4 Ye Chen: Are You Seriously Taking Half a Step Back?

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In a room on the second floor of Cloudbourne Inn.

Ye Chen had his hands on the pillow, eyes gazing at the ceiling. He was too excited to sleep.

"Elder Shi, do you mean that I'll meet a benefactor on the way to the Azure Mist Sect tomorrow?"

"No, there's no need to wait until tomorrow! Tonight will do!"

An old echo came from the ring.

"Huh? Tonight? You're making it sound too…"

Ye Chen's heart skipped a beat as he instinctively looked out the window.

The night was as dark as ink, and a desolate crescent moon emitted a cold fluorescent light. It was an inexplicably strange sight.

"No! Something's not right! The signs don't seem right, pal! Your opportunity… seems problematic! It might be…"

As he spoke, the ring trembled slightly, and the voice gradually became more panicked. "Quick… run! Leave the Azure Mist territory!"


Ye Chen grinned and sneered. "Elder Shi, you should know me. In this life, I, Ye Chen, am not willing to be weaker than others. Once I make a choice, I will not turn back!"

"From the capital of Great Zhou to the eastern region, how many powerful enemies have I defeated across the regions! How many times have I been reborn in adversity? When have I ever retreated! Right?"

The young man's eyes were bright, and his handsome face emitted a proud and powerful charisma!

This wasn't blind confidence.

The main reason was that ever since he was young, his fortune had just been too good. When he was eight years old, he picked up this ring with the remnant soul of the mysterious old grandpa, allowing him to soar high, crushing countless geniuses of his age.

Each time he encountered danger, he could always counterattack, kill and triumph.

At times, he even felt that… the world revolved around him!

He was the legendary—Chosen One!

That no doubt boosted his ego.

Then again, as the Chosen One, since the world had already made way for him, doesn't he have the right to have such a huge ego!?


Ye Chen sensed a change outside the window and shouted!


A burst of intense, scorching flames roared from the night sky!

"Hmph, you have a death wish!"

"Eight Extreme Fiery Palms!"

Ye Chen's gaze turned cold as a powerful aura erupted from his body. He pressed his palms together to strike!

Being the Chosen One, why should he cower?

Just face things head-on and be done with it!

At this moment, Elder Stone's panicked voice sounded from the ring again. "There's no need! There's no need!"


With a slap, the force dissipated!

The flames before him exploded even more violently!

Ye Chen's pupils constricted!

Only then did he realize!

The true body of this flame was a Foundation Establishment spirit beast!

Moreover, the other party's Beast Tamer cultivated some kind of ancient Five Elements Sacred Beast Technique—and they were terrifyingly strong!

"Save me, Little Sable!"

At this moment, Ye Chen no longer cared about his image as the Chosen One and began shouting for help!

How strange this was!

For the first time in eighteen years, he felt fear when facing an enemy!

It was like facing the touch of Death!

He even had a strong premonition!

If he was too careless, he would die here tonight, prematurely ending his legend!

You have to know!

Even when he faced the Connate Demon Cultivators sent by the Great Zhou Empress, he had never felt such despair!

Boom! Boom!

Just as he shouted.

A ball of purple flames tore through the night sky!

The scarlet and purple fireballs collided, forming a terrifying force that illuminated the night sky!

"Little sable, don't be afraid! Let's work together and defeat this evil creature!"

Ye Chen shouted, pulling out the huge black sword behind him, and flying out!


A bestial cry filled the night.

As if it could not take it anymore, the "red flame" took the initiative to retreat to the side, revealing its true appearance!

The other party had a cute, lion-like head with a pair of huge wings.

"It's a gryphon that has just entered Foundation Establishment!"

Elder Stone's voice came from the ring. "That's strange! This gryphon has a gentle personality. Why would it suddenly attack humans? Is it frightened?"

The moment Elder Stone said this.

A petite figure flew over from a distance!

It was a beautiful girl of fifteen or sixteen years of age!

"Hmph! You are…"

Ye Chen, having suffered internal injuries, was planning to stun the other party. After getting a clearer image of the girl's face, his expression changed instantly!

"Miss, your spirit beast isn't very obedient."

"Fortunately, I've already helped you tame it."

Ye Chen was half lying on the roof. He touched his nose and smiled mysteriously.

"This posturing is disgusting!"

"The scripted me is really blind! I actually developed a favorable impression of such trash! He can't even compare to a single toe of Eldest Senior Brother!"

Lu Yingying felt disgusted.

However, she knew that Ye Chen's fate was not yet sealed tonight, so she walked over quietly.

"I… I'm sorry, Young Master. I'm a disciple of the Azure Mist Sect's Divine Phoenix Peak. My name is… Lu Yingying!"

She tried her best to hide the murderous intent in her eyes, pretending instead to be flustered and embarrassed.

Just like this moment in the previous life.

"Tsk, so it's a fairy from the Azure Mist Sect."

Ye Chen smiled calmly. "This Gryphon…"


Before he could finish, he felt a sweetness in his throat, before spitting out a mouthful of blood!

It turned out that the injuries he had been dealt with just now were rather serious!

Seeing this, Lu Yingying felt relieved, but she pretended to be concerned. "Young Master, what's wrong? Are you alright?"

"Hahaha, it's fine. I was just teasing you. Fairy Lu, I have some experience in beast taming. A Foundation Establishment spirit beast can't do anything to me."

Ye Chen endured the excruciating pain as he forced a smile.



On the stone path beside the mountain gate.

Lin Xiao, who was watching everything through a water mirror, was amused.

"Tsk tsk, as expected of the male protagonist of ancient novels. He can't resist beautiful women."

"This is too much drama. I'm going back."

"However… isn't it going to be my turn next? When I bump into Fourth Junior Sister and Ye Chen going up the mountain together, I'll get jealous and will start scolding them?"

With this in mind, he got himself into character, ready to put up his performance at any time!

Was there a more dedicated villain in this world?

Absolutely not!


"The host has successfully entered the second plot point!"

"You have received a random reward: Innate Ability+3, Comprehension+10, All-Elemental Cultivation Technique Level+1."


Was this possible?

Lin Xiao was stunned.

On the mountain path leading to the Azure Mist Sect, a young pair walked side by side under the moonlight.

Behind them was a spirit beast.

"Miss Yingying, did you know? I've seen countless beauties in my life. Yet, among them, you are the most unique."

Ye Chen said gently.

However, to his surprise…

The latter's face became alarmed, and she even took a few steps back in disgust!


"Are you seriously taking half a step back?"

Ye Chen's hand hung in the air awkwardly. He was extremely embarrassed!

No, for him, at this moment…

He was more indignant than angry!

He was a handsome young man, born noble and extremely gifted!

Along the way, the beauties he met had always taken the initiative to throw themselves at him. At the very least, they all had feelings for him!

When had he ever met a woman who was so resistant to him?

"Does Fairy Lu hate me that much?"

Ye Chen gritted his teeth.

Lu Yingying pretended not to hear him and said, "Young Master Ye, are you sure you want to become a disciple of our Azure Mist Sect? Tomorrow is our sect's triennial disciple recruitment ceremony. I wonder which master Young Master Ye will follow?"

She had to confirm that Ye Chen would choose to enter the Divine Phoenix Peak, just like in the script!

Only then would she have a chance to approach Ye Chen and torture him to death, in order to protect Eldest Senior Brother, the man who was cold on the outside but was pure and kind on the inside!


Ye Chen was about to have an exchange with the stone spirit in the ring.

A shout sounded ahead:

"Yingying! Who is this kid beside you? How dare you bring him up the mountain without permission?! Hmph! How dare you be so intimate with him? Do you even take me, your Eldest Senior Brother, seriously?"

Ye Chen frowned and looked up.

He saw a handsome young man in white. He was riding a sword in the air with an expression of arrogance. With his hands behind his back, he looked like an aloof immortal.

That's right.

It was the villainous Eldest Senior Brother of the Divine Phoenix Peak!

It turned out that Lin Xiao had been secretly observing them just now.

According to the original plot…

Ye Chen would probably not be able to resist reaching out to Lu Yingying with his damn hands. At this moment—

He, the villainous Eldest Senior Brother, charged out righteously and berated loudly!

"Senior Brother, just as the script said, you still appeared at this moment…"

Seeing this handsome and flawless God-like man, Lu Yingying's heart skipped a beat!

Her Eldest Senior Brother was indeed so handsome and mighty all the time.

Her scripted self was truly stupid. She actually fell in love with a scumbag like Ye Chen while neglecting a rare, wonderful man like him who had always been by her side!

At the thought of this, she felt a lingering fear!

"What's she doing? Why is she looking at me like that?"

"Shouldn't she be protecting Ye Chen behind her and scolding me right now?"

Lin Xiao's eyelids twitched. He had a vague feeling that something was wrong with the plot!

Could it be that, like Third Junior Sister, there was also a problem with Fourth Junior Sister's characterization?

Just as he began to panic, what happened next made him stop breathing completely!

"Eldest Senior Brother!"

Lu Yingying was no longer able to hold her emotions back, as she called out and rushed up to him with tears in her eyes!


She plunged herself into Lin Xiao's arms!

Lin Xiao: (⊙_⊙)

Ye Chen: !!!

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