The Warlord System

MC is a monster from the word go. He has no qualms about manipulating, breaking, or killing somebody to achieve his goals. Massive Harem, the MC is greedy. [This is fantasy, not real life, if you think any of this is represents the real world or you are offended by this, seek out mental help, and as for legal, two things: first and foremost, evil doesn't care what's legal or not it will do whatever it feels like that's why it's evil, secondly what's illegal or frown upon in one place and be culturally acceptable in another for example in Japan a person is considered a legal adult at 15, they can work, live on their own, and be accountable for their own decisions.]

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Omni-world - 3

The sound flesh slapping against flesh was the only sound in the room, other then the soft moans of the woman below him pleading, "Please, no moo~re." To be fair, Asterio had done well to last this long. Including the current, she had gone eight whole rounds. Khan really couldn't get enough of the way Asterio's body jiggled with each thrust. With both her breast and ass as soft as marshmallows, and jiggled like jello. Yet everywhere else, pure solid muscle as hard as a rock. As he unleashed another load inside her, Asterio laid there, mouth open gasping for air, breasts heaving up and down, her entire body covered in a lair of sweat.

Khan turned his head; such a sight was the reason he had gone the last three rounds. While he had been impressed with his own willpower by not taking Asterio the very moment he first laid his eyes on her. As he got cleaned up, he mused how easy it had been. This version of Asterio hadn't met her world's MC or even his older brother yet. So, all it took was him praising her skill as blacksmith, on top of the corruption, she was his.

Getting Asterio ready had proven a nice distraction while waiting for Tanya to finish maturing. Evidently there was a side-effect, Khan could be forgiven for not noticing before because the six ladies before her had undergone the process to join his bedroom antics.

Apparently, the cocktail of chemicals Tanya's mind had caused her to become incredibly horny. She barely had time to appreciate her new body before she launched herself at him. The aggressiveness of it all had unlocked a instinct in him. Khan had started an orgy that pushed his entire harem to the point of exhaustion.

At the end of which he was still unsatisfied, which lead him to finish corrupting Asterio and go eight more rounds. The sad truth was he could go another thousand and not break a sweat. A side-effect of Unlimited Energy.

As freshly cleaned Khan entered throne room, Tanya was standing there, in her new military uniform. Actually it was her old uniform, just tailored for her new body.

After a snide remark about how there apparently was side-effects. The began to discuss their next course of action. Khan had originally planned on going after Marvel, but certain events made him realize while he knew what to expect when creating his armies, he was still lacking practical experience. Plus the fact that he wasn't being rewarded for corrupting women anymore meant he had to change tactics.

While he did get the new Recruitment Feature for recruiting Tanya, that in itself didn't get him anything. But, it did unlock an achievement. He pulled up the message to review again.

[Congratulations, you've have been awarded the achievement, The Trifecta. You have recruited, broken, and killed, three different protagonists without repeating. You have been awarded the following: 3× summoner tickets for the Heroes of Warhammer 40K.]

The summoning of heroes would come with the ability create associated factions locally. Looking over that, Khan was reminded that he hasn't made any progress towards bringing Celestine into his bedroom. Right now she was just aimlessly wandering the city.

Deciding to focus the task at hand khan knew he needed a world that would prepare him for what was to come, he would need a world that have both magic and advanced tech. A world with aerial combat, but considers sword play a legitimate combat style. A world with diverse geography to simulate for any condition.

It needed to be high enough on the list so he wouldn't be penalized for using the armies, yet not do high that he might incur some divine interference. Looking over the list there really was only one world that actually met his requirements. Septerra Core, Legacy of the Creator.

Deciding not to go in blind, Khan tried to remember the specifics of this world's plot and discussed them with Tanya. The MC was called Maya of the Junkers. Including herself she had a party of nine. The world was unique in the fact there was no oceans of water, instead there was seven continents that were layered and were called world shells.

In a state of constant movement, the world shells had different night and day cycles. To the point that Shell 7 can go years at time without seeing sunlight. Every hundred years the shells would align just right that for one hour sunlight would hit the core. Evidently, with an artifact known as the Keys of the Creator, if you head to the core during this event called The Great Conjunction you can learn the secret to obtaining the Creator's power.

If Khan recalled correctly the plot started by trying to warn Shell 3 about a coup d'é•tat and then evolved into stopping a power hungry madman who thought that because of bloodline he was entitled to rule the world.

Of the named characters, Khan could recall four females. Maya, the protagonist, Layla, who after the death of her father became the leader of the Holy Guard of the Seven Winds. Selina, a warrior from Shell 1, former lover to the main villain Doskias, she got tossed aside the moment she started questioning his methods. Then finally there's Led, daughter of General Campbell, a soldier of Ankara, one of two countries in Shell 5.

Septerra Core had a reputation of being the hardest RPG of its time. Considering how much you had to grind before each boss fight, he had to agree with that sentiment.

Khan began to recall the rest of Maya's companions. First was Grubb, often described as a skinny guy with a mohawk, more mechanic then fighter, was best suited for dealing with mechanical opponents. Runner a four-legged robot with a cannon in his mouth, a early powerhouse. Corgan, an agile swordsman, member of the Holy Guard, follows Maya for revenge and the possibility of freeing Shell 3's capital, Wind City.

Araym, bounty hunter and thief, follows Maya as thanks for saving him from captivity, but will always do his own thing. Badu, a powerful warrior from Shell 7, while his ancestors were human, countless generations of living so close to the radiation of the core and prolonged lack of sunlight has caused them to mutate in a species know as the Underlost. Only knows how to speak his own language.

Finally, Lobo, formerly a mindless Jinnam Cyborg, (the other country of Shell 5) crashed on Shell 6. Was eventually rescued, set free, and became a pirate. Lobo was crucial for Maya's need to travel between the world shells.

Khan tried to remember the layout of the world shells, but the world view was very basic. So, he would have to wait to be there in person. The real problem would be the time table. The moment the Keys are found, Doskias will undoubtedly start making plans and backroom deals. Unfortunately, at no point is it mentioned how long he spent preparing everything. The only inkling is when he confronts the Chosen Lord Gunner, and the Chosen Emperor about his desire to use the Keys and how his plan would bring light to the core in days instead of decades.

The very next scene was showing a Chosen ship passing over Maya heading towards Shell 3. After that we're given some background as to why spotting a Chosen ship would cause some panic for Maya. Khan than went over the major plot points, from the destruction of Jinnam, to the death of the emperor, to the world coming to a end.

Tanya listens to everything Khan had to say. It wasn't until he finished did Tanya speak. She said, "From your description, this place does sound like the best place to get the practical experience we need. But, it sounds like we'll be against the clock from the word go, unless we can intercept a major ploy point."

Curious, Khan asked, "Do you have one in mind?" Tanya answered, "When Campbell fires his doomsday weapon at Jinnam. From what you've said there is only two fleets to worry about. The ones from Shell 1 and 5, which both will conveniently be there. The fleet from Shell 5 will be exhausted, and if we do this right Doskias' fleet will be unprepared."

Khan responded in agreement. They discussed the plan further, Tanya suggested that if worse came to pass Khan could always intercede directly. The point of this was to set things up so that he didn't have to. So that he be freed to act on his own. Khan then remarked saying, "This will be the first time I've started a campaign with someone else in the room. It will be interesting to hear how it unfolds from your perspective."

Khan then activated the panel and watched as his vision of his throne room was replaced by some outdoor area. From the lack of floating land masses above him, Khan figured he was on Shell 1. It didn't take him long to reach the edge of his little floating island. The gap between the land masses both across and below was rather impressive. His island was roughly the size of Karakura Town. Not wanting to waste time he headed for the center to begin building.