The Vision

If beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, what then does the vision see? Man reincarnates as Vision in the MCU. ............................ Want to write a Fanfic but can't write a synopsis for the life of me A/N: Will be posted on Scribblehub, FF, RoyalRoad and AO3

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Pietro and Davis were heaving after having survived an onslaught from Vision, and though the both of them were fine physically, it did not mean that they were having an easy time.

With Davis' high resistance to any kind of damage and Pietro's healing factor that got faster as his average speed increased, they both were in tip-top shape under Vision's sadistic watch.

"You know, you both could do a lot but I think expecting such a display from you is selfish of me given the time you've had your powers." Vision said while floating a few meters from the ground.

"Well sorry, we weren't the one who woke up with an Infinity Stone stuck to our head." The bite in Pietro's voice was all too clear and noticeable to anyone listening, letting them know of how little he was amused by their current situation. 'Damn robot, android or whatever.'

Davis on the other one was confused after having to deal with the newer and wider range of emotions he had to go through when in his transformation.

It felt as if everything was dialed to one hundred and it became that increasingly more difficult to control himself to the edge of his sanity.

Vision's first thought for their little fight had been to determine the limit of his tolerance and the risk of his presence in an extremely stressful environment. One Banner was enough, no one wanted another.

"You feeling good, Davis?" Vision probed.

"Yeah, though the thought of ripping you apart seems progressively appealing." Davis said, feeling a little lost as it was hard to keep track of his real thoughts.

Vision laughed as he heard Davis' words. "If that's the extent of it, then you're okay."

The surroundings around them had been leveled into unnatural heaps of upturned earth. Vision looked around and frowned a bit but shrugged as their location was a good distance from the Compound.

"How about we go for round 2?" Pietro and Davis tensed as Vision uttered those words, already in optimal position to respond to any perceived attack from the good-looking man in front of them.

Vision smiled at the way both of their states changed under a moment's notice and was resolved to push them a bit harder, this time focusing on the swifty speedster who escaped a good amount of his attacks in their previous bouts.

'Let's go with a little misdirecti-`

The tense atmosphere suddenly shattered at the sound of a chirping ringtone echoed out from Vision's ears.

[Incoming call from Natasha]

'Way to break the moment, Natasha.'

"You do und-"

{Vision we have a problem}

Those words killed any snarky remark Vision was about to trade with Natasha for her interruption.

"Natasha, what happened?"

He could feel the even cold tone she used to cut him off and report what happened which already told him that right now, Natasha was in her Black Widow persona.

{It's nothing good, that you can be sure of. Cap is rallying everyone and we are about to take off. We need you back here, asap}

This time the frown on Vision's face became more prominent, letting both pietro and Davis know that their impromptu training was going to be cut short. "Natasha, what happened?" Vision asked again.

{The news is already calling it a preemptive mutant terrorist attack. They just appeared out of nowhere and started destroying everything unfortunate to be near them}

Immediately, Vision's interface pulled up every mainstream news channel and radio in New York and was greeted with a sight of super-powered beings wreaking havoc in the middle of New York.

"I'm on my way." Vision said and shot off towards the base with Pietro behind him and a leaping Davis struggling to keep up with the two super fast individuals in front of him.

As Vision approached the base, his mind scattered into smaller bytes of data and filtered into networks that aligned with the filerer he set up for the particular accident happening right now.

Unfortunately for him, there were no phones or street cams with a recording on that had captured when the mutants causing problems started their acts of destruction.

It was a fuckfest.

He didn't bother slowing down as he phased through all the obstructions in front of him and landed in the conference room with a pensive looking Steve in front of the holographic projector, watching everything with rapt attention.

On the side was Natasha, Sam, Banner and the rest of the group including the pair of Sarah and Laura.

"Well, this is the worst PR I've ever seen." Banner said, trying to break the still atmosphere after Vision arrived.

"No kidding. I can already feel the increasing number of phone calls made to the White House in the last ten minutes." Vision remarked in response to Banners quip.

Steve turned around and saw that everyone was already gathered, sans the off-earth Thor and Tony who was God knows where. "We need to move out now. We'll assess the situation and final course of action when we get there."

They all move out the very second after those words left Steve's mouth.

Since the Quinjet was big enough to hold them all together with a little size manipulation from Vision, all of them boarded it while Sarah and Banner remained behind.

"Don't worry, Sarah. I'll be looking after her the whole time." Vision assured the worried mother who was having a hard time convincing her daughter otherwise.

Even Vision had to concede this one to Laura after feeling just how much she wanted to help in her own way, however she could.

All the training and fights she watched the others partake in left her stewing for a fight of her own and she was just a bit off from blowing through the limits of her patience. He already had contingencies to ensure that any negative comments from the media that were attributed to Laura or anything resembling 'child labor' was to be quickly dealt with.

He'd be damned if he let anyone spoil her first taste of action.

"I gotta say Vision, you really did a number on my gear." Sam said with an impressed whistle as he looked at the sleek red and white jacket he wore, looking as if he was going for a stroll. There were a couple of ways to get the working which ranged from different manual cues and hand motions to being connected to the goggles he was wearing.

The rest of the team was also wearing the remade version of their suit, even Laura and Pietro.

They all appreciated the suit, even Steve couldn't help but praise the new aesthetics of his suit. Seeing how they all took to theor new getup, Vision decided to hold off on telling them that what they were happy about was nothing more than his first prototype.

He also couldn't help but worry about what this meant for the mutants as an attack of this nature at the worst time possible. What was he even thinking? 'I already know how this will play out after this and it's for that reason why this is such a mess.'

"Police scanners said it has already escalated towards Eddison and 5th. We'll be dropping off at the heart of it. Vision, you're on overwatch. Call it as you see it."

After confirming Steve's orders and being a few meters from their drop off, Vision fell through the Quinjet and immediately set up a information network with all the street cams, scanners and even the news helicopters flying ahead.

"Cap, there are three groups of these mutants and I can already count in some beastification, energy projection and combustion mutation."

{Got it. Davis, Pietro and Sam will help the police calm the breakout on Eddison. Wanda, Natasha and I will hold down those at the mall}


Laura immediately asked Steve after not hearing the task that was set aside for her.

{Don't worry. You and Vision will take the last location these mutants are currently attacking}

Steve really had to thank his lucky stars that as much as Vision prioritizes efficiency, the man in question was just as efficient as anyone could be.

Despite being on constant surveillance and not letting anything escape his view, that didn't stop Vision from engaging enemies without impeding on his given duty.

The team immediately dispersed with Laura and Vision remaining as the former patiently waited for Vision to do whatever it was that he was doing. Thankfully he didn't waste any time at all and turned to Laura.

"Try and subjugate them as much as you can." Was all Vision said and she nodded. It went without anyone saying that some deaths were inevitable and so while they prioritized subjugation, the moment they sense their life in danger, they go for the kill.

"How good are you at sticking your landing?" Laura tilted her head in confusion at the random question but before she could answer, Vision cut her off and continued. "Don't worry. Take it as a part of the field experience."

Her confusion increased and before she could make it known, her balance shifted abruptly and the world spun in fast motions as she was telekinetically thrown towards her battlefield.

"Rule no. 9 of being a hero: Always stick the landing."

She would have cussed at Vision if she knew how to express herself that way so the only thing she could do was listen to his words and take out her indignation on the prey that just entered her sights.

Finally getting her bearings, she twisted fluidly midair and set her trajectory towards one of the mutants who looked as if he was made up of different metals for different parts of his body.





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