The Warlord System

MC is a monster from the word go. He has no qualms about manipulating, breaking, or killing somebody to achieve his goals. Massive Harem, the MC is greedy. [This is fantasy, not real life, if you think any of this is represents the real world or you are offended by this, seek out mental help, and as for legal, two things: first and foremost, evil doesn't care what's legal or not it will do whatever it feels like that's why it's evil, secondly what's illegal or frown upon in one place and be culturally acceptable in another for example in Japan a person is considered a legal adult at 15, they can work, live on their own, and be accountable for their own decisions.]

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Bleach Arc - 31

Khan stood there admiring his handy work. He also marveled at how things had changed. Before, most of them would've been fine betraying Ichigo like that. However, because he lost most of his friends, he had been reluctant to form new attachments, which required them to try and get closer, then they intended.

Khan was also surprised by how distracted they all were. None of them noticed when Riruka was taken, and Jackie failed to notice when Khan crushed the heads of her comrades. She didn't even notice when he cleaned her boots. Although it did make messing with her more amusing. Khan decided to get a front row seat for the grand finale.


Khan was sitting in a tree while he watched the event unfold. First, there was the stealing of Ichigo's power, then Uryu showed up, giving the "big reveal" that Ginjo was the true evil master mind behind this.

When Ichigo fell to his knees, Khan decided to make his entrance. Ichigo was speechless at the sight of Ginjo, Shukuro, and Uryu's heads suddenly disappeared from their bodies. Khan suddenly laughed, then said, "All that build up, and they go out like punks!"

Ichigo turned to Khan confusion in his eyes. Khan looked at Ichigo and said, "You know Ichigo, you really disappointed me. First, you completely let your guard down with the first person who offered you some power. Then you leave what loved ones you had left unprotected." Ichigo visibly flinched at that remark, Khan continued, "Now here you are on your knees, more pathetic than ever, you're not even worth killing. No, since they are not safe with you, I've taken your sisters away." Ichigo eyes widened, he sputtered, trying to say something, anything to prevent that from happening.

Khan looked him in the eye and said, "You are nothing. You have nothing. You can do nothing. Just disappear. No one is going to miss you." Ichigo's mind went all over the place, trying to find a way to deny what he was just told. After a moment, Ichigo accepted that he had nothing left, no friends, no family, nothing.

The shock of it all was too much, and he promptly passed out. Khan got a new notice, but before he could check it, someone yelled, "Ichigo!"

Without even looking, Khan used Shadow Reach and Shadow Blade slicing in half the intruder who chose that moment to launch a jump attack. Khan casually glanced over to see who he had just killed. It was Chad, Khan mentally laughed, realizing that he had forgotten about him as well.

'Well, it's not like he amounted to anything. All he had going for him was his ability to punch stuff. In the grand scheme of things, I really had no use for him.'

Khan received another notification, Khan decided to use this pause to check it.

[Congratulations, you successfully dealt with Ichigo Kurosaki by (Breaking) him. You will now receive the following reward:

Capture Feature - Always get the cream of the crop. If an officer gets overzealous or if a grunt tries to hide something from you, you can choose to claim it or leave it be. (Doesn't activate retroactively) Please note that you will now receive credit for your subordinates' achievements, whether it is defeating your enemies or claiming territory.]

[You have successfully dealt with everyone Ichigo Kurosaki actually cares about. The following rewards are available:

20,000 BP

1× Arcane Rifle - A rifle that channels your power into bullets, as long as you have power, you will have ammo. Can control to an extent, bullets can be as powerful as an artillery round or as weak as a standard shot. (No rapid fire function)]

[You have successfully completed all main objectives for (Bleach). A forced completion will activate in 168 hours. Please complete any unfinished business by then.]

As Khan placed Ichigo into his shadow, he realized he had one whole week before he had to leave. Khan thought that it made sense. Otherwise, someone might try and stay in the starting gate indefinitely. Khan thought, 'One week, hmm, I guess Misaki would have her work cut out for her.


"Ichika, Ichika, it's time to wake up." This distanced sound of a familiar voice slowly drew Ichika from the depths of her consciousness. Ichika opened her eyes and saw her mother standing over her.

Ichika's head was hurting as two different lives were fighting each other over being reality. On one side, she was Ichigo Kurosaki, Substitute Soul Reaper, a guy who was thrown into a hidden world, and for his troubles had lost everyone he had ever cared about. On the other side, she was Ichika Kurosaki, a student who, due to her unique abilities, was asked to help in dealing with the troubles of the afterlife.

Her mind was trying to understand which set of memories were real. Looking at herself briefly confirmed that she was a she, and her mother being there beside her also made her believe that the memories saying that she was Ichika Kurosaki seemed real.

The memories of Ichigo said that her mother had been killed by a Hollow because he noticed something he shouldn't have. While her "real" memories said that her father had, instead of celebrating with the rest of them the tournament result, had instead gotten drunk and drowned in the river.

Which led to her meeting a man she would have as a step-father. The man name was Khan. He met her mother at her dad's funeral. A few months later, they were dating. A few months after that, they got married. Ichika's younger sisters with little to no memories of their dad had pretty quickly gotten used to the idea that Khan was their father. While she had memories of Khan being a good father, she always felt something was off with him.

Ichika's face went red as she began remembering all the times she caught Khan and her mother in a scandalous position. Then, as she got older, Ichika began noticing odd things, like a few years ago. Khan had found an injured woman whom he nursed back to health. She was introduced as Aero, and for some reason, Ichika's mother insisted that Aero stay as live-in help.

Aero had been working there a month before Ichika noticed one day that Aero was being brought into her parents' bedroom by her mother and almost every night since Areo was being guided by her mother and would not leave until the morning.

Ichika stopped sorting her thoughts for a moment after a recent memory came to the surface. Ichika asked her mother, "How long was I unconscious?" Masaki smiled and said, "You've been asleep for six days, I take it to mean you remember Khan's offer."

Ichika's mind immediately went back to her last major battle she had while working for the Soul Society.

With great effort and sacrifice, she defeated Aizen, but the moment it was discovered that she would completely lose her powers, the Soul Society pretty much said, "Thanks for your service, but it's no longer required." They tossed her aside like yesterday's news.

Ever since then, Ichika has been trying to live the average life, but she found it incredibly boring. Then last week Khan made a big revelation that he was a warlord and his time in their world was coming to an end. He wanted to bring them with him, but it couldn't be as his daughters since they weren't related by blood. Karin and Yuzu both looked like they were ready to burst into tears. Their attitude did a 180 when said, "However, if you become my consorts, then that will no longer be an issue."

Ichika was sure what shocked her more. The fact that the man who raised them as if they were his own just asked them to be a part of his harem, the fact that Karin and Yuzu were ecstatic about it even after she explained what that meant, or the fact of her mother, instead of having a look of shock and betrayal, had a look of satisfaction and genuine happiness.

Looking back on it, Ichika realized that having her daughters also be her harem sisters might have her idea.

Khan, noticing Ichika's hesitation, said, "Ichika, I know I just gave you a lot to swallow, and I don't want you to regret your decision later. So, whether you stay or leave with us, I want you to be able to protect yourself. I have something that will restore your power. Fair warning you will undergo a rather vivid dream. So, do you accept the risk?"

Ichika had accepted to undergo the procedure. Which brings her back to the now. Ichika's mother spoke first, saying, "Put this on, Khan is waiting." She handed Ichika a silk robe. While she enjoyed the feeling of silk on her skin, Ichika was very aware that it was the only piece of clothing that her mother offered.

As they left the room, Ichika saw Nemu standing there waiting for them. Ichika wondered if they were in the Soul Society. Seemingly anticipating her thoughts, her mother said, "No, we are not in the Soul Society. While you were unconscious, Khan gave the same offer to many other women as well. Most of them are currently with him at the moment, Nemu graciously decided to wait with me."

Nemu gave a small smile and a slight bow. Nemu began escorting them to Khan's bedroom. On their way there, Ichika noticed a floor-length mirror. Ichika stopped and really looked at herself.

Her hair was orange and wild, and it went down to her shoulders. Her chest, while not as big as Orihime's, was still sizable. She took note of her slender waist and how soft all the features on her face were. At Nemu's request, they continued.

They arrived at a pair of rather large doors. Once inside, what Ichika saw made her face red as a tomato. Scattered across the floor were naked women laying semi-conscious, all of them have a look of pure ecstasy, almost all of them Ichika recognized. She saw her classmates and even her teacher. She saw the women she met back in the Soul Society, captains and lieutenants, and others. Ichika also saw many of the enemies she fought during her time as a substitute Soul Reaper. She saw her sisters and as well as a few others she knew in passing. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh, as well as the sound of a woman drowning in pleasure, drew Ichika's attention to a rather large bed.

There, Ichika saw Jackie Tristan, her new neighbor who moved in next door a few weeks ago, being bounced up and down on Khan's dick. Ichika couldn't help but stare as Jackie's breasts jiggled and bounced with every thrust, and an outline could be seen in her pussy every time Jackie went down. It almost felt like Khan was waiting for Ichika to arrive because, at that moment, Khan slammed Jackie one last time, and a slight swelling could be seen right below her bellybutton.

Ichika saw Yoruichi, and Aero help Jackie get up even though their own legs were shaking. Then Ichika saw a woman she saw during the raid on Las Noches. It was Harribel without her mask. She was draping herself over Khan's shoulder, seemly whispering something into Khan's ears.

Her focus was immediately drawn after she heard Khan say, "Ichika, have you finally made a decision?"

Ichika wanted to say she was rejecting the offer, but the words were caught in her throat. She looked around and realized that if she turned him down, she would be all alone, and for some reason, she couldn't understand that thought absolutely terrified her.

All the while, a voice was encouraging her to give herself to Khan. It started as only a whisper when she first started to recall her past, and now it was shouting with conviction. With everything going on, Ichika failed to notice that the voice was hers. Hands shaking, she approached Khan without saying a word.

Standing right in front of him, Ichika let her robe slip off her body, leaving nothing hidden. Khan smiled and pulled her closer. Khan guided her until his cock was right at the entrance of her pussy. Ichika stood there for a moment before realizing that Khan wanted her to cause the insertion herself. She took a deep breath, and then she dropped.

She did fast as a way to avoid pain, but instead, Ichika felt a surge of energy spread throughout her body. Before she could adjust to the sensation. Ichika found herself rising up and then slamming back down. The process repeats. She wanted to ask Khan to be more gentle, but the words never left her throat. It took only a moment to realize that Khan's hands were at his side, and his hips weren't moving. Ichika was the one being rough. The thought sent her over the edge, and she began cumming.

Khan chuckled, then placed his hands on her hips. While she was fully impaled, he began to stand up. Ichika on instinct wrapped her legs around Khan's hips. Then she heard Khan say, "Not bad for your first attempt, but now will do things at my pace."

With that, Khan began moving Ichika's hips. Ichika thought it was rough before, but now she realized that it was only foreplay. With every thrust she found herself cumming, then she felt him get bigger suddenly.

With a final slam he began cumming inside her. As her consciousness began to fade, because of everything that she had just experienced, she heard Khan laugh then say, "Veni Vidi Vici." She didn't know why he said that, and at this point, she didn't care.