808 Only Way Out


"Our lord has been eagerly looking forward to tasting you, and yet, here you are trying to leave?"

The giant goblin's lecherous and greedy thoughts were obvious even from across the room, and although he didn't seem to be addressing anyone in particular, his disgusting gaze never left Emilia's body for even a second.

While everyone in Emilia's team was stunned and furious, the other large goblin also took a step forward.

Unlike his companion, who seemed to be a magician of some sort, this one carried a menacingly spiked flail, and his grin was also equally wicked. "It wasn't easy getting you here in the first place, so… why don't you make it worth our while first?"

"Hehe… that's right. Although I usually wouldn't mind playing around, it's not like weak little things like you can pose much of a challenge, anyway. Why not just skip the beating and give in?" The 'magician' goblin hummed.


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