1 The City Prince

A sunny day in the summer of 1870 at a farm owned by a man named Billy Lawrence which is located in a city called Nadem which is part of Aretamus country, makes Daniella Miller work harder so that she can enjoy her rest time quickly.

The 23-year-old girl is a new farmer on the farm that is being planted with potatoes. She has only been working here for about 5 days, and she is immediately loved by the other workers on this farm. On average, they are much older than her, and most of them are men.

Daniella has almost finished her work now, after that, she will enjoy her rest time by eating her lunch while relaxing her muscles which have been working so hard since the morning.

For the young woman, even though she is sweating, there is not the slightest bit of tiredness that hit her, because once she enjoyed the beautiful scenery on the farm which is very close to a cattle farm that is also owned by Billy Lawrence, she just like never knew how tiredness feels like.

"Daniella, you're not going to stay there until our work time is up, are you?!" asked a middle-aged man named Antoine to Daniella loudly, because he is in a small house on the farm's outskirt where the farmers rested, while Daniella is the only person who's still in the farm.

"Yes, Uncle! I'll come soon!" said Daniella, and a few moments later, as she had said, she ran toward the little house.

The girl washed her hands as soon as she arrived at the house, her belly had been making noises since a few minutes ago, so of course, washing her hands was the most appropriate step to start eating her lunch.

While approaching the other farmers who are gathered at a point on the outside of the house to enjoy their respective lunches, Daniella's gaze turned to the cattle farm far away from where the girl is standing now.

Her two beautiful dark brown eyes stared in focus at a tall and well-built man who is in the cattle farm area. The man looks small to Daniella at this point because of their far distance, but that is not a reason for her to stop staring at him, Daniella is staring at him even more, even she also stopped her steps just so she can look at the man who is tying his horse on the fence that demarcated the potato farm and cattle farm more focus.

Daniella's forehead also began to frown, supporting her curious look at the man in the cowboy hat. 

After tying his horse properly and ensuring that the horse will not be able to run, the man who was noticed by Daniella turned to Daniella and met her gaze, making Daniella surprised because she did not think that the man would notice her gaze and stare back at her.

But thankfully the man didn't care about the girl, he decided to look away and immediately moved away from his horse only 2 seconds after he looked at Daniella, the man went to a small house on the edge of the cattle farm. The shape of the house on the cattle farm is the same as the house on the potato farm and has the same function.

The tall man looked smaller and smaller to Daniella's sight because her distance from the man is getting farther away, making the brownish-white girl finally stop looking at the man and continued her steps to approach and join the other farmers.

Daniella and the man stared at each other for only 2 seconds, but it was able to leave a very deep impression on the girl. Her heart is still beating quite fast after she saw the man's face.

'Andrew Lawrence, I didn't think he is ... much more handsome when seen in person,' said Daniella in her heart, it looks like she admired the handsome man, her face even slightly flushed now, before finally the reddish color disappeared because the girl was seduced by the old people who are her friends with the farm.

"Young Master's handsomeness is very bewitching, huh?" said one of the female farmers named Karen, who's her age also far from Daniella's. Daniella, while taking her lunch, could only chuckle because of Karen's words.

"Are you sure Daniella saw Young Master's face? It seems that she only saw Young Master's face for about a second, and even then from a great distance," said another female farmer, Brenda, to Karen.

"Of course. You saw Young Master's face, didn't you, Daniella?" asked Karen to Daniella.

"Yes ... I saw his face," Daniella replied.

"You look different, why are you suddenly acting so unusual?" this time it was Albert's turn to ask Daniella, but Karen doesn't give a chance to the girl to talking.

"It's because she's still bewitched by Young Master's handsomeness, and that's a natural thing, isn't it? She's been working here for five days, but this is the first time she has seen Young Master's face, she must be very curious about his face because we are very often complimented Young Master's handsomeness, and when she found out that we didn't lie about how amazing Young Master is, of course, she became speechless. If only Young Master hadn't been sick the past few days, Daniella would definitely not have ended up like this on the first time she saw Young Master's face, right, Daniella?" said Karen.

"Ahahaha, yes, that's right Aunt Karen, Young Master ... is so gorgeous," said Daniella as she once again looked at the cattle farm with a smile.

'I finally saw your face in person, Andrew Lawrence, the heir of the Lawrence Group and the son of Billy Lawrence. My mission is to be close to you, then kill you, even I was advised to be in a hidden marriage bond with you, looking at you with that cold attitude, I doubt that my mission this time will be successful, you don't seem the type of guy who is easy to I get like my two husbands, but I'm still going forward. This is will be an interesting journey, a mission to kill the man who has killed his wife, huh? I don't even know if my position at this point is still I'm the villainess as usual or not, but killing Andrew the City Prince, someone who is strongly suspected of killing his wife, Dorothea Brown, will probably be one of the most memorable moments in my life,' said Daniella in her heart.

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