Raven, commonly known as Mystique, looked at the man who somehow had nullified her shape-shifting with a single touch with fear creeping into her body.

"You know that I can sue you for sexual assault, right?" She said with a chuckle at the confused face he made which slowly morphed into a humorless realization. 

"Can this be counted as your naked body?" Vision was genuinely confused as this was something that had generated a lot of curiosity among common folks in his former world. 

Raven on the other hand, was a little lost on how to react when faced with such a genuine question but she still answered nonetheless. "Yes."

"Oh." Vision slowly retracted his hands and with it their little banter died, replacing the atmosphere with its previous solemnity. 

"Ms. Raven, if you're here, then am I right to believe it was on Magneto's orders?" She didn't know why, not even sure if it was because of the powers he used which she had no idea of what they were, but everything about the man calling himself Vision made her instinctually nervous. 

She shook her head at his question, "No. He doesn't know I'm here." She had no idea why she answered him but she just did. He was that scary. 

She didn't know how he knew about her and Magneto but she didn't care much about it, all that was on her mind now was to escape. 

In Vision's mind, he was running likely scenarios and events in the likelihood that he apprehends Raven here and now. He knew for a fact that Magneto will be forced to move if that happens and with the way things were at the moment, a mutant's act of terrorism was the last thing anyone wanted, anyone that wasn't the government that is. 

Raven looked at him in surprise as she felt the hold he had placed on her disappear and she could escape now, but she wasn't foolish enough to believe she could if he doesn't want it to happen. 

"Why?" Though ambiguous, they both understood what she was asking. 

"It's nothing complicated. You've been keeping a low profile for years now according to what I know. And I believe no one wants a mutant scuffle when the government is against you now more than they've ever been."

Her form shifted to a middle-aged woman with blonde hair in a suit and the moment she did that, he ran a scan of her present appearance and actually got a ping this time. 

'Bayville High huh?'

It looks like this persona of hers was a principal at Bayville High, which was coincidentally where the kids from Xavier's went to school.

'Is this one of those times when she went on her own or is she still a follower of Eric?'

"Is that your way of saying you are against the Accords?" She asked. 

"In a way, yes. Let's go, Laura." He said to the girl who was quietly beside him the entire time and just that moment a boy appeared beside him in a gust of wind, surprising Raven once again. 

The three of them disappeared before her eyes which astounded her even more as she couldn't figure out what kind of ability Vision had. 


[Vision POV] 

I kept the meeting with Mystique to myself because there was no need for the others to know. Seriously, there was no point in it. The only reason I even pursued it was because I wanted to know who was involved and if not for that little hiccup that happened when I tried reading her mind, I would have just infiltrated her thoughts and left. 

I knew either Scott or Hank would reach out to me soon so there was no need for me to hang around or tell them I was leaving. 

Right now, I was about to do something I've been putting off because of the Accords and since it was already underway, I pretty much knew those who were for it or not and those still on the bench. 

Davis was with Banner and Sarah, the duo running tests on him after he agreed to their requests and the only two people with me were Wanda and Laura. Both for reasons known only to them. 

"What are you doing?" Wanda asked after seeing me pull holograms of the Avengers and running some specs on them. 

"Working on outfitting the team." I said as I pulled up the schematics for the first person, Natasha. The costume for the Black Widow was pretty simple and easy on the eyes. First things first was a complete vibranium overall. 

Thankfully, a lot of vibranium was salvaged from Ultron's meteor-city so I had a lot to work with and then coupled with the sizable amount of raw adamantium ore that I got from the Facility, outfitting everyone, even Stark, was a piece of cake. 

It was a stroke of good luck for me that Stark was someone competent and reliable when it came to technology since the entire compound was filled with them so there was no need for me designing and building a 3D printer or a weaver for the material I was sewing. 

"Even me?" She asked as she saw the specs of her profile. "… And you got my measurements correct."

I stopped for a moment before continuing with the same pace and answered, "Yes. And if you really want to know, I know the measurements of every single member of the Avengers." 

She grinned and just nodded to herself, focusing her attention to the detailed parts of her data. "Do you have any ideas for me?" She asked. 

I finally looked up at her, and then at the image before replying to her. "Well red suits you, so the color scheme stays the same. You don't need anything in terms of defense or offense so most things stay the same. Honestly, you and Banner are receiving the least upgrade, well Banner isn't receiving anything actually since he has the perfect defense. Yours is just mostly cosmetic."

"What of me?" We both turned to Laura who didn't see her profile amongst the others. 

"Your want to fight?" I asked even though I already knew the answer, and just as I hoped, she nodded. 

"Well then, this is a brainstorming session so what kind of upgrades do you want?"





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