The Villain wants a sect full of maidens!

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Bai Lung snapped his finger and suddenly everyone present in the arena turned Into nothingness.

Bai Lung simply didn't have reason to prolong it.

With a swift motion, he turned his head and looked at the old man.

" T-The competition is over... Contestant Bai Lung is the winner, if you want you can keep her to yourself... Gulp! I will be taking a leave now, I have a few things to do, " The old man said in a loud voice using his Qi.

His forehead was sweating while he felt a chill running down his spine facing Bai Lung's gaze.

He couldn't believe what he just saw.

Forget about him, no one among the onlookers could believe what they just saw.

With a single snap, Bai Lung turned everyone into nothingness.

Their body simply turned into dark smoke and vanished into thin air.

Such things are simply too unheard of.



Bai Lung looked at his prize.