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The Villainess with a Heroine Harem


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Disclaimer: Long time yuri fan, have read over 100 yuri books alone, most of my read history is gl. Now that I made this clear, it's obvious I'm a little biased. But I still think this is 100% worth the read. The characters of both Cynthia (the system) and Emilia (the mc) are superbly done and their interaction is adorable. Even with other characters. It looks like the main plot will take a while? but I think it should be worth it. Btw compared to your other book the dialogues here are definitely better. Maybe the less serious undertone or maybe just the MC is personality being different. I just like it ig. [img=update]

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This is truly an enjoyable read! Writing quality is great (I didn't notice anything that broke my immersion in the story). The character interactions are done really well and there is plenty of humor as well. Just read the first couple of chapters and decide whether you like it not. Author please keep updating (daily if possible). This is definitely a high quality story that I want to see through till the end 😊


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Oh yes I'm finally doing a review. First of all writing style. I like it, and I like it a lot (with a few exceptions), there are few grammar mistakes. It's in neatly arranged paragraphs, well most of it anyways. The only complaint I have about it is that character speech is separate from the paragraph, since it reduces the amount of content and potential physical movements and reaction when writing a conversation. So, 4.2/5 Next, Stability of Updates. Nothing needs to be said about this. It's updates every day. 5/5 Story Development wise, it's going a bit slow for a non-SoL (which, as of current, the story should be tagged as such since it seems to be a Slice of Life currently), but excluding that. The pacing is mostly fine. Nothing much to talk about here. 3.8/5 The story is mostly at the beginning, so there's not a lot to talk about World Building wise. But what we've seen so far has been pretty good, so for now I'll give it a 4/5 Character Design, oh how much I have to talk about in this topic. Let's go over the protagonist first; Emilia. She's a character alright, a scheming and possessive girl worthy of being called a villainess. Currently, as of chapter 61 she's still staying true to her character. And I really like her, as a protagonist since there's not many "Evil" Protagonist stories. And even then most of them are either full on ero, just idiotic, or has really bad writing but people think it's good. So this is a change I appreciate. Also, the system is actually something fun to have around and life-like for once, which is simply great. (Also Cynthia x Emilia for the win) Then we have the support characters, what brings a story to life. The current arcs supporting cast is basically a bunch of misfit; a knight complex simp, a siscon elder sister, a pure heroine who's not really as pure as you think, an idiot for a hero, etc. The cast is good enough that the story doesn't seem bland, even when the protagonist is out of the picture in that POV. I would say that it's the best aspect of the story. 6/5 TLDR; If you want to enjoy a good villainess story that isn't so cliché for once, this is for you. If you love and adore yuri, this is for you. If you want to see the "good" side suffer, this is for you. And if not, I still recommend you check it out, because this is simply an amazing story. Overall score; 4.6


the first 70 chapters are great, honestly really good read but after that for the next 80 chapter (i read till 150) the pacing becomes terrible it feels like you changed lane from a road right into a swamp that just drags you down. The main plot doesn't really advance there is some progress on the romance but that's also pretty slow since there are like ten girls which are being seduced simultaneously and the plot focuses heavily on side quests which are well written but ultimately are pretty minor when it comes to overall impact especially in contrast to the first chapters. The schemes are exceedingly well written and besides for Cynthia which i find purely annoying every character is pretty fun and unique. Definitely give this one a try and see if it fits your taste you won't regret it


sorry if bad english like i say its my 3rd lang. anyway ill go with standard review first so dont mind... my thots at end writing quality- very good i think, i understand everything thats all i want updates: daily looks like it, very good story- its about emilia, a prince bodyguard killed then reborn as princess but betray by her lover & killed again (big sad) but now shes given a body by system and getting rdy to take revenge but hasnt forgotten self & also try to be happy very fun dialogue with everyone i like it chara- ok i think this is where the story rly shines. esp MC. amazing chara developonment i think mb the best i ever seen if u can keep it up full story world- idk tbh i never get this part in review what world idc its probs good my thots- when i read ur other story i already like it but like i say in there to me most imp is always the mc and EMILIA is awsum. i like her personality so much lol i think im more in it for emilia fun than the story but thta just me. i dont like that there r no nums in here bcs i rly liked all the nums in ur other story. i think they put lots of bricks to ur plot & make it stronger if the nums all make sense (only) ok done pls keep making good story best of lucks to emilia


I was expecting MC to go to 5-8 world but after scrolling the chapter the MC only go through another world after 700+ chapter


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A great story with good character development and smart MC. I love to see MC flirting and showing his possessive side (yandere). 🔪 -------


I'm a fan of Yuri especially, Quick Transmigation/ World Hopping (I don't know if it considered Quick tho 😂). MC is quite naive sometimes which is pretty charming for me. No wonder she was betrayed (?). How can we not love this smart and id..t at the same time haha. She acts like manipulative character and I think she is! but also a caring one not totally blackened (yet?). The first world doesn't really have dark schemes and somehow light, pretty enjoyable to read, but I know she will soon leave and I'm reluctant to part to this world, Author is giving time and attention for the first arc that makes me attached to the characters, I don't know if I can let go easily. I love the fluff moments as well as the interaction of other female characters. Well, looking forward for the next chapters, Goodluck author Shojou-Ai for the win haha.


If you like slow burning books, this is your wet dream. This book burns like water. The plot very rarely progresses. The book is supposed to be a world-hopping book, but so far we’ve only seen one world. It’s too slow for me, which sucks because I really liked this book when it was progressing. This author really should be a writer for one piece because they can write for days and not progress an inch into the story. I want to skip to the end of the first arc, but somewhere in the 300+ chapters I skipped a few things happened and I’m not gonna bother to sift through the filler to find something that actually matters. I’d have better luck trying to find a drop of freshwater in the middle of the ocean. TL;DR: god this story is slow.


Yuri ! 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000


I was originally expecting a novel akin to "Coming of the villain boss" and "The final boss is no joke." The start was quite good and has a lot of potential but overtime it has started to become a slowburn fanservice novel. Instead of plot advancement, several continous chapters are spent with flirting, teasing, and getting chummy2 with the female characters. By chapter 190+, she was not even close to being at the top of 'that world.' Now here's the thing, the intro said there are many worlds out there. How many chapters will that make? How boring will it become by then? Author should've considered plot advancement first and foremost like getting 1 to 3 girls per world instead of making it into some sort of yuri slice of life (In the first world no less). To put it simply, I just can't picture out the future of this novel. It was like the novel itself is some sort of fan service comedy. Anyways, I was quite disappointed since I've read the other novel 'Rebirth of evelyn knox' was it? Now that was certainly good, with clear plotline and all. Anyways, Ciao!


Absolutely delightful. One of the best novels in terms of character design/development I've ever read. All of the important ones from MC to love interests, villains/antagonists to even minor side character is fully-fledged out, feels alive, and is unique. Definitely recommend reading it!


Hey author! Just wanted to leave a 5 star review since your book deserves it! Extremely well written and not a boring moment. BTW do you have images on what the other characters look like? I really want to know how crystal and dixy look like. Keep up the good work!


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I can't state enough how much I love this story! The characters are amazing & the story gets you hooked right from the beginning. I am so glad I started reading this one it's quickly becoming one of my favorites


one of my fave stories andi cant wait for to go into romance... they tell the story really well and I'm obsessed with this book I downloaded it I use my fre tickets on five books asto this being one


Honesty I realot like this book love the characters and the world building the only thing I’m Worried about is that this first arc is very long I’ve Seen authors drop fanfic’s Just because it got to long and they couldn’t ’t Keep up but to there use Very good


Couldn't recommend this story more highly. This story really takes a fun approach to an Isekai and does something that so few of them do: create compelling characters! Our Heroine (Villainess) has actual depth and burdens that weigh upon her heart and motivate specific courses of action through understandable, human reasons. Now that I praised the story's mechanics, I can say that I barely care about that at all. The most important aspect of this story is that it is fun. It doesn't concern itself with making the main character struggle every step of the way or adding high stakes to every encounter. Climax and escalation are present in smaller arcs, but they aren't the driving factor in the story. Fun is. Whether the inner bickering of Cynthia and Emilia or a certain girl insisting to herself that she's totally straight when I think everyone would agree that she's about as straight as a rainbow slinky being stretched by competing gravitational forces, you'll have a smile on your face. This isn't a 'feel good' story about love and kindness or any of that nonsense. Rather, it's a wonderful, whimsical story fueled by someone taking their emotion trauma in stride as they accrue a harem in a non-cringy, comedic way. It's just fun, and is absolutely worth a read. TLDR: This story is cute and fun in ways that are only enhanced by having actually good characters. It'll put a smile on your face. Read it.