97 Chapter 97 Abuse

John woke up and cuddled with Demmy for an hour before she woke up. John and Demmy then got out of bed and walked to the bathroom together. They took a shower and then brushed their teeth. Demmy walked out of the bathroom to go get dressed while John shaved off his beard.

John walked out of the bathroom a couple minutes later and walked into his room. John walked in to see Demmy just in her underwear, she must have been deciding what outfit to wear. There were two outfits laid out on the bed, a blue blouse and white jeans or blue jeans and an orange t-shirt.

John walked over and held her from behind, John placed kisses along her neck. Demmy purred as she felt John's rough hands glide down her stomach. Demmy turned around and kissed John's chest, then she rested her head against his chest as she hugged him. She felt John's hands move down her back squeeze her ass.

She moaned and said, "Are you gonna push me down? Violate my body?" She kissed John's neck multiple times trying to tempt him.

John said, "No, but I will tonight, and I'll do it hard." Listening to John's voice, she moaned, feeling John's hand squeeze her roughly.

John said, "You should wear the blue blouse and the white jeans."

Demmy asked, "Would that turn you on, Daddy?"

John smiled and said, "Maybe, who knows?" John then let go of her ass and walked over to his closet. Quickly wearing black joggers and a blue shirt, John then watched as Demmy put on her pants. She saw John looking at her, so she bent down and stuck her ass out as she put her jeans on.

John walked over to her and grabbed her hand before they made their way downstairs and to the kitchen. They put some strawberry oatmeal in the microwave and waited for a few minutes before they took the oatmeal out of the microwave.

They walked out of the kitchen and into the living room, Demmy was very surprised to see all of her stuff placed neatly in the corner of the living room. She looked over at John and said, "When did you do this?"

John smiled and said, "Last night. I want you to feel at home here."

Demmy smiled before she pounced on John and kissed him. She said, "I already feel home, just being with you." John smiled as he held her.

Then they sat on the chair together and ate. While they ate, they watched a movie. When the movie finished, they walked into the kitchen and put their bowls in the dishwasher.

John then walked with Demmy to the supply house and dropped her off. John then walked back to his house and started to move Demmy's things. He moved the rest of her clothes upstairs to his room, he put up the pictures and paintings that Demmy had in her house, and he placed all of her shoes on the rack next to the door. John was kind of shocked by all the stuff Demmy had, but when he thought about all the stuff he had gotten for his wives, it made sense.

Seeing that all the stuff had been put in order and there was no longer a pile of stuff in the corner of his living room, John walked out of his house. John started to walk around Alexandria, John helped some people with small chores receiving smiles and gestures of appreciation. John had reverted his nano suit as it was unneeded here and it would cover him again if it sensed serious danger.

As he continued walking around, he heard some crashing from Jess's house. John ran up the steps and tried the door, but it was locked. John heard a yelp of pain and instantly busted the door down; the yelp definitely came from Jess.

John walked into the house and saw Jess on the floor holding her cheek and Pete was standing over her. It was clear to John that Pete was intoxicated. John said, "Let's talk outside Pete."

Pete came towards him and got in his face. He said, "You have no say here. Get out, now."

Jess said, "Please leave, John. You'll make things worse."

John said, "If things get worse, that means he killed you."

Jess said, "Why do you care?"

John said, "Because a man should treat his woman with care, not beat on them. To make themselves feel strong." John was looking straight at Pete, Pete exploded. He threw a punch at John's face and John let it connect. John turned his face some before he turned back, and head butted him in the nose.

John knocked Pete to the floor and said to Jess, "Do you want me to take him out? Separate you?"

Jess paused and then said, "Yes!"

Pete hearing this stood up and said, "You bitch!" Pete tried to grab Jess, but John grabbed his arm. Pete turned him and punched him straight in the jaw, knocking his head to the side some, before Pete tackled him into a wall. Pete was a big man, so he had enough strength to push John around some.

John's back dented the wall, John grabbed Pete's collar and kneed him into the stomach. This caused him to keel over some John then punch down at Pete's jaw. This punch sent him to the floor easily. John walked over to Jess and said, "Come on, we'll come back in a while. I don't want you to get hurt in our fight."

Jess nodded and started to walk with John towards the front door. Jess was walking through the front door when Pete got up and ran towards John, tackling him through the front window. They flew out of the front window grabbing at each other's shirt collars. They rolled down the front steps and landed in the street. Jess cried out in worry for John.

Many people heard the commotion and came running over, Deanna had also come running over with her husband. The people circled around them as they rolled around on the ground, trying to gain the advantage.

John got on top of Pete and was choking him out, his hands firmly wrapped around Pete's throat. Pete got out of being pinned by punching John in the face, but John punched him back his head hitting the street and cutting it. John hit him right in the nose, breaking it with a crunching sound.

Pete managed to get on top of John and was choking him, John face was covered in blood. Jess came running over and tried to pull Pete off of John, but she was unable to move him at all. But he did turn away from John and shove her away.

This gave John the opportunity to grab Pete in a sleeper hold. John then squeezed as Pete struggled, hitting him with his elbows in the side. John continued to squeeze; his ears were ringing. This ringing disappeared when John heard Deanna.

She said, "John, let him go, right now!" John slowly let Pete go and stood up, his face full of blood. Jess ran over to him and checked how he was. Ron had also run over while holding Sam they were checking on their mom. Pete got up suddenly and took John's katana out of its sheath.

He then swung it towards John, but he was drunk and disoriented, and he only cut John's cheek lightly. The real tragedy is that the blade hit both Ron and Sam's throats, cutting their heads off. The blade continued forward hitting Jess's throat, cutting deep into it as the blade was so sharp.

John was shocked for a second. (Glass Animals - Heat Waves) [Search Heat waves Spiderman Sad edit] Before he became furious. John charged at Pete and was stabbed through his side. John held the handle of the sword and kicked Pete in the chest before he pulled the sword out of himself and stabbed Pete through the heart. John then dropped the sword as he ran over to Jess. Jess was clutching her bleeding throat; fear and sadness were present in her eyes.

John ripped his shirt and used it as a compress before he ran to Deanna's house, holding Jess. John burst through the door and lay her down on the table. John grabbed the med kit and began to work on her throat. Then John stopped and summoned a bottle of healing solution when he saw Jess's complexion, he poured it on her wound. Jess didn't see this as she had already passed out from shock. John then sutured her throat and wrapped it in gauze. It would take about 4 weeks to heal, as the potion had down a lot of the work, it also completely healed her vocal cords.

Deanna and a couple of other people burst into the door and saw that Jess was on the table and her wound had been taken care of. They looked at the bloody face of John and his bloody hands. They saw his ripped shirt and his bleeding abdomen; Demmy walked over to John and grabbed his hand.

John looked down at the woman, his face was serious, and the blood made him look a little unsteady. Demmy said, "You should fix your wound before you bleed out." John nodded as he took out a needle and began to stitch his wound shut. John tried to close the wound on his back as well, but he couldn't reach it. John let out a tired sign as he looked over at Aaron, Aaron walked over and took the needle from him.

Aaron then sloppily stitched his wound shut. John then walked over to the sink and began to wash his hands and face, the bloody water splattering into the metal sink. John looked at his face and saw that he had a pretty deep cut on his cheek. John grabbed some gauze from the table and pressed it firmly on his face. John taped the bandage to his face as he walked out of the house after taking two blankets from the closet.

John walked out of the house and walked to Sam and Ron's bodies before he wrapped them with the blankets. John then picked up both the bodies and started walking towards the small cemetery by the wall. John placed the bodies gently on the ground and grabbed a shovel that was leaning against the fence.

Then John began to dig two holes, each strike of the shovel dug into the earth. John quickly finished the 2 holes before he put the bodies in the holes. John then filled the holes back in before he made two crosses with some wood lying around, John carved both of their names on the crosses. John then planted the crosses at the head of the graves.

John then walked back to Pete's body and started to drag it. He dragged it all the way out of the front gate and into the woods before he threw the body into a hole that was dug to dispose of walker bodies. John then walked back to Alexandria and walked through the front gate.

John then walked back to Deanna's house and sat down at the table. Deanna came over and sat down. She said, "Jessie's complexion looks better. I saw you carry Ron and Sam's bodies to the cemetery. But what did you do with Pete's body?"

John answered, "I dragged him out into the woods and threw him in the walker pit."

Deanna asked, "And why did you do that?"

John said, "I didn't want his body within these walls."

Deanna said, "I see. We have to talk about how you killed Pete's. A lot of people saw you stab him, and they are a little frightened of you. By the way here is your sword."

John said, "Keep the sword, I can't use it anymore. It has touched the blood of the innocent."

Deanna said, "Alright, I'll hang it on the wall or something. We are going to have a discussion tonight about what you did. You should be there." John nodded as he gave Dianna the sheath that was still at his waist. Then John stood up, Demmy came over to him and helped him, the fatigue of his injuries finally catching up to him. They walked out of the house and down the street. They arrived at John's house and walked through the front door.

Demmy helped John up the stairs before she got in the shower with John. She looked at his whole body that was full of bruises and cuts. Her hands gently glided over John's body, she felt the deep wound on Joh's cheek and said, "That will definitely leave a scar." John nodded as he stood there silently, feeling Demmy's soft hands.

John leaned down and kissed Demmy tenderly as he hugged her body close. Demmy hugged him lovingly and stood there with him for about 20 minutes. Then she helped John get out of the shower and started to dry him off, she was very gentle as the bruises on John's body were very severe. John helped her dry off as well before they walked out of the bathroom and to John's bedroom.

John then lay down on the been slowly, Demmy lay down next to John. John wrapped his arms around her, resting his hands on her stomach. John felt her soft back pressed up against him. He felt Demmy started to move her hips a little. But she stopped a couple seconds later when she heard John snoring. She turned around and snuggled into his embrace after kissing his lips.