759 Envious


In an upscale apartment in the city of Vulkan, not far from the office of the 'Crimson Witches', a young short-haired girl was pacing back and forth in her room, her face twisted into a hideous and hateful expression.

"I can't believe they disregarded everything I said, just like that!" Dolly cursed. "Horny morons… I really shouldn't have expected them to be able to see past her face."

She'd hated Emilia from the moment she laid eyes on the girl, even more than her pretentious 'friend' Sylvia and that obnoxious and rude Danielle. The girl was simply everything she wanted to be, and had everything that she never dared even dream of.

Dolly had spent so many years sticking close to Sylvia, just to make more people pay attention to her cute and cheerful personality.


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