The Villainess's Secret Bedroom Service Book

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The Villainess's Secret Bedroom Service


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"Did you really think that after all that you've done to me, I would simply let you go, Rosalie? You might as well go to the Devil himself because otherwise, I will definitely find you. No matter what." One day, Wang Meiling, an ordinary office worker who likes to read romance fantasy books, wakes up in the body of Rosalie Ashter, a minor villainess in the R-rated fantasy novel that she was reading before this weird transmigration. As expected of the plot, Rosalie is supposed to die at the hands of her crazy and abusive brother Raphael, thus, armed with the detailed knowledge of the original story, Meiling is set to save the tragic villainess whose body she is now possessing and approaches Duke Damien Dio, the story's male lead who is suffering from the "Acme fever" curse. She offers him a one-year contract relationship, promising to help him relieve his suffering in exchange for his protection from the Ashter family and a hefty payment afterward. Although skeptical at first, Damien agrees to sign the contract, but when the time finally comes for Rosalie to leave the Duke, she realizes that ending their relationship might not be as easy as she thought. This novel can be categorized as "he falls first and he falls harder". WARNING: The story contains mature content such as R18 scenes, obsessive/yandere behavior, domestic abuse, an indication of sexual abuse, and gaslighting. It will also include the depiction of violence and gore. Read at your own discretion.


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