524 Motivation


Although Emilia's existence had terrified her long before they had actually met at the Golden Crown, Kristie had still found her boyfriend Amos to be more 'threatening' of the two.

Compared to Amos, who had no qualms in taking his anger and frustration out on anyone who was helpless in his hands, Emilia was like a sharp blade that only flew in a set direction.

Kristie had long since known that as long as she didn't get in the way of this 'blade', she would never get cut.

She thought it would be easy, as all she had to do was know her place and not provoke the beauty if they ever met. Given Emilia's temperament, she was very unlikely to hurt an 'innocent bystander' like herself.

Unfortunately, no matter how she tried to think about things this way and convince herself that she could slowly change her status as a 'stand-in' and become the real girlfriend of Amos Black, reality always ended up slapping Kristie in the face.


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