254 Death Zone Dui

You thought I dropped this, but guess what? I am alive. I seriously underestimated the power of habit. I should not have skipped a day of release. My entire writing streak collapsed. But anyways, this hiatus was a breath of fresh air. I did things a people my age should be doing. Now that February started, I will upload everyday- that too, a minimum of 1600 words- at all cost.

Sorry for the wait everyone. 

A massive thanks to Daoist930799, for the super gift. Sorry for the late gratitudes; stayed away from the app, hence I didn't even know that I received a castle.

Anyways, let's gooooo!


Both Adrian and Irene were relaxing in the hot spring. Their dresses lied on the surface while their elbows anchored them to the shore.

Adrian had his eyes closed while Irene's eyes were fixed on him. She just had her undergarments on. After staying with him for months, she had become free enough to show Adrian her semi naked body.


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