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The Way of a Demon Lord


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This story is gratuitously dark, and gleefully satisfying. Bottom-line? What's that! Reverse scale of a dragon? What's that! Repaying a droplet of kindness tenfold? You get the drill. Instead in this story, you'll witness the rise of a true Devil. He'll scheme, seduce, indoctrinate and murder his way into supremacy. And no amount of Chu Feng or Lin Ming will stop him!

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I typically do not do reviews. However, I feel the need here. I’ve went through quite a few novels on this app and you never know what you will find. This novel easily outshines majority of the new releases today. Whether that is because of the Evil MC that is quite interesting and full of schemes, the world building that has been hinted at but has a lot of potential, interesting secondary characters and a good release schedule from the author, it is all coming together beautifully. Keep it coming, author ✍️


Well, was never the type to give reviews and am also terrible with words. But considering that I’ve seen this story take shape since it’s inception, I decided to go with it. An exceptionally dark story with a charismatic anti-hero that will absolutely satiate the closet sadist in you. With a complex background and characters the story showcases the power struggle and the ruthless ease with which the MC overcomes it, while also toying with everything and everyone that stumbles on his path. A great mix of gore, humour and mature themes that always brings a satisfying smile to the reader. My favourite thing about this book is the non-linear storytelling that author incorporates and also the subtle plot points sprinkled here and there for the readers to unravel and in turn get more engrossed into the story. This is truly a masterpiece and without a doubt one of the best stories I’ve read. And it will soon be one of the best on this site. Keep up the good work author. Just phenomenal.


It would be weird for an author, who is writing a novel with an evil protagonist, NOT to be shameless, wouldn’t it? The relatively high amount of views, collections and a WPC award should speak a bit about the quality of this work, but I will add a few words of my own. First of all, the MC is EVIL- not for reasons like vengeance or survival, but for the fun of it and the fact that it’s in his very nature. Second, he has NO bottom lines- for his goals, or just fun- he can do ANYTHING. So, except the story to be DARK. If you can’t handle gore, torture or other dark stuff, I would advise you not to read it. Despite the darkness, I believe the psychological aspects of the story will glue your eyes to the screen and the fast paced thriller will keep you on the edge of your seats. So, join me (pun intended) as Adrian plows through to fulfil all of his desires! Finally, I would like to thank everyone who supported me by voting, commenting or just through reading. THANK YOU!


story development : ⭐ character design : ⭐ I hate yuri👎 .


The story and it's development are the darker versions of what usually happens in a OP mc goes to academics novels. Similarly MC is awsome, smart and cold blooded, but not that cold blooded because he has reasons to get excited and likes to torture. He has connections with various girls like in an isekai but her actually does them, but it's merely a deal, so not a harem. More like a dark isekai. Most of the important side characters have their own goals, and are willing to do whatever they can for them. I think the downside here might be (in the future) that all the men are hot headed fools and all the women are easy(atleast for MC). If the author skips this then this novel will have a very bright future. Till my review, only 26 chapters have been released, you should atleast try them, you'll not be disappointed.


This is the first story that I've rated 5 stars. It just ticks all the right boxes for me. There is definitely always room for improvement, but at this moment any fault is miniscule. The story is captivating. The MC is brilliantly devilish. You won't regret picking thus up.


at the start there were some minor problems such as the chapters being short and the discription of the events that happened were realy minor but with time it has greately improved , suggestions :the murder and R_18 scenes are too short and with little detail i think u should work on them more . improving them can attract more readers i believe


A great story so far, as well as a great Mc. Nice world building.. side characters are ok better then most novels on this site. yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


This is gold. [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


Man this yuri thing is destroying all novel.


This is a hidden gem! It's been a while since I've seen a book that I'm actually interested in reading and waiting for updates. ...........................


The author is either dead or just dissapear leave behind his masterpiece. No update, no news, no announcement. Its really sad ..................


I said i was going to use my golden ticket for this and i wanted to be first but someone beat me to it so i guess i just have to use all my golden tickets on you


Had high poes but after Mc became too edgy and cringe. ######## The quality is nice and tyr only bAd thing is the mc being to edgy. ########




I have never seen any story like this... honestly I've been looking for other stories like this, and the updates are really slow... the slow updates is actually kind of annoying.. honestly it wouldn't have gotten a 5star in "updates"... if not because of how much i respect and love the story... even if it's 18+.. just give it a chance.. it gets better.. personally i have a lot of questions.. like about the mcs past life original attributes... or his power as a demon lord... cause a certain demoness that appeared before a certain king came with her original power, but he didn't, except his eyes... I can't ask anymore than this since I didn't put the spoiler tag Now


This book was ok till the hunt chapter where it all went all down hill. I thought why no one is reading this book even though it was ok now I understand why no one read this book anymore and even author gave up. this book was acceptable till 50 chapters if your are a sadist or someone who wants to read extreme dark novel, but then it went out of control any ordinary human will fell disgusted reading this book because there is no way ordinary haman will like what is happening unless he is a phyco.


Enjoying it so far. ...................................................................................................................................


One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Twenty Twenty-One. This novel is great. I started this for the evil mc, and now, I am still reading because of the everything else and also because of the main character. The author did an evil mc pretty well as far as I’m concerned. Twenty-One Twenty Nineteen Eighteen Seventeen Sixteen Fifteen Fourteen Thirteen Twelve Eleven Ten Nine Eight Seven Six Five Four Three Two One. ✌️