1 Prologue

[ding... Ding, ding]

Hmm? What's going on? Why can't I open my eyes? I can't feel anything, no... I can hear heartbeat and warmth around me.

[Villains rescue system installed]

The system...? Wait, did I die? And is this one of those situations where I die and end up in the void, and then the system activates?

[Ding, the answer is correct. You died, or rather you were killed in a dream. You are now in your mother's womb]

Who would want to kill me anyway? I'm just a simple man, I didn't hurt anybody, I don't even have much money. Maybe... I was killed by some Yandare girl I didn't know about?

[Ding, the answer is no. You were killed by a serial killer, not a yandare. Host hadn't even had any contact with girls other than his sister, how could you have a yandare?]

Who knows, maybe I once saved her from bandits or something, but I just don't remember anything. There's also a scenario where she just fell in love with me at first sight and was just embarrassed to talk to me.

[Ding, got the "thick skin" skill, you can check the skill in the status bar]

Oh cool, got a pretty good skill without trying, how cool am I.

*Sigh* Good thing I was home alone or God knows what would have happened to my family...

Okay, what do I do and what rewards do I get?

[Ding, the villains system works on all worlds, as a consequence you will change the world when you complete the mission. You will save the villains to your liking, but the system will evaluate the results of the change, in any case you will receive a minimum number of points if you fail the task].

[Points are the currency with which you can buy everything! You can also spin the wheel of fortune, from which anything can fall out, from a grain of sand to a bomb capable of wiping out galaxies. Naturally the chances of such items are extremely low, so the price per spin is only 100 points]

[You will be judged on four criteria]

[Her position in the world, mental state, relationship and likelihood of meeting the main character]

[All of them will be scored from 1 to 5 points, after which they will be added up. The total score you earn will be multiplied by a thousand. Note that you can also get a negative score and then get punished. The penalty will be chosen by the creator]

[You are now in a world of low difficulty or you could call it a test that will find out what you are capable of and then give out rewards]

[You will be in the world for about 30 years or 3-4 years after the end of the story]

[The plot is a scenario defined by the world, nothing can interfere with or spoil the plot. The protagonist is the one chosen by fate. They have the advantage of tremendous luck, which can turn a simple stone into a precious jade]

[In short, these are novel-type worlds that follow the plot and your job is to save the villainess]


And you mean I have to go against the world to save the villains of a third-rate Chinese novels? You think I'm crazy?

[French-style maids with cat ears and lush bodies or flirtatious nine-tailed foxes may also fall out of the rewards.]

I'm in, my brother! Why didn't you tell me sooner, I would have passed the test with flying colors!

So, load the whole plot of this stampede called "return of the dragon king" into me.


[Ding, Host in a dream state]

[Starting the process of downloading knowledge...]

[1%... 19%...]


[98%... 99%... 100%]

[Ding, Download complete, waking up the host]

Ah... I'm dizzy, my eyes are dark...

That's right, I'm in the void.

Wow, I feel nothing but Mild dizziness from these memories, the system, you're my brother forever now!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this novel is really called "the return of the dragon king"

[Ding, Received the skill "sixth sense", you can check the skill in the status bar]

Haha, okay laughed enough is enough.



Name: -

Race: human

Gender: male

Age: -

Titles: -

Trait: -


Strength: (average strength - 1)

Dexterity: - (average agility - 1)

Stamina: - (average stamina - 1)

Intelligence: 2.11 (average intelligence 1)

Spirit: 37.09 (average Spirit - 1)

Luck: 1 (average luck 1)

Skills: [thick skin], [sixth sense]


It all makes sense.

Seems good... but why is the spirit so high?

[Ding, you are the one who has been reborn, the one who has passed through worlds and known death. Your spirit is supposed to be high]

Okay, now, don't I have some sort of "starter gift"?

[Ding, you may choose 1 talent, 1 skill and 1 trait with which you will be reborn. All of these cannot exceed quality A]

[Note: you cannot choose skills that use energy in a world without any type of energy. Example: if it's a world without magic, you can't get a fire skill, only skills in the form of "business management". These limitations are also there for talents and traits]

I see. This world refers to a world without energy, what a pity.


Shit... this is much better, But first I have to understand the ranking system

[Ding, the rank system is divided into: F is the lowest and EX is the highest]

[All of these ranks are divided on the basis of quantity and quality. Unique skills, talents and traits are prefixed with a "U".]

[F is 1:100, E is 1:1000, D is 1:15000, C is 1:100000, B is 1:100000000, A is 1:1000000000 S is 1000000000000... EX(U) is the only one in the entire universe]

[This statistic is just an example, there could be dozens of people in the world born with EX talents]

It's... **sniff* *sniff* s-system... you're my brother forever!


Okay, I've thought about it and I've chosen!

I want a talent with accelerated learning of everything

[Ding, received the talent "genius of all things", you can check the talent in the status bar]

As for the skill... let it be a passive type learning skill too!

[Ding, let the passive "genius" skill be obtained, you can check the skill in the status panel]

Special trait... let there be eyes that see lies, enhanced vision, and the ability to see souls.

[Ding, Dragon Eyes trait obtained, you can check the trait in the status panel]

Great, I can create a lot of interesting things with this.

Hee-hee-hee, looking forward to it.


Hey system, how long do I have to stay here? When I get bored already.

[Ding, remaining time until delivery - 19 days, 5 hours and 51 seconds]

Argh, put it away! Put that damn timer away, you! horrible demon!


Thank you my brother. Can you put me in a dream state? I'm very bored.



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