The Vulgar Mortal [BL] Book

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The Vulgar Mortal [BL]


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CURRENTLY ON HIATUS [BL - boys love] Qing MingYu had always loved Wang ZhiYi, for as long as he could remember. But life never allowed him to say those words. In the end, he died a hero, protecting his one and only love from an ambush. For his heroic death, he ascended Heaven’s as a god. Through fate’s interference, Qing MingYu descended back to the Mortal Realm and was reborn as Emperor Wu TianLan, reuniting with the now turned demon, Wang ZhiYi. But not all went as it should have, and Wu TianLan was executed as a hated man and the most despicable emperor to have lived. But instead of reascending Heavens, Qing MingYu is given a third chance at life, now possessing a body of another. His last chance to make things right once and for all. Will their love finally meet its happy ending, or will Heaven's punishment pull them apart for good? _______ Art cover drawn by Ying_!


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