3 Inside The Villainess's House

I gradually opened my eyes, greeted by the expanse of a pristine white ceiling. A soft exhale escaped my lips as I gingerly lifted my upper body, a subdued "Tss..." escaping me as my hand instinctively reached for my head.

"Oh, you've finally awakened."

Turning my gaze to the side, I noticed a maid gracefully holding a plate adorned with several medicines. Placing it aside, she approached me with measured steps.

As my eyes met hers, a glint of surprise flickered across her expression. "You're quite lovely, and your hair and eyes are so dark..."

"Where am I?" I asked.

"You find yourself within the mansion owned by the Marchioness Alasmira. It appears you aided the young lady, and for that, we are grateful," she conveyed with a slight bow.


The name echoed in my mind, triggering a sense of familiarity.

"Vanessa Alasmira?" I questioned, my astonishment seeping through.

"Lady Marchioness, indeed," the maid responded, momentarily disapproving of my informal tone but conceding with a nod.

Could this be another lucid dream?

I can't be inside the game; that's impossible.

I've existed in this world since my birth.

The door to the room creaked open once more, revealing the little girl I had rescued. Free from the grime, she appeared healthier, her magenta hair fashioned into a side ponytail, and her lively magenta eyes gleaming with vitality.

Though she couldn't be more than ten, her face held a striking familiarity. She was the Villainess from that intriguing game: The Heart Conquerors.

Her name lingered on the tip of my tongue...

"Greetings, commoner," she declared with an air of haughtiness, crossing her arms. "I am Celastrina Caria Alasmira, the sole daughter and heir of the Alasmira Marquisate."

Ah, it was her, indeed.

Noticing my lack of response, she furrowed her brow. "Hey! I'm addressing you! Considering you rendered me a bit of assistance, I graciously allowed you treatment within my mansion! Some gratitude would be appropriate!"


I held my head.


Strangely there was another face coming to my mind, it was quite blurry, I couldn't see any faces but just a silver curtain of hair.

("Promise me that you won't forget me and will come to take me away.")

These words rang in my mind.

"What's his name?" Celastrina asked the maid.

("From my nightmare.")

"I'm not sure, my lady," the maid replied uncertainly.

"Night…mare?" I muttered with a contorted expression.

"Hm? Night?" Celastrina heard me mutter.

Easing myself off the bed, I faltered on my knees. The maid moved to assist me, but I halted her with a raised hand.

"Hey! Respond to me!" Celastrina's voice demanded attention. "How dare you ignore me!"

"Shut up," I retorted sharply, irritated by her incessant chatter.


"You should rest," the maid suggested.

However, being in this place left me with a sense of restlessness. There was nothing for me to do here.

Upon opening the door, I was met by a woman whose striking resemblance to Celastrina was unmistakable. However, she appeared to be in her early twenties, donned in an elegant gown, exuding a captivating beauty that resonated with my earthly preferences.

This woman was Vanessa Alasmira, the Marchioness.

Her magenta gaze fixed on me as she spoke, "Your name."

"Night, Mother! That's his name!" Celastrina responded, misinterpreting my earlier words.

"Night..." Vanessa observed me with a scrutinizing gaze.

"You saved my daughter. Tell me any of your wishes," she requested.

"Money," I replied without hesitation. The desire for financial security to indulge in life's pleasures was important.

Vanessa regarded me with a cold gaze, as if attempting to discern something profound. "Money, a reward that wouldn't last long, even more so for a helpless child like you," she remarked.

"So what? I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth like all of you. I've struggled my entire life, and this is my reality," I asserted, meeting her gaze.

Vanessa's cold smile persisted as she glanced at the maid behind her. "Serina's attendant has not yet been chosen, has it?"

"Indeed, Lady Marchioness. The candidates are currently undergoing testing," the maid confirmed.

"Then add him to it," Vanessa instructed, her eyes briefly fixing on me.

"I never agreed to that. I just want money," I retorted, a sense of resistance in my tone.

Why did she insist on involving me in the selection process for her daughter's attendant?

This made no sense.

I was a commoner.

"Are you certain of your choice? Think carefully before making your decision. Working in my service will provide you with shelter, money, food, and everything else," Vanessa cautioned. "Winter is coming moreover. You will certainly die outside."

"Mother?! Are you serious! He's a commoner!" Celastrina exclaimed in disbelief.

Vanessa paid no heed to her daughter's protest and continued to scrutinize me, awaiting my response.

While it was true that I couldn't navigate this world alone, I harbored no desire to be tethered here indefinitely.

"I want the authorization to leave the house anytime I wish," I asked, imposing a condition.

"Of course, you can," Vanessa affirmed but relinquished her smile. "However, you must first demonstrate your qualifications to be entrusted with my daughter's care and safety."

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