The Warlord System

MC is a monster from the word go. He has no qualms about manipulating, breaking, or killing somebody to achieve his goals. Massive Harem, the MC is greedy. [This is fantasy, not real life, if you think any of this is represents the real world or you are offended by this, seek out mental help, and as for legal, two things: first and foremost, evil doesn't care what's legal or not it will do whatever it feels like that's why it's evil, secondly what's illegal or frown upon in one place and be culturally acceptable in another for example in Japan a person is considered a legal adult at 15, they can work, live on their own, and be accountable for their own decisions.]

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War on Geminar Arc - 2

Khan sat there, mentally reviewing everything that had happened. First, Khan learned that the count down timer was not his operational limit but rather how long the mechanoid would last without repairs. Gaining Mexiah's healing ability certainly became more preferent. Another thing Khan learned was that Lashara's mother was exiled by Babalun in a political ploy. It made sense given Gold Gwindel's obsession with money. She would've noticed instantly the moment Babalun started using the country's funds for war preparation. The fact that Gold is alive meant she got added to the list of targets.

Khan also came to learn that after he killed Kenshi Masaki was that Soul Devour had no limit on proximity, only that he had been responsible for the targets death. He also learned that with Kenshi's death, Khan could declare his victory and leave at any time. Khan also learned that the target countries weren't as big as he originally thought. Neither the anime nor the manga ever gave their actual size or the size of Geminar. All three countries put together are roughly the same size as the United States.

Khan shrugged at that thought. They would still be useful in the end. Khan began to focus on everything he gained from killing Kenshi. Of course, there was Soul Devour. The first one he used it on was Kenshi. Most of what he got was expected, but there was still a pleasant and useful surprise.

[Devouring the soul essence of Kenshi Masaki has given the following:

Juria's royal guard sword style (skill) (master)

Homemaker (skill) (master) (includes cleaning, cooking, and repair work)

Kenshi's pendant (item) Wearing this will give you the same aura Kenshi had and cause others to see you briefly as a Koro or an equivalent small animal. Warning will not affect purely synthetic beings. (someone like Edi from Mass Effect, for example)]

The skills were in range of what Khan was expecting, but the pendant was an unexpected bonus for him. The fact that most women would instinctively think of a cute animal when they see him would definitely be a boon in his future endeavors, especially on the off chance he failed to get the Mind Stone. There was also the achievement Khan received. Both it and its reward were interesting. l

[Disabled a rival before they even got started - You've severely injured Dagmeyr and ended his visions of glory and conquest before they even got started. You have unlocked the following:

Unleash the Suffering (Active) Misery loves company, and for them, their very existence is agony. Once a conquest, you can unleash a supernatural disaster/horror known as the Suffering. They will manifest wherever death and brutality are plentiful. (Warning they can not be controlled, once unleashed they won't stop until designated target is destroyed! They will attack anything they find until that moment happens!)]

[Notice! The moment you approached Kenshi Masaki, the scientist known as Washui lost her ability to monitor him. She is currently trying to reestablish surveillance, time until completion: unknown.

Upon successful restoration, she will be able to monitor you.]

Khan didn't know how to react to what he had just learned. He decided to focus on what was in front of him and worry about the other stuff later. Khan had vague memories of the world that the Suffering is from. What he did remember about the was that they were not subtle, the furthest thing from it, but that meant they would be an excellent distraction on the more overpowered world like DC. They could also come in handy against any endless horde type enemies like the Darkspawn.

Khan could easily imagine those two groups clashing endlessly in the Deep Roads. A knock at the door brought Khan back to the now. He heard the voices of Lashara's maids Angela and Vanessa. One was asking if Khan was decent, while the other added that empress Lashara wanted to speak to him.

Khan opened the door, and a message popped up that didn't surprise him.

[Notice seeds have been planted in the maids Angela and Vanessa]

As he was led to his destination, Khan thought about his strategy for dealing with Lashara, if on the likely chance that she was unaffected by Slannesh's gift. After all, Lashara's obsession with money could drown out almost anything else. Both Angela and Vanessa were asking him questions, but they were clearly more interested in him than actually learning anything useful for Lashara.

Khan was led into a room. It was Lashara's office. Lashara was sitting at her desk, Chiaia, on her left, and the old maid on her right. Wahanly was there off to the side.

Lashara opened by saying, "I want to thank you for such a timely intervention." Khan just laughed, then said, "I can't really take too much credit for altruism since I mostly did it to test my skills against some would-be bandits." Lashara got a serious look in her eyes, then said, "Bandits... Tell me, where did you come from?"

Khan readjusted himself as if he was realizing he had forgotten some edict. He placed a fist over his chest, then said, "Of course, I am Khan of Las Noches."

Lashara immediately turned to her maid, Maya. The old woman simply shook her head, acknowledging that she had never heard of that place. Lashara began asking questions at a rapid pace. Khan answered them in a nonchalant manner. By the end of it all, Khan was Lashara's newest attendant, or at least as far as the academy would be concerned. The reality would be more amusing when it gets revealed down the road.


Lashara sat at her desk. Khan had just left. Lashara looked over at Wahanly and asked, "Are you absolutely sure that the mechanoid wasn't altered at all?" Wahanly answered, "All that power came from him to the point where the mechanoid was struggling to keep up."

Freelancer, it was a term that wasn't ever used before. It came from a very old and obscure church law. In fact, the likelihood that anybody would know about it, even in the church, was miniscule. Khan had been here, from his perspective, for about two months. During that time, he had learned about two sets of laws. Kingdom laws that didn't go past their kingdom and church laws, which were enforced everywhere.

During her questions, she tried to get him to swear loyalty to her only for him to recite that law. Lashara was shocked to see such a law existed and more by the conditions for which it would apply.

First, the subject would have to be from off-world, but they can not summoned, they have to arrive on their own. The second requirement is for their strength and skills have the ability to tip the balance of power.

Which would explain the restrictions when employing a freelancer. First, we have to pay them per task, and none of them can be indefinite or limitless. So, no hiring them to guard things, active jobs only.

Second, they can not be paid in land or titles. This is to avoid countries forcing obligations. Other than that, she is free to pay him in whatever method she wants. Money, women, and ships, just to name a few.

The final rule of freelancers, the one Lashara is most weary of, is that a freelancer can terminate a contract at any time. So, if Lashara were to offend Khan in any way, then he could simply terminate his contract, walk away, and offer his services to the highest bidder.

It made sense. The rules were there so no one could abuse the freelancer's abilities. However, that made it more difficult to utilize him. They had a verbal agreement that if last night's attackers were to make another attempt, then he would protect them. Lashara was aware that she basically wrote a blank check, but she was no stranger to gambling. If they could make it back to the academy without incident, then she could use him to secure her future. It would be tricky, and if anyone finds out about his unique circumstances, then she might have to get desperate in her methods of payment.

Lashara was well aware that in order to secure the financial future that she dreams of, then she may have to sacrifice the bodies of those who directly serve her. After all, a male Sacred Mecha-Master is a valuable commodity. Now introduce one that is powerful and not bound to any nation, and toss in the fact that he can be paid in marriage contracts among other things. The moment such a man takes center stage. Well, who knows what kind of frenzy would happen to bring him over to their side. Lashara reaffirmed her need to be in Khan's good graces by any means necessary. The plan Lashara created left no room for error, but she was confident that she could pull it off. After all, the only thing she had to do was give an introduction to most of her schoolmates and give Khan a chance to work his magic. Lashara paused for a moment, wondering where she got such an idea. While Lashara herself is not interested in getting into Khan's bed, she is delighted by the idea of getting as many women as possible for Khan.

The more she thought about it, the better it seemed. A list of individuals who she should introduce to Khan popped into her head. While there were some Lashara wasn't sure about, she felt that introducing her mother would be a massive benefit, as well as certain members from the student council.

It would be a while before Lashara could make Khan happy herself, but she would find others who could do it for her. As the day went on, the attempt on her life and those responsible went further and further from her mind.