40 Glaring Game

The Princess's Palace, or the Swan Palace as it was commonly known by nearly every single person in Rische, initially belonged to the late Empress Ayana and stood gracefully on the eastern side of the Emperor's Grand Palace – an ethereal sight crafted from glistening white stone that glowed softly in the sunlight.

Majestic in its three-floor structure, it exuded an air of regal elegance. Surrounding the palace was a small, enchanting flower garden adorned with vibrant blooms, centered around a captivating fountain that danced with cascading water.

A sight to behold was Angelica's favorite spot – the grand, beautiful wooden gazebo, where delicate green vines entwined its sturdy pillars, providing a haven of serenity and peace.

"Your Grace, Lady Rosalie, we finally meet again! Welcome back to the Swan Palace!" Angelica Rische enveloped Rosalie in a warm embrace, tapping the girl lightly on the back, while Damien greeted the Crown Prince with a rather stiff handshake.


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