688 Nightmare Fuel


With all of her targets already dead, it usually wouldn't be very wise to stick around to fight the security guards in a meaningless battle. But since there was only a single point of entry and exit to the meeting room, avoiding them was easier said than done.

Of course, for someone like Emilia who could change their form at will… she definitely could do it, but it would be at the cost of putting her ability on an eight-hour cooldown.

Emilia sighed. "It's a bit troublesome, but if possible… I really don't want anyone to figure out what happened."

Since she was being forced to put her ability on cooldown anyway… might as well make the most out of it.


Because of the urgency of the situation and the secrecy required, none of the Federation's ex-leaders had actually brought in too many bodyguards. The highest count was only sixteen. But that didn't mean they were easy to handle.


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