47 A Minor Setback

The majestic white horses gracefully halted at the grand entrance of the Duke's estate, emitting a soft snort from their flared nostrils. Altair, dressed in an impeccable white ensemble, opened the ornate door of the pristine white and gold coach, stepping onto the meticulously arranged stone path. His ethereal silver eyes sparkled like precious gemstones as they caught the glimmer of sunlight. As he breathed in the delightful fragrance of the lush flora, an unexpected sensation gripped his core, causing his insides to knot, and a crease formed between his pale brows, revealing his inner turmoil.

"Something feels amiss. I can no longer sense her presence."

Altair's senses tingled with unease.

"Revered Altair?"

The urgent voice of the Head Butler called out, causing the man to turn and see the flustered figure rushing toward him. As the butler finally caught up, he gasped, his breath labored from the unexpected exertion, and inquired with a strained voice,


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