224 Calamity Class

The Institute unit.

Six individuals rode into the premises. A chilling sensation dug deep into their bones. Everything was frozen- the grassy ground, the building walls, and the rubble on the centre of.

They looked up. The area where the bridge was supposed to exist was empty.

"A level 9." One of the horsemen said.

The one leading them was an old man. He was wearing the same uniform as that of General Sprinter. "A strong one at that." He frowned.

"Where is General Sprinter? The signal came from here, and undoubtedly- a battle took place here." Another man spoke.

"I don't sense his energy signature anywhere nearby." The old man continued. His eyes furrowed even further. He whipped the halter and the horse charged towards the rubble.

"Hyah!" The others followed.

The magical horses jumped over the pile of rubble, and landed on the opposite side.


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