13 Chapter 13: Sickly Sweet Girl! Creating a World Only for Eldest Senior Brother! _1

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Under the amazed exclamations of all the men present.

Above the Nine Heavens, the figure clothed in a golden dress, with a charming physique, was getting closer and closer!

Feeling this unparalleled strong aura, Lin Xiao's brain was spinning at a rapid speed!

He tried hard to recall the character setting of Su Mei from the original story:

Born with a seductive nature and varieties of charm...

These eight words seemed to have been tailored for this woman!

Yet, she was not a flirt in the traditional sense.

In terms of his previous life, she was both pure and desirable!

In the original plot, after Ye Chen joined the sect, he gradually interacted with Su Mei and helped her find her daughter!

Yes, it just so happened she was Wu Yue, the Empress of Great Zhou, who was pursuing the lead male character!

The most dramatic twist is that her Dao partner, Nangong Wudao, was not actually dead and this man had no real marital relationship with Su Mei!

And Wu Yue was actually the daughter of Su Mei's sister, whose real persona was a highly attractive "virgin housewife"!

This caused Ye Chen to instantly become a villain, madly pursuing her!

It has to be said, the author was truly ingenious!

He wrote Su Mei's interactions with the male lead full of subtle seduction, respectful of her widow status, without any physical contact!

It left countless readers restless, full of unfulfilled desires!

Lin Xiao embarrassingly recalled, during his student days, every time he read the segments describing Su Mei, his body became extremely hard!

Of course, he meant his fist!

In any case, as one of the most adored female leads of "Emperor", a harem novel, Su Mei's popularity was not much less than Xiao Hongling's.

At the peak of the novel's serialization, from a certain second forum, every fan fiction starred her!

And the male lead of those fanfictions, just happened to be him, the number one sleazy man of Qinglan Sect - Eldest Senior Brother Lin Xiao!

Thinking of this...

Lin Xiao's heart suddenly lurched.

"The personas of several Junior Sister and Master are all collapsing....."

"I'm not actually transmigrating into a fan fiction, right? After all, the system has not explained the collapses of Junior Sister's character settings!"

"Forget it, nevertheless, let's see if Chief Su will cause more problems!"

Lin Xiao looked at the beautiful Martial Aunt who was gradually approaching the crowd, and noticed something else...


So huge!

So majestic, like a mountain range.

Lin Xiao even wondered that under violent shaking, they could produce a waterfall!

The fullness of her shape, which couldn't even be depicted in comics, could only be described as perfect!

Even ... even more impressive than his Second Junior Sister Guo Yourong!

Unconscious of it, he even began to anticipate a little.


Anticipate what!

She must be part of the main character's harem. In this round, he had to convince Ye Chen to avoid causing trouble!

"Martial Aunt Su is here, so Ye Chen should let it go. Senior Brother would be safe for now."

"I never thought that the plot would indeed be as ridiculous as described in that extraordinary script."

At this moment, Guo Yourong at the side heaved a sigh of relief. With a flick of her jade hand, she called back her controlled sword into its scabbard.

On the other side.

The Princely Heir, Ye Chen of the Beichuan Dynasty, seemed to be a little dumbfounded. The murderous aura on his face was swept away, his eyes filled with heart shapes as he instantly transformed into an infatuated young man!

Seeing this in his eyes, Lin Xiao was both disdainful and a little relieved.

As expected from the male lead of an old harem novel, he has the true taste!

"Old Shi... I, this young master, will heed your advice for today and spare this disgusting Immortal Stick!"

Ye Chen swallowed, and put his giant sword "Inky Eagle" back into its sheath.

"Hahaha, young lad, are you scared off by this old man's advice, or is it that you have taken a fancy to...nevermind, nevermind! Hehe."

The teasing voice from the ring once again reverberated in his sea of consciousness.

Ye Chen's face turned red, and he neither admitted nor denied it.

At this point, Su Mei dismounted her ride. With a gentle smile on her face and her snow-white long legs taking slow and steady steps, she walked over.

"Greetings to Martial Aunt Su!"

The disciples of the Qinglan Sect around them, including Guo Yourong, all paid their respects.

Lin Xiao also respected the original work. He first whose demeanor observed Martial Aunt before squeezing out an oily smile: "Greetings to Martial Aunt Su. It seems you grow more radiant every time we meet."

According to the original plot, at this moment, Su Mei should have shot him an annoyed glance and then turned to the unique-looking young man in black.

Nevertheless, to Lin Xiao's surprise.

Su Mei's beautiful eyes stared at him for a few seconds, and then she quietly said: "Thank you for your compliment, Ah... your Master Hongling is really fortunate to have a disciple like you, no wonder she would..."

With that, she suddenly stopped speaking.

Switching her gaze, she gave Ye Chen a cold look, speaking in a stern voice, "So, you have provoked my disciple of Qinglan Sect. Do you know what this means? Hmm?"

Before her words fell.

From thin air, a terrifying sword intent surged forth like a flood!

The next moment, an infinite sword rhyme manifested a massive fiery bird, wrapped in flames, with nine heads, in the sky above their heads!

This was her Lifebound Spirit Sword, the Divine Phoenix Sword!

The beautiful woman who only fell short of Xiao Hongling in terms of combat power among the female cultivators in the Eastern Region - was angered!

"No, Martial Aunt Su, no! Wake up!"

Lin Xiao had barely lit the spark of hope before it was brutally extinguished!

He was left in loss, disappointment, without a sense of direction!

"My God! Chief Su is angry!"

"Isn't this too much! Although Ye Chen is a Martial Arts grandmaster, in front of the power of a Nascent Soul Peak master, he's not worth a cent!"

"Before the fight even started, she directly summoned her Lifebound Sword Spirit, how big a grudge does she have!"

The crowd was in an uproar again.

On the other side.

As the direct victim.

He was directly under the tremendous fear of the beautiful Chief Su's sword pressure!

Ye Chen, sweating cold sweat, his handsome face pale with fear, almost collapsed on the spot!

Indeed, in front of absolute power ...

What "don't despise a young man for being poor," "never less than any man in my life," and "making my own decisions through the ages!" These mantras could be all thrown to the wind now!

He, Ye Chen, was not a brainless brute!

He also knew how to strategize!

Speaking of which, after encountering Lu Yingying last night, he felt fear for the second time in his life!

At this moment, he even had an intense and absurd feeling!

Up until now, it seemed that all the women he had come across in the Qinglan Sect wanted to kill him softly!

They wanted to leave him bruised and battered!

"No, this woman is too strong. I'm afraid she will..."

"Old Shi, save me!"

Ye Chen cried out in his heart.

However, the mysterious old man who claimed to be all-knowing, with a powerful background in his past life, was nowhere to be found!

At this moment, the most tormented person was Lin Xiao!

If he tried to intercede, even if he persuaded the beautiful Martial Aunt, his villainous persona would collapse!

But if he did nothing, and the protagonist fell, the storyline would come to a halt!

Caught in a dilemma.

A tremble sounded in the sky, and then a warm and gentle breeze brushed across the entire scene!

"Alas, it's just a misunderstanding. Chief Su, is there really a need to be so angry? Ha, ha, ha, ha..."

A kindly laugh floated over.

Everyone looked up.

They saw a Daoist clad in a purple robe, who was chubby, had a kind face, and appeared middle-aged. He was riding a spiritual beast that looked like a wild pig, and he landed in the center of the scene.

"Chairman Yuanyi of Tiandang Peak is here!"

With the steward's announcement, the identity of the newcomer slowly became clear.

It was Yuanyi, known as the "Smiling Immortal," he was the most amiable of the five chairmen!

"That old Daoist Yuanyi arrives just in time," Lin Xiao's heart settled slightly.

In fact, in the original work, this old Daoist Yuanyi, who seemed to be a kind and harmless person uninterested in worldly conflicts, was actually very cunning and ambitious!

He was a major villain in the early stages of the story!

On the surface, his cultivation level was merely at the middle stage of the Nascent Soul, making him the weakest among the five chairmen.

However, in reality, his actual combat power was only slightly inferior to Xiao Hongling's full firepower!

With his skill in hiding and scheming, by the time he instigated the rebellion, the entire Qinglan Sect was taken by surprise!

Of course, under the protagonist Ye Chen's series of 'cheat' operations, his conspiracy was eventually thwarted, he was killed by Xiao Hongling, and became a source of experience for the main character's growth.

"Now that the plot has derailed, this fatty arrives as expected, just in time to save the day!"

"Given the compassionate image he has always maintained, he will definitely play the peacemaker!"

Lin Xiao finally let out a sigh of relief.

Sure enough, as he expected, Yuanyi stood in front smiling, right in front of Ye Chen.

"Forget it, this little beast's life isn't over yet. I'll take care of him some other day."

Su Mei bit her lip, gestured, and withdrew her Spirit Sword back to the Purple Mansion.

The next moment, this beautiful chairwoman who was the center of everyone's attention didn't even spare a glance at her Senior Brother Yuanyi, but came over to Lin Xiao's side!

"Lin Xiao, are you... okay?"

Su Mei looked at this martial nephew from Shenluan Peak with deep concern.

A wave of admiration rose in her heart:

'Ah, how come I didn't notice before how handsome this kid is?'

'No wonder Xiao Hongling, who had such a handsome, upright, and loyal disciple, was always indifferent to Ye Chen.'

'No way! Now that I know the future cause and effect, I can't let her benefit again!'

"I'm fine, thank you for your concern, Martial Aunt."

Lin Xiao hastily replied.

"Hmm, if you're okay that's good, otherwise, Aunt wouldn't let this boy go!"

The next moment, the beautiful Martial Aunt before him curved her lush lips into a smile.

This smile was as refreshing as the clear sky after snow, and extraordinarily moving.

Indeed, she was the most seductive woman in the book.

"Nephew, you look serious. Is there something bothering you?" Su Mei asked with a charming smile.

"I want to understand you."

Lin Xiao blurted out.

Fortunately, his voice was small and unclear.

"Hmm? Nephew, what did you say?" Su Mei's eyebrows furrowed.

"No, nothing." Lin Xiao quickly shook his head.

The next instant.

A gentle female voice rang in his divine sense:

"Martial Nephew Lin, Aunt sees that you have an extraordinarily rare talent, which is very suitable for the cultivation methods of my Fengming line. Why don't you consider leaving Shenluan Peak and join my Fengming line? For the Sect Leader and your Master, Aunt can deal with it. What do you think?"

Lin Xiao: ???



The third hour of the afternoon.

All the high-ranking elders and Chairmen of the Qinglan Sect except the Chairman of Shenluan Peak, Xiao Hongling, had entered the venue.

The once-every-three-years disciple recruitment ceremony officially began!

At the bustling Enlightenment Square.

A hundred miles away, in the forest of monster beasts.

A delicate and thin girl, with bells tied around her ankles, looked like a beautiful sprite. She was riding a Lion Hawk Beast, rushing forward.

If someone were to see this from a distance, they would be so shocked that they would lose their wits!

Following behind the girl were hundreds, if not thousands of horrifying monster beasts with colossal physical stature and powerful auras!

The beasts descended from the mountain, striking terror in the hearts of men!

"Eldest Senior Brother...this is the only way I can think of to stop Ye Chen from hurting you!"

"Even if the entire Qinglan Sect is bathed in blood, it doesn't matter!"

"After all, I don't care about this world anymore!"

"The sole purpose of my life is..."

"To create a world just for Eldest Senior Brother!"

The eyes of the girl were burning with an intense, sick and crazy flame!

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