The Waorshippers Book

novel - Magical Realism

The Waorshippers


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COME READ THIS HIGH GHETTO STREET LIT BOOK ALTERNATIVE TITLES: GHETTO WITH THE DEVIL My Baby Daddy Is A Vampire The Gangsta's Barbies The Hoe Who Forgot Her Name Chitlins With A Side Of Blood And Hustle: A Thug story Bram In The Hood BLOODSHOP Use The Right Stake Don't Be A Menace In The Hood While Bagging Blood Straight Outta Castlevania SLURP!!! and Poetic Death... Are you ready for school? Alexis ain't. Amalaric Thrallmaster has a Virginia location and it really shouldn't be there. To all the locals from Locucts, it's a trap house and the residents have no choice but to go to school in the east. They carried on in their own world for so long to be dug out of the trenches by force. The first uprising put them in a predicament. Alexis is a vampire but she doesn't remember a lot since... that thing happened. Her mother gets mentioned and she's sick of it. And her aunt controls her life, literally while not even being bothered to see her niece. Alexis is trying to carry out the last of teen years with some money in her pocket... While still getting high...


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