551 Repercussions


Even when his feet touched the ground, Amos failed to spot any signs of his 'helper' being around, and he couldn't help but curse. "Just where is that fucking unreliable bitch?!"

Despite the Nightingale clan currently being in a state of turmoil, the security of their family compound was still extremely high, both inside and out.

For someone like him who knew neither the right way out nor how long he could stay in position without being discovered, the situation seemed more and more bleak every passing second.

As he looked around the empty back garden of the clan leader's mansion, the silver-haired boy continued growing more and more irritable.

Needless to say, as high-strung as he was, when the hero felt an unexpected pat on his shoulder from the back, he almost jumped three feet in the air in shock and instinctively swung his fist at his 'assailant'.



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