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The Villain Saves the Male Lead


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AHHHHHH! This is so sweet~ I really like Ren and Fang they are meant to be. Author your doing a great job my little heart can’t handle this it’s too sweet~ It got me so excited that i almost sceamed out loud. Everything about this novel is PERFECT!


I love this book, the character just felt real and honestly I cry in some scene πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ Author can express the feeling of the characters so well. I love our dear MC and he has actual feeling πŸ› and not like a robot or something agwjs, the book is really good I can't express much as it is still early and I recommend people to read it and thanks for making this novel ❀️


I just come across this novel while I was search for something new to read. And I have to said I really enjoy reading the progress of Ren and Fang journey togetherβ™‘ I also like how Ren accept Fang without much drama like in other novel where the MC said no because he too nervous or just doesn't think he can do it.One more thing I really hope that Ren can go back to his own world with Fang. Since in most transmigration story the MC never find a way back to there own world or just don't want to. I can't wait for more \(>w<)/


Im in chapter 67 now so idk if it's still early to write this review or not. Im kinda an extreme person so i dont think my view will change any time soon regarding the ML Fang. I mean I understand that he has PTSD so his actions till now. But I think that has become an excuse for him to hurt Ren repeatedly without caring knowing that Rrn will come coax him afterward (you can notice that from his monologue). I felt especially frustrated and equally disgusted when he was the one who suggested to broke up but deep down still expect Ren to come cajole him(?); more so he still has the cheeks to question if Ren has left him when Wolf told him that he's not coming back anytime soon. I dont care if he's actions are unintentional or not, the damage is already done to Ren. What pains me more that the people around the mc and ml mostly side with the ML in so many things even if he qas at fault. Mental illness is no excuse for this siding. I know a lot of people with severe paychological issues and mental illness but at least they still -even if it just little- pay attention to other people emotions and they know it when they hurt others, but here otherwise the ml is extremly oblivious to that, all he care about is himself. I have a lot to say and complain about when it comes to Fang but I guess i'll stop here. I hope the author will make some development to his character.


Until now, I am confused of who's the seme and who's the uke. 🀧 But this is lovely! I just happen to cross to this book and I didn't regret reading this. πŸ’–


I love the story especially about the progress of Ren's and Fang's relationship into more special.And Ren's way of showing love towards Fang(≧▽≦).I also like how the Ren's friends and staffs supports and cares towards Fang.(✿^β€Ώ^)


This is really one of the most charmIng and enjoable books I’ve ever read. It makes you feel good. even with all the ups and downs, misunderstanding and insecurities those two are a great couple. It’s really what Love should be like. The author creats an amazing world, engaging and fun charaters, and a sweet family dinamic that makes you smile. Not only is it worth a read. it worth a re-read!


I’m too poor so I’ve gotten to the 35th chapter but so far I loveeee it. I was just scrollling through my endless library and found this gem ^^ I’d say the only thing I didn’t like is how quickly Ren adjusted to being in this world in the beginning :D


The MC and ML are absolutely adorable and the MC’s interactions with his friends/subordinates is so wholesome. Your doing great author thank you for this amazing novel


Reveal spoiler


Such a hIdden gem! ML and MC are so sweet!!! Can’t wait for more chapters I’m trying to pace myself so that i can binge read! hope author continues the story !


πŸ†COMFIRMED πŸ† FOR ME this novel is totally one of the best novels with the outstanding storyline and story development ever!! And most heartwarming one too πŸ€—πŸ‘ What I regret the most is probably the little update as of late considering this one is full of great and hidden potiential 😒😭 I wish author can be more generous with the chapter's update and make me, daily reader feels pampered huhuhu β—‹~β—‹ #pityus #needsauthorpampering


me reading this in my bed after just waking up good job author this stori is really great [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


KYAAA so sweet! There are some minus points as the author hasnt been updating for a while but… Im on chapter 5 and this is so sweet!!!! I love it! πŸ’ž


Reveal spoiler


great book author[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


Honestly I have just recently found a love for novels and has been difficult to find novels I really like but this one has been really interesting with such great characters and some great moments and I have laughed and cried more times than I can count while reading this and I am so happy I found this thank you for such a great story.


the story is very interesting our protagonist is someone amazing the male protagonist of the original story too I like how the story is flowing although the story has its clichΓ©s they are not absurd


This book is a god sent book! It’s absolutely amazing, all characters have a certain depth to them even minor characters. I binged this book for about 8 hours since I discovered it. It has 154 chapters right now and I’m waiting for more!