consolidated and shielded everyone from the shockwave. 

"I declare that these ruins and all their cultivation treasures belong to us, the first and great sky sword sect!" 

A fierce voice quickly spread out, being audible to everyone near the site.