675 Unsavory


Unbelievable as it was, the moment that strange feeling struck her, Emilia had known what must have happened.

After all, she'd already gone through it twice. And Cynthia's screaming voice soon confirmed it.

Her last mission… had been completed!

Of course, compared to simply making the White Deer Corporation number one, making the Black Tiger go bankrupt, or even making Crystal and Amos hate each other, Emilia had always known that the last mission would be much more unpredictable.

After all, there was no clear definition of a 'winner in life', and the crimson-haired girl truly had no idea just how far she would have to go to convince Amos — or more precisely, the world will inside of him — that she was no longer someone he could ever reach.

There is no reasoning with the demented, after all. Or so she thought.


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