The Wandering of an Unstuck Stepbro: Multiverse Travel

After being hit by a truck, the protagonist woke up in the hospital in the body of Ryoto, a step-sibling of Rito and Mikan Yuuki. At first, everything seemed normal besides seeing anime characters in real life, but during class, he got a notification... _________________ *PING* *New quest* Mission: Be the first to finish writing a test and do a Bully Maguire dance as you go through the hallway. Reward: 100 SP, shop feature unlocked. Fail: You'll be emo Peter for one week. _________________ ...Shit. --- English is not my first language, and I'm still an amateur, but I hope it'll be at least interesting fanfic. The cover doesn't belong to me. I just found it. Discord server: https://discord.gg/cM4bwr5Q3z

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New abilities

(Ryoto's pov)

Lala was starting to ready herself, so I had some time for myself. I decided to go back to my room and check some of the rewards.

Something interesting indeed happened. I'm in the future, but not really, and I got Karen's embarrassing (not really) secret, so I'll focus on the other two rewards.

First, I decided to upgrade one of my abilities, so I told Karen exactly that. A big wheel with all of my powers, skills, and abilities on it appeared in front of me, but I assume it was visible only to me. And when I mean all, I mean ALL. There was even my power to mimic any signing voice, mathematic expertise, and let's not forget about hentai protagonist stamina B.

'Hey Karen, why is that when I want to use gacha or anything random in my system, it always uses wheels?'

Karen: "You don't want to know, trust me. This system was designed by a pervert. To be more accurate, he redesigns it, but the details are not important. The point is don't talk about him or his family, or you'll be cursed."

OK, I'll trust her on this one.

The wheel started spinning. It went on and on without slowing down, but it suddenly stopped without any warning.

What's wrong with this wheel?

Never mind that, the arrow stopped on 'mathematic expertise', and it evolved into...


Prediction Calculation - 20 min a day, resets at midnight.

As the name suggests, it's the ability that lets you calculate the probability by calculating everything around you.


Very useful ability, but I don't know the limits of it, that's why I decided to try it.

As soon as I activated my newly required power, I started seeing numbers everywhere around me.

I looked at my closet where Lala's lab was, and I instantly and instinctively calculated the time when Lala would be ready.

99,999% chance of the door opening in 2 minutes.

I then looked through the window, and I could predict everything I saw, but the accuracy varied depending on how much I wanted to predict. The more calculation was required, the more accuracy dropped.

Seeing this, I had some ideas for why it is that, but I wanted to try one more thing.

I opened my eyes and walked up to my bed. I could see from what material it was made and how durable it is thanks to that. I could even see how worn out it is and how much it decreases its toughness.

Thanks to prediction calculation, I knew exactly how much strength I needed to break it, but I felt like using this power in that way was like using a laser to cut bread, pretty primitive.

It's 'prediction calculation', so the best but not only way to use it is to predict.

I picked up a pen and threw it in a way that would create a chain reaction. A pen landed on the street, and I waited for the show to begin.

I turned my body back to face the closet just in time for Lala to come out.

Exactly 2 minutes after I did the math.


Ryoto: "Lala, come here for a second. I'll show you something cool."

She came closer and questioned me why I had put my hand outside the window.

Just then, a man walking down the street tripped on the pen I threw. He was holding a briefcase, but he lost a grip on it. The briefcase flew towards the tree where a squirrel was eating a nut. Because of the briefcase hitting the tree, the animal threw the acorn. A bird flying nearby took the chance and caught the nut, but it dropped said nut because of a man that threw his pen at the bird. It was the same man who tripped, and it was an accident that he almost hit the bird, but because of his action, the acorn landed in my hand.

Doing this left me satisfied with the results. I concluded that the accuracy of my calculations depends on my knowledge. The more information I possess, the more accurate it is, and thanks to my eyes, I see a lot more details than other people.

It will be a valuable power for sure.

Peke: "Remarkable Ryoto-dono. How did you know it would drop right there?"

...I completely forgot about Peke being here if I'm honest.

Ryoto: "Hey Peke, long time no see."

Peke: "We've seen each other yesterday. Now that I think about it, Lala-sama said something similar, and she even started dressing up with normal clothes this morning. Hmm..."

Ryoto: "As some salty history fans once said, don't worry about it."

Peke couldn't see anything wrong with what I said, so he dropped the topic, but he still found it strange.

We were running late, so we hurriedly went downstairs, where Kikan was waiting for us.

Mikan: "I see you didn't hurry."

Ryoto: "Sorry, times fly fast when you're having a good time."

I walked up to her and patted her head. I didn't do it in a long time, so I put extra feeling into it. At first, she enjoyed it, but she quickly regained her senses and freed herself from the comfort of headpats.

Rito wasn't present as he was on cleaning duty, so we didn't need to wait for him.

Lala and I ate our breakfast fast and ran to school. I also informed Mikan that I'll be the one making dinner today, but she gave me a look that said she didn't know if she should be scared or grateful.

It's understandable because before my short trip to another world I wasn't the best cook... OK, so I was pretty horrible, but I learned, and my dishes are delicious now. At least, according to Lala and others who ate them. Even Karasuma's spies praised my cooking.

With Lala, we ran to school, and thanks to our inhuman physique, we made it there in no time.

Before that, I packed some of the lollipops that I picked up before, and Truck-kun let me keep them. He truly is a benevolent God.

(Mikan's pov)

I was in my school thinking about what happened this morning.

Ryoto... he felt different today, which is weird in itself. He can hide his emotions exceptionally well, but he wasn't doing that today, not as much as usual, at least.

Ryoto wasn't the only one who changed.

Lala stopped being so clingy to Ryoto, but it looked like they were closer than ever. It's like they spent a long time together, but the change was too fast for that.

Something happens, and I don't know what. Not to mention Ryoto wanted to cook. The very same Ryoto who managed to fail to make scrambled eggs two years ago? Hard to believe it.

Sachie: "Mikan! Hey Mikan!!!"

My thoughts were broken by one of my friends. It looks like I'm in deep thoughts more often as of late. Primarily because of Ryoto.

Mikan: "What is it Sachie?"

Sachie: "We were wondering what were you thinking about. Could it be your brother that is on your mind?~"

She tried to tease me, but she isn't on Ryoto's level, so it didn't even faze me.

Mikan: "Actually, he is. Ryoto proposed that he'll make a dinner tonight so-"

Sachie & Mami: "Can we come!!!"

They said at the same time with great enthusiasm.

In my head was, however, one question. Why do they want to come to my house after the last time Ryoto flew through the wall and fought Jugemu together with penguins?

At least I know that nothing worse can happen this time, right?



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