Emelia Beaumont, the first Princess of the Redodel Empire, also known as the Empire's Flower. But soon, her name was tarnished when the Redodel Empire fell onto the hands of the Vivian Empire.

The two Empires have been rivals for the past six years. However, victory reigned to the Vivan Empire, giving them all the access and power against the Redodel Empire.

"I am not someone who would be a use to you," the platinum blonde girl coldly said to the black-haired man who didn't seem to be fizzled by her words. Instead, it pinned his interest on her.

"Are you sure? Because sooner or later, you'll fall in love with me," the black-haired man answered, drawing a sarcastic smile on his lips.

"Fall in love? My frozen heart won't melt for you," she sneered as the two guards pushed her down to the marbled floor, forcing her to lower her head.

"Then let's play a game, shall we? If you lose, then you are mine."

Emelia laughed pathetically then answered, "No matter what challenge you bring to me, I will be sure to overcome it."

The black-haired man is named Elliot Lucius Renaud. The current and youngest Emperor of the Vivan Empire... who fell in love with the Princess of the Redodel Empire.

The platinum blonde girl is none other than Emelia Louis Beaumont, the Princess of the fallen Redodel Empire. Who eventually fell in love with the Vivan Empire's Emperor, Elliot.

Is it fate or coincidence that brought them together? It all begins during their journey.

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