17 The beach

(Ryoto's pov)

I was in my room waiting for everyone to come back. I didn't need to wait long since shortly after Rito, the rest walked into the room. Rito's clothes were partially burned and torn.

Ryoto: "Let me guess, Lala had a lot of fun but wasn't scared, so she decided to do the scaring. Ahe used one of the machines, which for some reason exploded and ended up hanging from the tree for a long time. Did I miss something?"

Rito looked at me as if predicted his whole life.

Rito: "How did you know, Nii-san?"

Ryoto: "I know Lala well. Now let's go to sleep. Otherwise, we'll be dead tired tomorrow and won't have any energy to play."

And we all went to sleep as I advised.


Today is a beach day, and all the girls' eyes were on me. I was wearing only my swimsuit and walking beside Lala, but suddenly, someone approached me.

(A/N Swimsuits for all the girls here, img.)

Risa: "Holy shit, I didn't notice it before, but you're ripped! How did you hide these muscles under the clothes! You could grind cheese on your abs!"

Mio: "I should have brought a camera..."

How should I react to that?

Risa: "Hey, can you lift me up with one arm?"

Ryoto: "...Sure."

I lifted her up using my right arm without any effort.

Risa: "Woah!"

She was surprised by how effortlessly I did that, and she almost lost her balance, so she grabbed my head to stabilize. She then looked around with a big smile.

Mio: "Hey, can I be next?"

Mio asked shyly. She wasn't as shameless as Risa and wasn't as friendly with me either.

Ryoto: "Why wait."

I crouched and lifted her as well. So now I had two girls sitting on my arms as the rest of the class was looking at us.

Lala: "It looks fun! Me too, me too!"

Lala jumped, finding a place behind my head. She was sitting between Risa and Mio, and all three seemed to have fun. Holding them up didn't require a lot of strength, so I didn't care much, and it felt kinda good to flex these muscles before others.

After a while, I let them down, but I was not ready for other girls to ask me the same thing. So I spent some time just lifting up girls while the boys looked at me with jealousy.

Risa was together with Haruna and Mio, and they started pushing Haruna in my direction while saying.

Risa: "Come on, don't be shy. It's fun!"

Haruna: "I don't think it's a good idea."

Risa: "You're right, it's a great idea. Now come on and let him do his job."

Ryoto: "Since when was it my job."

Risa: "Since today."

Karen: "I like her."

If Karen likes her, it means trouble, but I still lifted Haruna. She was holding my head, scared of falling from my arm. Rito, on the other hand, was looking at the unfolding events. He looked at his own arm muscles and became disappointed almost immediately. Sorry Rito, it just happened.

As I was planning to lower myself so Haruna could jump off my arm, someone approached me with an angry look at her face.

Yui: "Ryoto Yuuki!"

I would do a Jojo pose, but one of my arms is occupied. Shame really to let go of such a perfect opportunity.

Yui: "How can you show such a shameless display on a public beach!!?"

Ryoto: "What do you mean by shameless?"

I was seriously asking. I didn't do anything flagrant as of late.

Yui: "I mean the whole this."

She was pointing at my whole body, but as Haruna was still on my arm, it didn't help much.

Ryoto: "You mean my body or Haruna sitting on my arm?"

Yui: "Both!!!"

Ryoto: "You're angry at me for wearing a swimsuit on a beach?"

Yui: "Yes... I mean no! Why are you lifting up, girls!?"

Ryoto: "Because they asked me to lift them?"

Yui: "Why did you comply!?"

Ryoto: "Why shouldn't I? We just had some fun."

It sounds wrong out of context, and I already hear Karen laughing.

Karen: "That's what she said."

Yui: "There's a lot of skin contact between you and the girls, which is unacceptable for a girl and boy your age."

Is she a nun? No, nuns are at least flexible with the rules at times, but this girl before me won't change her mind no matter what. Should I just give up? I don't want to waste my energy and cell brains to discuss with her.

Ryoto: "Hey Kotegawa-san, can I ask you something?"

Yui: "What is it?"

She was looking at me coldly. Does she really dislike me that much?

Ryoto: "Is that a couple behind you kissing?"

Yui: "What!!!"

She quickly turned around to see nothing like what you described.

Yui: "What are you talking ab-"

When she looked back at me, I wasn't there anymore.

Yui: "What, where is he?"

She looked around without any success.

Yui: "Do you know where he went?"

Risa: "I think I saw him running back to the inn."

Yui: "That little... I WON'T LET YOU ESCAPE!!!"

Yui started running towards the inn we were staying in, and when she was outside ordinary people's sight, I jumped down from the roof of the sea house. I was hiding behind the sign. You won't win an argument with a woman even if she's not your girlfriend.

Ryoto: "Thanks for the cover Risa."

Risa: "No problem. It was technically partially my fault after all."

We had fun at the beach the rest of the day while Yui tried to find me.

Later on, a dolphin started stealing girls' swimsuits. Lala wanted to investigate, so we did, and we discovered that the dolphin wanted to point our location of his parent that was washed up on the shore. We helped the dolphin and resolved the situation.



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