The Wandering of an Unstuck Stepbro: Multiverse Travel

After being hit by a truck, the protagonist woke up in the hospital in the body of Ryoto, a step-sibling of Rito and Mikan Yuuki. At first, everything seemed normal besides seeing anime characters in real life, but during class, he got a notification... _________________ *PING* *New quest* Mission: Be the first to finish writing a test and do a Bully Maguire dance as you go through the hallway. Reward: 100 SP, shop feature unlocked. Fail: You'll be emo Peter for one week. _________________ ...Shit. --- English is not my first language, and I'm still an amateur, but I hope it'll be at least interesting fanfic. The cover doesn't belong to me. I just found it. Discord server: https://discord.gg/cM4bwr5Q3z

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'Beating up' the 'teacher'

(Ryoto's pov)

I stood up from my seat, walked up to Lala, patted her head, and said.

Ryoto: "I have something to do. We'll see each other at the break."

Lala nodded her head.

Lala: "Okay, have fun."

Male student 1: "Hey, where do you think you're going?"

I didn't answer him. I just turned to windows and started running towards them.

Male student: "Hey, what are you doing?"

Rito: "Nii-san?"

I smashed through the window and grabbed the upper edge. I pulled myself up and started crawling to the roof.

I left all my classmates dumbfounded. The only one without a strong reaction was Lala.

Lala: "So where should I sit?"

Class: "Is she going to ignore that!!?"


I spent the rest of the class on the rooftop, and no one bothered me there until. I was slaying in the shadows and tried to take a nap. It's a lot harder to fall asleep when you see basically the whole time. If anything happened, my spider senses would warn me.

Risa: So that's where you were hiding."

The voice came from Risa Momioka, one of Haruna's friends.

Ryoto: "So, what are you doing here? Classes haven't finished yet."

Risa: "As if you can say that. To answer your question, I'm here to find you."

Ryoto: "Find me?"

Risa: "Yeah, you jumped out of the window like crazy during the class. Why would you do that?"

Ryoto: "Mob of male students wanted to attack me, so I fled before they could do anything to me. Is it strange?"

Risa: "Yes, if you use a window on a third floor as your escape route."

Ryoto: "But it worked.

Risa: "Sometimes, I wonder if you're really related to Rito."

And then the bell rang.

I stood up and dusted off my trousers.

Ryoto: "It looks like the break has begun. I'll see you in class."

Risa: "Don't you need to hide anymore?"

Ryoto: "It's no longer necessary."

With these words, I left, and at the same time, I heard a familiar sound.




Reward: 30 SP, Mathematics expertise (University level)


Risa: "Hmm, strange."


Before I meet up with Lala, I need to take care of something.

I went in the direction of the PE teacher, Sasuga. Fortunately for me, he was alone in the gym storage. I could deal with him immediately. I closed the door behind me, making a loud *click* sound on purpose.

Sasuga: "Who is that? Ah, it's just you, Ryoto. How can I help you?"

Ryoto: You can start by flying off this planet."

'Sasuga' looked shocked at my answer.

Sasuga: "What do you mean Ryoto. If I did something to offend you, we could talk this through."

Ryoto: "Stop pretending already. I know who you are and why you're here, so drop the act."

Ghii Bree: "So you saw through my disguise. Impressive for an Earthling. I can see why you are Lala's fiance, but it will be me, Ghii Bree, who will marry her and become the successor of king Deviluke. I planned to capture one of your classmates before we meet like that, but oh well. HAAAAAAH!!!"

Ghii Bree changed his form before my eyes became more grotesque. His long tongue was hanging outside his mouth. He looked somehow reptilian in a sense, His skin was dark blue, and he had round purple eyes.

I didn't mind his appearance and started approaching him, which startled him slightly. He again transformed into a more masculine version of himself, but I didn't stop my steps. He tried to scare me, but he was the scared one. Backing away from me, he tripped and became a miniature version of himself.

Suddenly I felt something around my neck and two soft things at my back.

Lala: "I finally found you!! What are you hiding in such a place?"

She then looked at the unconscious body of Ghii Bree.

Lala: "Eh... Uhm... Ghii Bree!? Why is he here?"

Ryoto: "He wanted to marry you without your consent and become king Deviluke's successor. And then he tripped. What should we do with him?"

Lala: "Hrmmm."

Lala took out a device that looked like a toilet and flushed Ghii Bree down, but before she said.

Lala: "Don't you ever come to Earth anymore, Ghii Bree!!"

After that, our school day went normal.


After school, I met up with Zastin.

Zastin: "Ryoto, I brought you a direct message from Lala-sama's father, King Deviluke. He's a great person who united the war-torn universe and stood at its zenith. Well then... listen carefully."

King: "...Hey, Ryoto Yuuki. I've heard Zastin's story, and therefore I shall approve of you as one of Lala's fiances. I heard Earthlings are rather puny, but then again, I heard that you could dodge Zastin's attack, and you're the first guy Lala has ever favored. I'll be looking forward to... seeing your capabilities. Listen, I will eventually decide when the 'marriage ceremony' will be held, so until then, try your best to protect Lala."

He was going on and on, but in short, King Deviluke gave me the task of protecting Lala from other finances, and I'll become his successor or else he'll destroy the Earth. Standard dad move.


At home, we ate dinner together, and Lala obviously was with us.




Mission: "Lovey Dovey activities"

Objective 1: Take a bath with Lala.

Objective 2: Wash each other thoroughly.

Bonus Objective 1: Take a bath with Mikan.

Reward: 30 SP, 'Karen' goes to therapy for one week (New quests won't appear till the end of treatment).

Bonus Reward: 170 SP, one gacha ticket.

Failure: You will become a clean freak.

Duration of punishment: One week.


I smiled when I saw the reward, and at the same time, I heard Karen shouting.

Karen: "WHAT!!!"



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