721 Convinced


Since Emilia didn't hide her 'strange' thoughts from Cynthia, the raven-haired girl couldn't help but voice her doubts. "What's with your obsession of making all the mortals around you 'shine', anyway…?"

Well aware that her partner only had two categories of 'mortals'—useful and annoying—Emilia coughed. 'I-Isn't it a good thing if my allies can reach their full potential? This way, um, they will be of more help!'

The raven-haired girl hummed thoughtfully. "Oh… that makes sense."

Meanwhile, Danielle and the others had already finished watching the first demo of 'Arcadia', and moved on to the 'additional materials' without a word.

Clearly, the hero knew how to pitch his dream project, or there was no way he would be able to lure most of the world into it. Even Danielle had no choice but to concede that if she'd ended up ignoring it, her team would have missed a wonderful opportunity.


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