The Villainess Wanted an Obedient Husband

"What she wanted was an obedient husband as a legal sperm donor, but what she got was more than that." [WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] **** "Find me a handsome nobleman with a strong and handsome physical appearance, smart but not a cunning one, and most importantly, he must be willing to sign a prenuptial agreement," Lady Helena said to her butler. “I need an obedient and loyal husband.” **** "I am the one, milady," said Ethan, the man from another world, transmigrating into one of the side charachters of the book.

Yumekun · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
238 Chs


Current time, Lady Helena's private mansion...

Helena brought Ethan to her residence. They just talked alone in the study, while Eric and another person waited outside.

"I want you to be my husband, but I will only give you limited rights since I want to be the real Duchess of Eastland. Therefore, I will arrange the prenuptial agreement," Helena explained. The woman explained why she needed Ethan's help badly. "That's only your job. I'll waive your father's debt. The condition is that no one else knows about this agreement besides us and my butler, Eric. How about that?"

"Yes, my lady!" Ethan answered excitedly.

"Are you sure?" Helena looked at Ethan seriously. Afraid the man did not listen carefully. "Whatever was in the agreement?"

"Not a problem for me, my lady." Finally, the young man answered decisively.

Helena was pleased with Ethan's answer, then she called Eric in and prepared the contract that had been prepared beforehand.

The content of the agreement was not much. She would keep her family name after the marriage and the kids would inherit her family name as well. He had no right to rule the land even if he would be titled as the Duke in the future, Helena would. Ethan must obey all of Helena's wishes. Neither Helena nor Ethan could have extramarital affairs with other men/women. He couldn't get some of her fortune, land, and child custody if they happened to divorce in the future.

"Do you agree?" she asked again. "I don't want to be seen as a fraud. I say from now on that you too must know that the contents of this agreement are not beneficial to you at all. Are you still willing to sign the agreement?"

"Of course," Ethan replied seriously. "As long as you feed me and allow me to perform marital duties, I am fine with the agreement."

Helena smiled contentedly, she almost thought that the man was nothing but a tame pet. "Good then! However, you can't touch me if I don't want to."

"I will make sure you will be addicted to my touch, my lady."

The impolite response from Ethan almost made Helena angry. However, she tried to act indifferent.

"May I have a request?" Ethan asked again.

"What is it?"

"Since I would be no use to you but as a sperm donor, can I do my hobby in my spare time?" Ethan asked in hesitation.


Ethan was a little bit surprised since Helena didn't ask what kind of hobby he was possessing. However, that was good. Even better, the person named Helena was so beautiful despite her painful in-the-neck attitude towards him. He already imagined doing fun things in bed with her.

Finally, both of them signed the agreement. Then, they held one copy for each.

Next, Helena asked Eric to prepare well for Ethan's attire. Unlike in other neighboring countries, in Altara, women had more freedom and rights to do the things men do. It was fine to bring a man home when the woman had a higher social status.

Meanwhile, she asked her maid to prepare a beautiful and elegant look to make her look convincing.

"Give me the impression of a woman in love!" Helena ordered Emma, her maid for today. She never picked a maid as her favorite one. It would cause unnecessary problems in the house.

"Why were you taking so long?" asked Helena with an irritated tone and a sullen face, in stark contrast to her sweet appearance in a pink dress and fresh and light makeup.

"Sorry, milady. They have to bathe and clean Ethan to make him look more well-groomed," Eric replied, explaining a little about their delay. When the maids took Ethan outside, Helena was stunned by Ethan's new look.

Ethan looked so neat, clean, and dashing in his new attire. He looked classy. More like a prince than a son of a baron. Eric looked at Helena's reaction with satisfaction.

Seeing Helena drool over him, Ethan 'yay-ed' in his head. That was indeed the best part of this kind of novel. He possessed the body of the 'ikemen' of the book.

"Will we depart now, my lady?" asked Ethan, swallowing his laughter.

Helena immediately woke up from the awe and asked Eric to quickly get Ethan to the carriage.

"Don't look so awkward in front of the duke," Helena explained, "and we will call each other by our names. Okay?"

"Fine, —"

"You can start practicing calling me Helena from now on. I don't want you to let slip later!" cut in Helena.

"Ok, sweetheart!" said Ethan.

Helena was stunned for a moment hearing Ethan's choice to call her 'sweetheart'. The woman immediately cleared her throat with a cough. "Okay. Tell grandfather that we first met at the ball, then liked each other at first sight."

Ethan just nodded at Helena's words. It turned out that the lies that would be made were not as many as he imagined.

"Oh, don't be surprised if I suddenly kiss you. I don't want us to look awkward in front of Grandfather." Helena explained flatly.

Of course, this made Ethan exasperated. Why in the world was there a woman as stern as Helena? Without warning, with lightning-fast movements, Ethan planted a kiss on Helena's cheek.

"Hey! What are you doing?" shouted Helena angrily and slapped Ethan on the cheek.

Helena's hard slap landed on Ethan's cheek leaving pain. However, in his heart, the man smiled with satisfaction because he managed to touch the arrogant woman in front of him.

"Sorry, honey. I'm just trying to get used to it, not being awkward. I think we need some practice." Ethan answered calmly, as if not feeling Helena's slap on the cheek. He didn't care about Helena who was now panting with anger. A fire of anger flared in her eyes as if he wanted to burn Ethan then and there.

Helena's plump lips, which were trembling violently with anger, were still open, making her look even more tempting, complementing the blush on her cheeks. Ethan's male instincts squirmed, wanting to do more with the owner of those sensual lips.

"Next time don't touch me unless I ask!" Helena snapped angrily. Her eyes still radiated deep emotion and annoyance.

Ethan should have felt angry or maybe scared because his soon-to-be wife was furious. However, still, in the eyes of that man, Helena looked very adorable.

Arriving at her grandfather's place, Helena immediately asked Ethan to get down first and opened the door for her, and reached out to help her get out of the carriage. Ethan did it obediently.

"Don't forget! From now on, call me Helena or other sweet nicknames. I will also call your name. So, you have to turn your head when I call you by that name!" Helena warned Ethan once again of the established rules.

The maids and male servants at Helena's grandfather's house greeted her with great respect. They don't want anything to do with Helena in a bad case. If they do something wrong, the woman could fire them right away, unlike Liana who was gentle and loving.

Liana and her grandfather came out of the room to greet Helena, who was said to be bringing her fiancé home today. They thought Helena was going to come with Benjamin. However, how surprised they were because the man Helena brought was someone they didn't know at all.

"Helena? Is he your fiance?" asked a dumbfounded Liana.

"He's my future husband, Ethan," Helena said as she snuggled into Ethan's strong arm. "That's right, isn't it, honey?"

Ethan smiled back at Helena lovingly. "I'm Ethan Stevenson. Just call me Ethan." Ethan greeted him kindly. Even though he was treated like a servant, he lived with the Stevenson family, making him behave like a well-mannered nobleman. "I love Helena very much. We are planning to get married soon."

Liana covered her mouth with both hands. She didn't expect that Helena and Benjamin's harmonious relationship would end miserably.

Meanwhile, the grandfather, who had negative thoughts about Helena, guessed that something suspicious was planned by his evil granddaughter. If it was Liana who had brought a stranger, her grandfather would not have suspected anything. However, this did not apply to Helena. This very ambitious girl was truly full of tricks.

"Liana, Helena, go and prepare some tea for me," Duke Henry ordered his grandchildren. The duke wanted to interrogate Helena's fiance alone.