The Villainess with a Heroine Harem

*Character illustrations in the auxiliary chapter.* Born and raised as a nameless shadow guard for his kingdom’s crown prince, his life’s purpose was to be used and discarded at the whims of his liege. And his meaningless life ended when the gaze of a princess lingered on him for too long. The crown prince had him beheaded without a second thought, as if throwing out trash. Transmigrating into the body of a baby girl, the nameless shadow finally had a name, a family, and a place to call her own. Throwing away his past, the shadow guard was now called ‘Emilia’, and walked on a new path to seek fulfillment. It was not meant to be, however, as the girl whom she had loved with all her heart and soul ended up mercilessly plunging a dagger through Emilia's love-struck heart at the highest point in her life. The crowd clamored at the ‘deserved death of the villainess’, and at that moment, the shadow could only wonder… why? Why am I always the one to dedicate myself fully to someone, only to be thrown away like trash in the end? And thus, as her soul floated away while cursing in resentment, ‘Emilia’ vowed to herself that in her next life she shall never be the one to fully dedicate herself. Whatever she likes shall be held in her palm, and shall never escape! The moment the vow was made, a self-proclaimed villainess system proposed to partner with her, to explore and conquer the worlds through their anchors—the heroes and heroines. And by cultivating this energy, she shall one day go back. Back to the world she was born as ‘Emilia’ in, and face the so-called heroine once more. The second time they meet, Emilia won’t be the one drowning in regret! ... Current cover was drawn by Scal2let, and commissioned by The Shadow King of Hearts (I love it so much, it's amazing, ahhh!!!

DustyDream · Fantasy
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822 Chs

Team Spirit [Thank You Peripharos For The Gift!]


After their rather fruitful session in the forest, there were only a few hours left before the day came to an end.

At first, Emilia intended to use this time to show her team around the city, and subtly guide them on what they should sell and what they should keep in order to maximize their reputation gain. But she soon realized that those things could only be put off for later.

"Wow, so this is what the market of a capital city looks like in Arcadia!"

"Which shop should we visit first?!"

With each of them having received the gold reward from the quest while the rest of the player base was counting their coppers, the Crimson Witches naturally considered themselves 'rich ladies', and they weren't really wrong.

Even in the Vermillion City, the capital of Fire Kingdom, a single gold coin was enough to rent a VIP room in their best inn for five days straight. And with ten, they really could live like nobility for almost a month.