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After being hit by a truck, the protagonist woke up in the hospital in the body of Ryoto, a step-sibling of Rito and Mikan Yuuki. At first, everything seemed normal besides seeing anime characters in real life, but during class, he got a notification... _________________ *PING* *New quest* Mission: Be the first to finish writing a test and do a Bully Maguire dance as you go through the hallway. Reward: 100 SP, shop feature unlocked. Fail: You'll be emo Peter for one week. _________________ ...Shit. --- English is not my first language, and I'm still an amateur, but I hope it'll be at least interesting fanfic. The cover doesn't belong to me. I just found it. Discord server: https://discord.gg/cM4bwr5Q3z

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The Hangover 5

(Ryoto's pov)

As soon as I went outside a familiar black cat found its place on my head. Is it why Urahara always wears his hat or is it just a fashion sense? The world will never know.

I wasn't questioned why I was stopped as everyone was respecting my privacy.

We now have a new destination, and that is the 4th Division's barracks. Unohana knows more about what happened, but to be honest, I'm less and less sure if I should find out about yesterday's events. Zangetsu said something about having fun, and in his language, it means fighting. He hasn't fought so far in the known timeline, and I'm hoping he was not talking about Unohana. I doubt she would go all out against a drunk student, but on the other hand, I'm not an ordinary drunk student.

Let's think positively. At least I'm alive. That's a good sign, but why do I have a feeling that my handcuffs have something to do with her?

Ryoto: "Do you have any guesses as to what happened yesterday?"

Rin: "Knowing you, you got naked."

Yoruichi: "Yeah, I can see that."

Ryoto: "I would also think that, but my clothes were in one piece in the morning."

Yoruichi: "Do you think you got out of your clothes without destroying them?"

Ryoto: "Yoruichi, I was drunk, not out of my mind."

Isane was lost in our conversation.

Isane: "Excuse me, but what are you talking about?"

My eyes shone brightly behind my eyelids at the thought of showing her my favorite trick, and before Rin could stop me, my sleeve burst open, showing off my muscular arm.

I had the biggest smile on my face.

Ryoto: "I tend to do that from time to time."

Isane couldn't comprehend what I had just done and her mouth was agape.

Another mind was blown. I shouldn't be so proud of doing that, but I am.


Inside 4th Squad's barracks Isane was the one guiding us and was showing off her workplace as well.

As she was leading us to Unohana, people who we passed by showed Isane respect, but they all looked weirdly at me. Probably because of the shattered sleeve.

After walking for a while, we found Unohana in her office, taking care of some paperwork. She didn't raise her head but welcomed us all.

Retsu: "Welcome back, Isane, Ryoto-kun, Kujo-san, Yoruichi-san. I see you found your way back. I also assume that you have some questions about yesterday."

Well, it saves us some time. Wait, Ryoto-kun?

Rin: "How did you know?"

That is what I would say if Rin didn't ask that question.

Unohana stopped writing something on the paper and raised her head with a gentle smile.

Retsu: "It wasn't that hard to guess. From what I heard and from what I witnessed, you consumed an incredible amount of alcohol, and I doubt that especially Yuuki-kun would be able to remember what happened."

Why me specifically?

Retsu: "Let me explain what happened. It all began with a strange message from Ukitake-San..."

(Retsu's pov)

*Yesterday night*

I just got a very interesting message. A hell butterfly flew to me to pass me a message. Apparently, Isane and her friends got very drunk, and he asked me to get them home. I was surprised by two things. Isane got drunk, and I'm well aware of how bad she is with alcohol. Not that she doesn't drink, but she knows her limits very well.

The second is that she is with her friends. It may be rude of me to say, but Isane's social life isn't big. She has acquaintances, of course, but except for her sister, she doesn't have anyone who she could name a friend. Well, I'll know who these friends are when I get to see them.


Ryoto Yuuki-kun, Yoruichi Shihoin-san, and one unknown girl were together with Isane. That unknown girl must be a student of the Academy.

Retsu: "Ara ara, what an unexpected gathering of people. Two troublemakers, maybe three and a lieutenant."

Jushiro: "Thanks for coming on such short notice."

Ukitake-san looked healthier than usual. Most people wouldn't notice any difference, but since I was one of the many doctors that were looking at his condition to try and cure him. I can't deny that I'm curious about what kind of thing or medication had this big of an effect on his illness.

Retsu: "It looks like you are feeling good today, Ukitake-san. Was there any new breakthrough in a medicine that I'm not aware of?"

Ukitake-San smiled as he tended to do it.

Jushiro: "If there was, I'm not aware of it either. The one who did it was Yuuki-kun here."

He put his hand on Yuuki-Kun's shoulder.

Yuuki-kun looked at Ukitake with an unfocused gaze.

Ryoto: "Wait, Jushiro-senpai. Don't tell her. It's a secret~."

He then turned to me.

Ryoto: "You also don't tell anyone. Especially Unohana. She would be soooooo jealous of me. Hehehehe."

Ukitake had an awkward smile.

Jushiro: "Don't mind him. He drank too much. Just like all of them but Yuuki-kun especially."

Ryoto: "Hey, Jushiro-senpai! I'm not that drunk. I can even walk on my hands! Look!"

He then proceeded to show off how well he walked on his hands.

Rin: "Woo! Show her Ryoto!"

Isane: "Captain Unohana! You can't let him beat you. Show him how gracefully you walk on your hands!"

Isane seems to be more outspoken than she usually is, and it's refreshing seeing her like that.

Yoruichi-san, on the other, seemed to be mostly quiet and looked incredibly shy, unlike her usual self.

Retsu: "Isnae, come. I'll be taking you home."

Isnae: "No, I don't want to!!!"

It looked cute how she tried to protest, but she wasn't the only one who opposed it.

Ryoto: "Hey! You can't take her! We were having so much fun!"

He tried to show the amount of fun they had with his arms.

Ryoto: "If you take her, I'm coming too. I'll even give you a lollipop."

He took out a lollipop. Where did that come from? His clothes shouldn't have any pockets.

Yuuki-kun put his elbow on my shoulder and was swinging the lollipop in front of my face.

Retsu: "Unfortunately, my subordinate is worth more than any candy."

He looked shocked by my statement. Did he really believe that it would work?

Seeing that I wouldn't be swayed, he walked up to Isane and hugged her.

Ryoto: "Now you can't take her!"

At that, the other girl hugged Yuuki-kun as well.

Rin: "No, Ryoto is mine!"

Seeing this, Yoruichi-san was conflicted with herself.

Yoruichi: "Can I get a hug too?"

She asked shyly.

Ryoto: "Of course, you can."

He opened one of his arms, which Yoruichi-San happily hopped into.

After talking with Ukitake-San for a while, he told me that it was thanks to lollipops that he seemed healthier and asked him to let me study one of them, to which he happily agreed.

Afterward, I took the whole group to the house I let Isane stay in. I was never a mother, so I don't know if I'm correct, but the entire time I was talking with Ukitake-San I felt like a parent waiting for their children while they were playing.

I would say that it makes me feel old, but I'm still young, and anyone who disagrees quickly admits to their mistake.



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