1 Chapter 1: The Villainous Eldest Senior Brother from Divine Phoenix Peak_1

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"Eyes as bright as stars, a nose as gallant as a hanging gallbladder, facial features as if carved by a celestial, impeccable..."

"You're a villain, bro! Is it necessary to be this handsome?"

At the edge of a clear, flowing stream, a tall, handsome youth with snowy white clothes was talking to himself, looking at his reflection in the water.

The young man's name was Lin Xiao.

Fifteen years had passed.

Now, Lin Xiao had gradually come to terms with the character set for him in this life!

Yes, he had transmigrated!

But what was outrageous was that he transmigrated into the body of a scumbag villain with the same name in a harem novel he had read in his previous life!

As the eldest disciple of the Divine Phoenix Peak of the Qinglan Immortal Sect, one of the eight cultivation sects in the Eastern Region of the Central State...

His cultivation was mediocre, he was lazy and corrupt, and even dogs shook their heads upon seeing him!

His daily routine involved idleness and bullying others. Today, he would tease a junior brother, tomorrow, he would take advantage of some beautiful junior sisters, showing not even a shred of the righteous path of the Immortal Sect!

It could be said that the only thing worthy about him was his demonically handsome face!

But to Lin Xiao,

the reason the dog author made this villain character so handsome was solely to provide more dramatic intrigue when the main character attacked!

After all, a hypocritical scoundrel deserves being censured by all!


although he knew that his fate was to have his true face repeatedly revealed by the protagonist, to be beaten up by his beautiful master and several martial sisters, becoming disabled, and eventually dying in despair...

Lin Xiao couldn't wait for that day to come!

Yes, like all transmigrators, Lin Xiao also had a system - the Idle Antagonist System!

This lousy system told him that as long as he followed the original plot and played out his villain script, he could transcend this world and ascend as an immortal, traveling across countless realms!

Speaking of which.

The most attractive part of this reward was not the vague prospect of becoming an immortal or an emperor, but -

Transcending the heavens and earth and freely traveling across countless realms!

Yes, once he obtained this ability, it meant that he could finally return to his homeland and reunite with his family!

In his previous life, his family was not wealthy, but he had loving parents and a sensible, cute sister!

After being transmigrated for more than a decade, Lin Xiao always wanted to return to his family!

Whether he returned as an immortal or as a mortal...

That wasn't important!

"System! I can't take it anymore, tell me when will the main character, Ye Chen, come to pay his respects!"

"The disgusting things this villain does every day make me want to throw up!"

Lin Xiao said, speechless.


"This system has already given the host perfect memory, please recall the plot yourself!"

A cold electronic voice echoed in his mind.

Lin Xiao was even more speechless.

This dog system, it's better off without it!

Having said that.

Lin Xiao had indeed read this ancient Overbearing Dragon novel called "Emperor" during his ignorant teenage years.

When he read it, he found the early scenes of tyrannical face-slapping so satisfying.

But during the middle of the novel.

The protagonist, Ye Chen, has a bunch of beautiful women in his harem, but he hesitated to make a move, which sickened Lin Xiao!

By the later stages of the novel, the power system and character settings had completely collapsed. Lin Xiao had heard that the author had even hired a ghostwriter, so he stopped following the story.

"Although I only know the plot of the first eight volumes, totaling 2 million words."

"However, my storyline wrapped up within the first million words, so how it ends doesn't really concern me."

Lin Xiao was slightly relieved.

Then, he sat cross-legged, recalling the earlier plot...

"In the year 851 of the Haotu calendar, at the beginning of winter, Empress Wu Yue of the Great Zhou Dynasty starts moving against the powerful Prince Beichuan, Ye Qingtian."

"She first issues an imperial edict to execute all 81 family members of the Ye family in the capital for conspiracy, while Ye Chen, the princely heir of Beichuan and the legitimate son of Ye Qingtian, escapes from the Great Zhou dynasty with the help of an old man's remnant soul in a ring."

"Then, under the guidance of this mysterious old man, Ye Chen evades the Empress's pursuit while heading straight to the Immortal Sect of the Eastern Region, Qinglan Immortal Sect, to find a teacher..."

"In the year 851, at the beginning of winter..."

"Isn't that tomorrow!"

"Ye Chen, oh Ye Chen, I've finally waited for you, don't disappoint me!"

After more than a decade of waiting, Lin Xiao was overjoyed at this moment, the worry on his face disappearing instantly!

He leisurely brewed himself a pot of Immortal Tea, sipping it slowly while recalling the forthcoming plot:

"According to the opening plot of the book, tonight, Ye Chen has already checked into the Yunlai Inn in Taoyuan Village at the foot of Qinglan Sect."

"Roughly around the wee hours, the spiritual beast raised by Fourth Junior Sister Lu Yingying, was frightened by thunder during its breakthrough to Foundation Establishment, and ran down the mountain."

"At the moment when Fourth Junior Sister was looking for her beloved pet in despair, Ye Chen, the main character who is proficient in refining elixirs, weapons, and controlling beasts, successfully calms the spiritual beast and returns it, unharmed, to Fourth Junior Sister."

"On their first meeting, the young boy and girl took a liking to each other..."

"No, to be precise, Fourth Junior Sister took a liking to Ye Chen, while Ye Chen, being the protagonist of an ancient stallion text, would let his imagination run wild at the sight of a slightly attractive fox demon! He's simply worse than a beast!"

"Anyway, after they had a heart-to-heart discussion about controlling beasts, they hit it off."

"Learning about Ye Chen's purpose, Fourth Junior Sister was even more excited to personally lead him up the mountain."

"The scene of them walking together was seen by me, their Big Senior Brother."

"I was jealous and was preparing to secretly harm them..."

"But unfortunately was caught red-handed by sharp-eyed Second Junior Sister Guo Yourong!"

"After, I blustered and berated Ye Chen. Ye Chen challenged me and, with the help of the elderly man in his ring, he, an energy cultivator, defeated me, a Foundation Establishment cultivator. From then on, Ye Chen was famous throughout the sect, and I, Lin Xiao, became the laughing stock!"

"Tsk tsk, this flavor is even stronger than old pickles, it's indeed an ancient Overbearing Dragon novel."

"But well..."

"Did I miss a part of this scenario?"

A frown appeared on Lin Xiao's face.

While he was deep in thought.

Below on the mountainside, the message from Junior Brother Huaizhen came:

"Eldest senior brother, are you up there?"

"Today it's your turn to serve Master!"

Hearing this, a realization hit Lin Xiao, his eyebrows relaxed immediately!


"Before Ye Chen pays his respects, there's a bit of drama!"

"Tonight, I'll go to the beautiful Master's room to clean. Under the spell of sensual desire, I can't resist but steal Master's white silk stockings and hide them in my pocket. The next day, during a fight with Ye Chen, the stockings are exposed by his Spirit Pet, Little Mink!"

"Everyone is shocked, my reputation is ruined!"


"Stealing personal clothing from my own Master... isn't that a bit over the line!"

Lin Xiao gritted his teeth, torn in hesitation.

"Forget it! It's just a fictional novel world anyway!"

"After all, to maintain a villain's persona, I've committed many unpleasant deeds for years..."

"It's just a pair of stockings! Damn it!"

In an instant, Lin Xiao's eyes became sharp, emanating a destructive air!

A true villain character in the novel!



Qinglan Immortal Sect, located within the Divine Continent, Eastern Region, atop Qinglan Mountain.

Qinglan Mountain stretches for thousands of miles, with peaks rising and falling. Five main peaks appear to be suspended in the sky, surrounded by auspicious clouds, intriguing rocks, and roaring mystical creatures, showcasing a celestial elegance.

The five main peaks are named Fengming, Shenlun, Red Cloud, Tiandang, and Dragon Head respectively.

Each main peak has an individual Chairman who imparts the way.

The residence of Lin Xiao's beautiful Master, known as the "First Female Cultivator in the Eastern Region", is located at the precipitous Fairy Cliff on the peak of Shenluan.


Lin Xiao traveled by sword, crossed over three spiritual rainbow bridges, and finally arrived at Fairy Cliff after consuming most of his True Yuan.

The cliff was filled with vibrant spirit grass, with a small patch of purple bamboo on the side. A waterfall flowed down the middle, expressing a poetic scenery.

"Usually when my junior sisters go to Fairy Cliff to serve, it takes them only a moment. It took me half a day flying, left me half-dead, what a piece of trash I am."

"It seems, I must fast-forward the plot, to shake off this trashy image!"

Lin Xiao shook his head and moved towards a wooden house wrapped in pink flowers, decorated like a young girl's dream.

This was the residence of Master Xiao Hongling.

Xiao Hongling, one of the five headmasters, had a character completely different from the others.

She was free-spirited, loved drinking, and even in her hundreds of years, occasionally showed a girl's innocence. She was narcissistic about her beauty as well.

Of course, as the beauty of the Eastern Region, she did have the capital.

Furthermore, in terms of dealing with disciples, Xiao Hongling was quite casual, lacking the seriousness of a master's role.

But this didn't mean she didn't care about her disciples!

On the contrary!

This woman was extremely protective!

Lin Xiao remember clearly.

At the beginning of the original work, when the villain Eldest Senior Brother Lin Xiao was humiliated by the protagonist Ye Chen, who exposed the events of poisoning and stealing stockings.

The entire Qinglan Sect was furious!

The Sect Leader, True Master Ziyun, even personally ordered that Lin Xiao should have his cultivation level abolished and be expelled from the sect!

At that time, Xiao Hongling who had been in seclusion for years, came out early, publicly resisting the Sect Leader, she protected Lin Xiao and changed his punishment to three years of confinement.

However, with the entrance of the protagonist Ye Chen, Lin Xiao, as the villain, was repeatedly humbled and insulted, his heart became increasingly twisted and furious, eventually leading to a series of maniacal events, which made Xiao Hongling completely disappointed, and she had to personally destroy his Spiritual Root, demoting him to a mortal.

But she didn't manage to kill him in the end.

In the middle of the story, this Eldest Senior Brother, hated by his junior sisters and master, fell into despair, and ended himself off Fairy Cliff.

As for the protagonist, Ye Chen, naturally, he kept advancing, winning the hearts of Lin Xiao's three junior sisters. Even the beautiful Master Xiao Hongling couldn't resist him!

Although, in order to keep readers hooked and raise the stakes, the original author didn't let the protagonist have substantial interactions with these female characters.

But Lin Xiao still felt uncomfortable!


Just because Ye Chen is the protagonist, he can make four attractive beauties fall in love with him at the same time?

"Let's not think about it, this is just a novel world after all!"

"What I need to do now is finish the villain's scripted ending, get the system reward, and ascend back to the real world!"

Lin Xiao steadied his will.

Then he silently stepped into the room.

A warm, mellow scent that was soothing and intoxicating hit him.

It was like the fragrance of flowers but it also seemed like the scent of a woman who had applied makeup.

"According to the original plot, at this moment Xiao Hongling should be in seclusion in the Lotus Cave Mansion under the waterfall."

"And I, Lin Xiao, after smelling this fragrance, lost in sensuality, go to my Master's bedroom!"

Lin Xiao, recalling the novel's plot, decisively pushed open the bedroom door!

His eyes scanned the room.

And saw a pair of pure white, sacred silk stockings casually placed on the bed edge.

"Someone prefers this? Even if it's clothing from his own master?"

"This Lin Xiao is truly a pervert!"

Lin Xiao cursed in his heart, hesitated for a while, and eventually put the pair of stockings into his pocket.

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