The Warlord System

MC is a monster from the word go. He has no qualms about manipulating, breaking, or killing somebody to achieve his goals. Massive Harem, the MC is greedy. [This is fantasy, not real life, if you think any of this is represents the real world or you are offended by this, seek out mental help, and as for legal, two things: first and foremost, evil doesn't care what's legal or not it will do whatever it feels like that's why it's evil, secondly what's illegal or frown upon in one place and be culturally acceptable in another for example in Japan a person is considered a legal adult at 15, they can work, live on their own, and be accountable for their own decisions.]

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In a big white room, there was a desk next to that desk stood a man in a suit. He patiently waited for his next appointment. Suddenly a ball of blue fire appeared before him. The man smiled and greeted the new soul.

"Welcome and congratulations on completing the Trial System, I'm your caseworker, I know you have a ton of questions I will try to what I can."

The soul just floated there although nothing could be heard the caseworker understood what the soul was saying.

"That is one of the first questions asked, why were you selected for the Trial System, well you were selected because of an incident, when people die their souls goes through a waterwheel where their souls are clean, and they are sent to be reborn in a new world, now every once in a while, there is unexpected mass death, which causes a jam up and a soul or two will get tossed from the line, and due to certain issues we aren't normally able to get there in a timely matter."

"Now when a soul is off the line for too long it becomes resistant to the cleaning process, and it will retain its personality and memories, in the beginning we were at a loss as to what to do, but those in upper management decided to use those souls for entertainment for those who reside in the Omniverse. The reason for the Trial System is to determine who you will be the target audience and what your goals will be going forward."

"Okay so as you are sure to remember the Trial System had you be reborn into three different worlds at three different times. The first world was set to a "modern" time, and it was set in a slightly altered Resident Evil where 0 through 8 were all attached to the same timeline. At the beginning you were offered a choice between two perks [Total Viral Immunity] or [the Mercer Augmentation] you choose the Mercer Augmentation which gave you enhanced strength, speed, and a minor shapeshifting ability. Your starting point was as a Bioweapon created by Dr. Marcus, you escaped the same day he died, you seem to constantly break into certain labs to make upgrades to your body. It seems among them was a pheromonal booster which gave you major influence over women even when they were in a full hazmat suit. Which explains why you had 36 lovers at the same time, going from Jill Valentine to Excella Gionne and you even got Alcina Dimitrescu and all three of her daughters, you even augmented Lisa Trevor fixing and altering her mind and body, setting her up with an Amazon body build so she would be both bodyguard and lover."

The caseworker started to rub the temples on his forehead.

"Your cause of death for that world was old age, lucky you. The next world was set to a "future" time, and it was set in Cyberpunk 2077, the main character was a female V with a Corpo Rat background, you were given a choice between the perks [Fixer's Intel] or [MacGyver Intellect] you chose MacGyver Intellect which allowed you to build whatever you want out of anything you found. You were a NC Native from beginning to end. Now you only had 24 lovers, but I hesitate to use that word because of the Neural Coller you put on all of them making them believe they had given themselves to you of their own free will. Once again you died of old age."

The caseworker had a look of disbelief on his face, as he rechecked the file.

"So, for your final world, it was set in the "past" the world itself was set in Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, the main protagonist was a female Dark Elf, you were a Nord. The system gave you a choice between the perks [Soul of the Daedra] or [Soul of the Dragon] you chose Soul of the Daedra which gave you authority over minor Daedra, like the Golden Saints or the Dark Seducers. You played bandit until the civil war started, then you and your crew started raiding both the Imperials and the Stormcloaks. When the dragons began returning, you used the chaos to launch an invasion of Skyrim, you actually used the elder scrolls to summon and bind the female members of both the Divine and the Daedra, you even made alterations to their bodies so that you would find them more appealing. I can't even call any of the 187 women you took, your lovers because they were spoils of war that you claimed for yourself, that you kept subservient with magic."

"With the armies you amassed you went and conquered all of Tamriel, you were so brutal in your campaign that cities were surrendering the moment they saw your banner."

The caseworker paused for a moment looking at the final line of the file.

"And of course, once again you died of old age. While I get the Trial System prevents any form of immortality from taking effect, at some point, I would think someone would've tried to assassinate you."

The soul just floated there waiting for the caseworker to finish.

"Alright the Trial System will now take everything you done and find a compatible system to take its place."

The caseworker placed the file on a stand, after some beeps a name floated above.

"Huh, the... Warlord System, I'm going to be honest I was sure you were going to get a Dark Lord or an Overlord System. Please, give me a moment this is the first time I've come across this system I need to get the orientation guide for this."

The caseworker opened a file cabinet and started rifling through it. A few minutes later he had an envelope, he sat back at his desk and opened it.

"I'm going to skip the que cards because they're mostly for theatrics. So, the goal of the Warlord System is to capture territory, resources, and personnel, you will be given an army to control, a shop, inventory, and upon completing your starter world you will get a world of your own. The omni-world will be made of territories that you conquered. As reward for managing to die of old age three times in a row the shop will be upgraded to a mega shop, so not only will you get access to skills and items, but you also get a Companion Lottery and a Lover Lottery. The Lover Lottery will be made up of every woman you took into your bed, they will give you a special perk when summoned and will recognize you and be in the same state of mind in which you left them in. The Companion Lottery will summon individuals who can use their skills for your cause, but they can turn against you if you do things they don't like."

"The worlds you're going to will be a perfect copy of the original with a few exceptions, there will be no one there who can kill you with willpower alone, example Dragon Ball there would be no Zeno to declare that you are evil and wipe you out."

"Which brings us to your pantheon these gods will support you by giving you perks and the occasional reward. Let us see which pantheon you will be calling on, but first a quick warning if you end up in a world where they exist, and you go against them your perks will be deactivated."

The caseworker pushed a button then a wheel appeared and started spinning. Names of countless pantheons pass until finally it began to slow down, then it stopped.

"Alright your pantheon will belong to Warhammer 40K, I'll just send them your file and let's see who is interested, if nobody is, you will get a consolation prize."

The caseworker placed the file along with some other paperwork on another table it glowed for a few seconds, then a minute later there were six lights above it.

"Well, that was fast let us see who is interested in supporting you."






The Emperor of Mankind

Gork and Mork

"Let's take a look at what perks they are giving you."

Khorne - [Second Chance] (Passive) allows you to survive one fatal injury, once per world.

Slannesh - [Corrupted Love] (Passive) if a target of your desires has a single positive thought about you, a seed will be planted, you can either use pleasure to erode their will or pain to break their will.

Nurgle - [Timekeeper] (Passive) grants total immunity from time-based effects.

Tzeentch - [Fate's Plan] (Active) allows you to know events that are meant to take place, and when, it also would notify you if you changed or erased an event, will not show you how it has changed or what event has replaced it.

Emperor of Mankind - [Divine Right] (Passive) you can use the armies and officers of Warhammer 40K and they will obey as if you are speaking for the gods themselves. (Does not count for army pick).

Gork and Mork - [Unlimited Energy] (Passive) no matter the energy of the world you will never run out, you will still need to improve the capabilities yourself.

"Hmm, well aren't you lucky, you get a free army, plus officers speaking of let's talk about the army feature. Access to the army is available after completing the starter world. All the army choices are divided by time, past, modern, and future just so you know you can't use an army outside that world's time zone for example you can't use the Halo armies in Lord of the Rings or vice-versa. The army you choose will have access to the full tech-tree but no officers, those you will have to get in the Companion Lottery, Warhammer 40K is a future army, so take that into consideration when making your choice."

A board appeared the soul just floated there but the board reacted to the soul's will, the soul opened the tab labeled past it showed armies from all franchises that fit the criteria. The soul scrolled through the list, then suddenly pick one.

"Hmm, Kingdom Under Fire interesting choice. The armies are made of humans, elves, dwarfs, orcs, dark elves, and half vampires. They use gunpowder so they have mortars and sappers, they also use magic, no navy but they do have an air force made up of Bomber Wings, Storm Riders, and Wyverns there is also a Battleloon and a Bone Dragon. For siege weapons there are catapults, Scorpions and a Swamp Mammoths, looks like you'll have a vast range of units to use. All that's left is to pick the starter world and difficulty."

The board lit up and started randomly showing names of worlds, it kept changing for a few minutes until eventually it started to slow down, then a name was displayed in big, flashing lights.

"Bleach, okay now let's choose the difficulty."

Easy - You'll start as a Soul Reaper; you'll have incredible power and the proper training to use it.

Normal - You'll start as a Hollow, an Adjuchas to be more specific you'll have incredible power but no training.

Hard - You'll start as a human all your power will be sealed and you'll need serious training or a traumatic experience to unlock it.

The soul looked at his choices and then the Normal difficulty lit up.

"Well, that is everything if you have any more questions the system will try and answer them, once the system is done setting up it will ask for your name, and this will be your real name from now on so choose wisely, goodbye."

The soul soon disappeared leaving the caseworker alone after putting the file away he straightened himself up and tried to put that case out of his head, thinking no matter what happens they will not be back, before he began waiting for his next case.