20 Match Made in Hell

The entire Garden was shaken with loud gasps and subtle exclamations traveling across the noble crowd, while hundreds of pairs of eyes gawked at Damien Dio, who held Lady Ashter's trembling hand.

Rosalie, on the other hand, was speechless. She covered her open mouth with her left hand, her clear grey eyes widened, and her heartbeat rang in her ears, drowning out everything else.

Nobody could understand what was happening. Grand Duke Damien Dio, the infamous warlord, a crazed cursed beast, the only man among the nobility who despised socializing and preferred killing monsters and people over engaging in conversation with beautiful ladies at formal gatherings and parties... That very same Damien Dio was now proposing to one of the most despised and undesirable women in the entire Empire of Rische. That mere idea was hard to comprehend.

"A match made in Hell, I suppose."


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