24 Brewing storm

The principal rushed back to her quarters after the trial.

She immediately took out a bottle of wine and started to chug it in, not bothering to bring out a glass.

"How did he do that?" She asked herself.

"How is that possible?" She could hardly believe anything that unfolded.

"How could he possibly deal such a blow? I barely had to do anything." She finished the whole bottle.

"Do I have to sacrifice my daughter?"

"Hmph! He is just a student, what could he do? So what if his mother is…"

"No. No. No. What are you saying? I would rather curse the King then even think of going against her."

"Truly, only monsters can bear monsters." She sighed.


The sound of door opening caused her to stop her mutterings.

"Mother, were you speaking to yourself again?" A worried voice reached her ears.

"No, dear." Her response was almost instantaneous.

"You are lying, aren't you? You always talk to yourself when you are stressed. Besides, the criminal is already punished. You don't have to worry anymore." Her daughter spoke. It was none other than Abegail Bell, the class teacher of this year's Griffin class.

"Don't worry, dear. Go and change." She assured.

"Ok, I will be back."

The principal began to bite her nails.

"How can I let a sweet girl like her be his plaything? I will just go and reject his offer." She made up her mind.


In a dark room, on a chair which looked nothing lesser than a throne, sat a man with a majestic figure.


"It's not time for a report yet, Viper." The man arched his brows.

"I am afraid I have some bad news." The newcomer's voice sounded nervous.

"Which sector?"

"The Academy."

"Was anything exposed?"


"Then, what's wrong?" He asked.

"We… we… we lost Davian and Alexis."

"WHAT?!" The man stood up, his overwhelming aura manifested.

"Please calm down, your Majesty!" Viper was in a sorry position even though we were caught off guard.

"What happened?" The man managed to compose himself as he sat back down.

Viper sighed in relief.

"Alexis was killed in his dorm. Someone witnessed Davian entering his room that night. Hence, he was apprehended and proved guilty. As a result, his magic core was sealed and he was thrown into the dungeon." He explained what happened.

"This… doesn't this sound too perfect?" The man raised his brows.

"Your Majesty is wise. Even I had this notion, what if someone knows of our operatives and planned this to strike two birds at once?" He remarked.

"Who was the witness? He might be the key."

"Your Majesty's wisdom is unmatched. I pulled some strings and found out the only student the principal met between the murder and the trial- Adrian Darkheart!" He reported.

"Just as I suspected. It's all coming together. That day, he somehow got to know about our operatives from the assassins. And now, he is wiping them off. But, the question is… why?" The man started to rub his chin, lost in thoughts.

"Pardon me for my foolishness. What do you mean by 'why'? Isn't that the right thing to do? Removing all the spies." He was confused.

The man chuckled before explaining.

"You are the best at what you do, covert operations. But you know little about politics. Nobles would rather 'use' than 'remove'. That's what that lad Adrian ought to do. Maybe, he is still not used to the ways of nobles; he is only 16 after all."

"Speaking of Adrian, he also visited the principal two days prior to the incident." He suddenly remembered something.

"Two days prior… two days prior…" The man was again lost in his thoughts.

He suddenly widened his eyes and hit the armrest with his fist.

"Wasn't Davian a part of Aston Ragov's faction?" He asked.

"Yes, your Majesty's memory is as good as his wisdom." Viper flattered.

He began to laugh loudly.

"I almost underestimated him. That brat is anything but inexperienced. He is too good; I can't let him grow." He stopped laughing as his eyes grew serious.

"We just found two more reasons to kill the brat; he knows of the spies and more importantly, I have this hunch that he might become my worst nemesis if I let him grow anymore. I want him dead. At. Any. Cost. Do you understand?" He again let out his authoritative aura, but this time- in a more controlled manner.

"Leave it to me." He understood what that 'At. Any. Cost.' meant.


The Celestea House.

The princess was walking to and fro in the hall, waiting for her 'fiancé'.

She had not met him for three whole months; the last time they met was that fateful day when she was 'played' with. She still could not get over that incident, especially-

'Royal? What did he mean by 'your body is not royal enough'? What is a royal body anyway?' She could not find any answers.

She was a proud and beautiful woman. She was proud of her body, and rightfully so. But his comment haunted her the last three months. She stood naked in front of the mirror many times, checking every parts- again and again. But she failed to find any flaws.

Now that he was going to come, she planned to ask him directly.

*Knock. Knock.*

But the knocks scared her out of her mind; she rushed to the table which was already prepared with two seats on the two side and sat on one of them. She had already learnt her lessons- no way she would meet him in the bedroom again.

"Greetings, young master." She could here Mia's voice.

*Step. Step.* She could hear his footsteps which were getting louder and louder every step.

He finally came in view. His handsome face and graceful movements captivated her, again.

'Fuck. Not again.' She regained composure.

"Darling, how have you been?" He asked before sitting down.

"Who is your 'darling'?" She scowled.

"Ah, did you already forget that day? The day you were before me without any clothes - moaning and whining. Even though I did not do anything, that day is not far away." He said 'seductively'.

She blushed, not being able to retort. So, she pushed the papers placed on the table to him.

"You haven't changed these three months at all- still resorting to changing topics." He mocked before taking the papers.

His words enraged her- causing her to grit her teeth and clench her fists; but she refrained herself from saying anything.

He looked at all the papers before looking at her. He smiled.

"What's so funny?" Her anger yet to leave.

"Nothing. I just found it interesting that you decided not to leave out anything, thinking that I already know everything and I am just testing you." He said.

She was taken aback for a moment but she composed herself really fast as she was quite used to this.

"Tell me honestly, can you read minds?" She squinted.

"You are just too easy to read, darling- like an 'open' book." He did not let go of the opportunity to tease her.

"YOU!" She could not take it anymore.

He stood up, ready to leave.

"Now that I have all that I need to know about the three marquess houses, I will take my leave."

"Wait!" She remembered something, and blushed a little. She stood up.

"What did you mean by…" She closed her eyes, "My body is not royal enough?"

"I just meant that 'you are not the queen yet.' Why? What did you think?" His answer was as casual as casual can get.

His answer made her so embarrassed that she wanted to die.

"Wait, don't tell me this had been bothering you for the last three months." This time, his voice carried a mocking tone.

This caused her to cover her face with her hands. Her whole body started to tremble.

"Don't tell me you stood naked in front of the mirror everyday to see what's wrong." This statement of his was outright mockery. She could also hear muffled laughters.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!" She did not care anymore as she began casting a spell.

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