763 Challenge Results


Although it took a little longer than they expected, when the results of Emilia's challenge were finally displayed on the big screen at the arena's entrance, most people had to wonder if there had still been some error in 'calculation' somewhere.

After all, while Emilia's performance had no doubt been incredibly exciting, the scores that Sylvia and Crystal received were only enough to place them in the seventy to eighty thousandth rank range. Even if they couldn't compare with Emilia, the disparity between them couldn't be that great.

But even after holding their breath for a while, the scores on the screen didn't fluctuate, and people finally had to believe that what they were seeing was indeed final.


[Princess, Elf Warrior, Level 13], has withdrawn from the [Warrior's Challenge]!

—Death Penalty: 0

—Surrender Penalty: -100 Points

—Injuries Sustained: 58 [-580 Points]


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