256 Death Zone Tin

I don't know what happened to my mind, but on a whim I hit the gym with my friends. And the first week- it was hell. Finally, I began to move like a regular human… somewhat.

Anyways, enjoy the chapter. Stay tuned.


Adrian and Irene returned back to the entrance of the icy tunnel. Adrian finally jumped out of the bubble of ice. Just as he got out, Irene handed her two pouches. Adrian gladly accepted them and absorbed them inside his orb.

These were the belongings of the two beings inside the iced cavern. Although the two pouches contained only an iota of their total net worth, it was still valuable. And how could Adrian reject those gifts. As for the belongings of other personnel like the ones frozen at the tunnel, they were not worthy of his attention.

"Let's go." Adrian picked another tunnel and stepped in. He had already memorised the entire map of the catacombs, and knew exactly where his destination was at.


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