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The Vulgar Mortal [BL]


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This is such a wonderful novel! I was captivated from the prologue. I love that MingYu doesn't remember his actions as Wu TianLan while his sworn brothers seem to, and I'm absolutely in love with their dynamic as friends. Their banter is very entertaining and heartfelt, you can tell there's real tenderness between MingYu, PingZe and ZhiYi. I also love the ******* between ZhiYi and MingYu, they work really well off each other, and their interactions are super sweet. There was a particular revelation that I'm sure left me as shocked as MingYu felt, poor guy. I also love the world-building, I personally love the aspect of gods paying penance on earth in one way or another, and their interactions with humans is always really entertaining. The world feels real and alive in ways that make you want to keep reading to learn more of this wonderful story. I fully recommend this novel to fans of xianxia, and anyone who likes expansive worlds and charming, delightful characters.

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Simply amazing! The plot and story are intriguing and keep you guessing at every turn, not to mention the slow-burn is on point! Extremely reminiscent of greats such as 'Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation' a must read, you'll regret it if you don't!


Firstly, the writing quality is top notch, flawless even. And the narrative is simple, straight, and equal parts humorous that really makes it fun to read. Secondly, the characters are very entertaining with each their own mentailities and complimenting others at the same time. The banter between the brothers MingYu, ZhiYi and PingZe, and the ever fainting XiaoHe, and even the Contemptible Donkey and the too-cool-to-talk Myna bird. They are all intersting and entertaining in their own way. Next,The pacing is perfect with particular focus on describing the main things and keeping the reader scrolling down eagerly as we discover bits and pieces of the world and the everything that's going on around. Thats brings me to world background, which is done exceptionally well, revealing things slowly and carefully. The lore of the world, the puzzles and mysteries about the Gods, missions, punishments are all pretty damn cool. Honestly, its sad that not many are reading it as this is one solid 5 star novel right here. This is more than just a BL novel and everyone should atleast give it a try before judging it. I'll be looking forward to following MingYu and his brothers on his journey and uncover some secrets and solve some mysteries.


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its a beautiful story especially since you meet Mingyu who has been so many people.At first youre told he is this god that does....secretarial work?...like doesnt sound aweinspiring.Then you find out that he was a big brother and deputy parent to Pingze and Zhiyi....someone who they actually respected and were protected by.At the current timeline hes a lusty dude who a few years ago was a passionate out of the closet lover of Zhiyi's ——the best part is that though he may not remember some~things we are aware that all the people he has been around Zhiyi are genuinly him...given the chance he would still ne the same


when I first start this story, it give me a nagging feeling that it would be like "heaven official's blessing" but the more that I read ,more different I saw. characters personality and overall of story development have a big different with that story. even if MC is a little weak for my taste but generally it's a interesting story with so much mystery that Keeps you curious and thirsty for more.


Based on the two chapters that have been written the story seems interesting and the author does a good job of describing things. I was only surprised by the rule that he had to stay a virgin. Will he be able to do that? And if not will be the seme?


The novels written by this author are some of the best I've read on Webnovel. If you're looking for a book that seems professionally written and has a good plot/characters, definitely check this book out! I would also recommend the author's other novel, TCSG, bc the worlds overlap. The way the author builds up the stories, there is potential for sequels/spinoffs if you're looking for a lasting book series 👍


this is an amazing book, the writing is PHENOMENAL and the storyline keeps you hooked. i can't wait to see how the character's journey end up, also the background characters also have a good description, the author is really a good writer! ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺🥰🥰🥰


I'm so in-love with this book. I've read all the books by this author and can I just say they are captivating. They make it so easy to get immersed in the novel.


This book is so freaking good oh my gosh kfhgdfghdfgkh Y'all better read this it's a piece of work gosh believe me once you start it you won't stop


Ah so good!!! The action continues to rise in level to a fever pitch! The intrigue and mystery continue to grow! I love the action scenes! I can totally imagine them as a live action drama! I can't wait to see where this story goes from here!!!


I'm glad I started reading this novel, the characters are developing and the story is off to a great start. I wish I could get more bonuses daily.


Hi! Author here! :) This story was an entry for the WPC #125. I originally entered with the mindset that I will finally have the courage to write a full fledged story and let the world read it. This was my stepping stone into the world of writing and also my first ever entry for any writing competition. I had a lot of fun, and I am so very grateful for everyone who took the time to read and even leave encouraging words. I am thankful to all my silent readers too. <3 I am glad to announce to everyone who takes the time to read this; I got nominated for the gold tier reward of WPC #125! I never aimed to win, I never thought people would actually like my story or that my writing was particularly good in any way. I just wrote the story that I hoped everyone would enjoy reading while also polishing my English skills. I am overwhelmed and thankful for the nomination. I could had never done it without all of you. My sincerest thank you for reading my story, thank you for leaving a comment and/or a review, thank you for your encouraging words. <3 I hope I can bring this story to a satisfying ending for all of us, and wrap up all the character arcs and their involvement in the grand scheme of things. I already know the ending, but to reach it, there is still a lot of hard work, sweat and a lot of tears involved. Who ever sticks around for the journey: thank you! And thank you to each and everyone who took the time to even click into the front page and take the time to read my shameless 5-star rating for myself! <3 Side note: I tried to figure out how to leave a review or an author comment on the front page without giving myself stars, but I failed at it. I'm sorry for shamelessly giving myself 5 stars. (Its not me, the system forced me, 5 stars or lower, and I put too much effort into this story to give myself a 4/5. _(:_」∠)_ )


This is one of the most descriptive novel's I've ever read. The descriptions of the background and of the scenery gives a holistic view of the world, giving readers a sense of the world just at the beginning few chapters. The main characters have a lot of chemistry, but also contains a lot of mystery, such as what happened in their previous lives and when their were dieties/demons? Such myseteries are not yet explored in the novel but I'm looking forward to it.


This is an amazing and engaging story. Very well written too. The last chapter ends in a cliffhanger. Are we going to see more chapters or a sequel to this book?


Как же мне нравится читать эту историю,не нарадуюсь. Получаю удовольствие эстетическое от описания окружающей среды и персонажей,но автор имеет склонность мучить и убивать хороших людей,заставляя тем самым злиться на него😡 Но это мое личное мнение. В целом очень хорошо написанный роман и если кто то там про грамматические ошибки говорит,не верьте,я читаю через Гугл переводчик и не вижу их,прекрасный стиль изложения. А вот волосы Минью отросшие за пару месяцев меня смущают))))


I'm glad I started reading this novel, the characters are developing and the story is off to a great start. I wish I could get more bonuses daily.


Мне очень нравится читать эту новеллу,тут всего в меру,и смех и слезы,любовь и ненависть,месть и зависть. Автор прекрасно описывает местность,внешность и характер героев. Буду читать дальше. Интересно сколько глав планирует написать автор?))))) Желаю автору вдохновения и укладываться со всеми своими делами во временные рамки,а главное не забывать отдыхать!


Such a good story! I can't wait to read more! All that is stopping me now is an early morning tomorrow! Hopefully I'll be able to read to my heart's content tomorrow! Because it is getting even juicier by the minute!