724 Shameless


Emilia hesitated only for a moment before resolutely taking off her long skirt to change into the short one. "Anyway, no matter how it looks, it should definitely be an upgrade over the beginner skirt."

Despite it not being the first time Crystal was looking at Emilia's beautiful bare legs and thighs, the blonde girl still blushed at Emilia's boldness. 'S-She's really going to walk around dressed like that…?'

The crimson-haired beauty was already provocative enough even in relatively conservative clothes, so if she dressed like that, Crystal could only imagine what kind of trouble she would end up attracting.

This kind of thing might not have been a problem before, when Emilia was an empress who could only be looked at and not touched. But now that she had about the same starting point as normal people in this game, the blonde girl was justifiably worried that things might go wrong.


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