246 Hunters

Seven individuals entered the restricted room in the top floor of the Pink Willows. But only one came out. Nobody except the members of Blue Rose Syndicate witnessed this. Hence, everything remained calm- in the red light district at least.

The rebel forces insisted the city was getting stronger and stronger despite the lockdown. The mindset of resistance spread everywhere like a virus. The assaults against the nobility became fiercer and fiercer.

No matter what the aristocratic forces did, they could not make a single dent to the Rebellion armed with unconventional tactics. 

But Adrian cared little about the whole situation. The more chaos there was in the city, the better it was for him and his plans.

Two weeks passed since the incident at the brothel. And none of the factions- be it the nobility, the Church, the Black Skulls, or the Flying Bulls- nobody came made a move.


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