743 The Capital


Unaware of the determination of the rest of her 'team', Emilia continued heading towards the closest city marked on the map while taking care of the stray monsters in their path, mostly just small packs of wind wolves.

A bit troublesome to deal with at the start due to their group attack tactics, but not that big of a deal for the two of them.

Emilia wasn't quite sure whether to be happy or not that there were no further 'unique' encounters to follow up the 'Crazed Adventurer', though.

"Halt! You don't seem to be from around here. Present your permit, or pay a fee of one gold coin to enter the city!"

Looking at the sneering guards, Emilia sighed. 'Oh great, it's one of those…'

Most of the 'important' characters in Arcadia followed their 'scripts', but for the rest… it was like they had a will of their own.

Of course, 'intelligent' beings came in lots of 'flavors', and not all of them were good.


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