The Villainess Married The Evil CEO Book

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The Villainess Married The Evil CEO


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Abigail, a bipolar disorder patient, wrote a crazy BL novel with herself as the main villain. She vented all her negative emotions, killing characters through the villain she created. Alas, she died of a pill overdose before writing the ending. When she opened her eyes, she was surrounded by the characters she created in the novel! Ordinary people would be frightened to death, but Abigail, a mental patient of an extreme case, rubbed her hands and decided to torture them all at once! How exciting! Except for one, the evil CEO she had her character marry in her novel. He was her eye candy, despite how rudely he treated her. Her everyday schedule (if she wasn't torturing someone) included: Getting up, seducing her husband in the shower, seducing her husband while eating, seducing her husband while working, seducing her husband everywhere from their home to work, seducing her husband to sleep, and somehow, even seducing him in his dreams! It went on like that until he couldn't hold it anymore. *** Asher said frustratedly, "Why didn't the author mention me in the synopsis?! Am I not eligible to be with Abigail?!" Owen added calmly, "You're not alone, my friend. I even entered the scene after 60 chapters." *** Updates will be regular from October this year! 2 Chapters a day!